Google PageRank Algorithm: The Top 3 Factors 2018

I researched this topic and I came up with the top 3 factors of the Google PageRank algorithm.

Why some top bloggers write blog posts which get hundreds or thousands of pageviews within 24 hours and others write and write new blog posts with no results?

Why for some bloggers the majority of their posts don’t get any traffic at all?

To get lots of traffic online you need to create quality and engaging content but not rely on that alone.

Your content will never appear on the first results page if it is not topically relevant, no matter of how low competition the keywords are.

In this post I am going to talk about the ranking factors announced by Google: links, content and RankBrain.

3. Google RankBrain

Google officially disclosed in 2015 that RankBrain was the third most crucial ranking signal in its search algorithm

BrainRank is a technological tool used by Google for ranking its search results according to how users interact with the search results.

This was disclosed by Andrey Lipattsev; a Google’s Search Quality Strategist on 23rd March, 2016.

google top 3 ranking signals

How does BrainRank work?

BrainRank measures how users interact with the search results shown to them on Google:

ux signals

Credit for image: Brian Dean from BackLinko

So, if you rank on the first page but people don’t click you website over the others you will eventually lose that ranking.

How do you make your site rank using this knowledge?

The more people will click on your website from search results, the higher it’s ranking will be in the future

That tells Google:

“People LOVE this result. Let’s boost it to the top of the page so it’s easier to find”.

Pogo stick effect 4

Credit for image: Brian Dean from BackLinko

The other way is true too, if people don’t click you website, your ranking will fall quickly.

Pogo stick effect 3

Credit for image: Brian Dean from BackLinko

How to use RankBrain to your Advantage

First of all, RankBrain improves the visitors experience because it serves users the most popular results based on real human behaviour rather than based on some machine analysis of keywords and links.

So, optimizing for BrainRank might go against some traditional SEO efforts.

The first thing that you can check to see of your website is good is to check you Bounce Rate over time: If you bounce rate continues to rise over time, it means that your user experience is not good and you need to do something to improve it. (Business2Community)

You have to check you all time bounce rate on your website.

Secondly, check the meta titles and meta descriptions of you posts, and if they are boring or short improve them trying to catch the reader’s attention.


2. Links

To get more traffic to your website, consider guest posting on larger, more successful websites. Successful bloggers will accept your guest posts if they find your articles interesting and informative.

But this guest posts of course needs to be only on blogs within your niche.

When it comes to building links for SEO, Brian Dean is the expert on this field.

Here are some of his findings and speculations about linking factors which are part of the Google’s algorithm:

  • links which are part of the page’s content are more powerful than links which are in the footer or the sidebar
  • a link from an older domain is more powerful than a link from a younger domain
  • a link from a website on your same niche is ore powerful than a link from a website on a completely not related niche
  • a link from a post related to the same topic of your website is more relevant than a link from a post not relevant
  • a link from a post which contains the topic of your website in their title is more relevant than a link from a post which does’t have your topic in the title
  1. Content

To engage your audience more effectively consider using polls embeded within your blog posts or at the end of them, make little interactive polls which people can choose amount some alternatives and actively engage with your website.

How to choose blog topics to write about?

Write about topics which interest and intrigue you. Write blog posts similar to the ones which you read over and over again and bookmark on your computer.

You see within the comments section a lot of people thinking the author and asking questions, some help from him, or other similar blog posts.

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