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Internet marketing skills are among the most valuable skills at the moment. The online world is huge and knowing how to take advantage of it is going to give you huge pay-offs. 

In this page I will show you how to get started at affiliate marketing

“I want to help you get organized and I want to show you the path to Mastering Internet Marketing!”

If you want to learn some new skills which can bring you big profits, internet marketing skills are the best, top-rated to focus at the moment.

With these skills you can be able to expose marketing messages to huge global audiences, which would be quite impossible to do using the traditional marketing methods and skills. I know that there are a lot of sites where you can learn internet marketing, but how is this site different? All the guides provided on this site are going to be very newbie-friendly, tactical guides so that every one can understand and apply.

I will also show you on this site how one simple skills, or let’s say a work routine related to internet marketing can be translated in revenue.

I will stress the measurable part of all the new skills that I will describe on this blog. I will show you the skills broken down into simple steps.

  • I will show you the blueprints of starting a successful online business, along with my experience of problems that I faced along the way and how to resolve them.
  • I will also share the results to expect in every step of building an online business.

What is Stopping You From Seeking Career Advancement?

Most of the time, people who are seeking to to develop in their career, face the following barriers:

  • Not having a mentor
  • Not knowing which are the necessary skills that you need to learn. Life is not like school in which the important information is presented to you in an organised manner
  • Confusion on where to find them
  • Not having a goal: knowing where I want to go
  • Not knowing where to apply the things that they learn
  • Too general knowledge
  • Not being selected for jobs because the lack of experience
  • Not to much jobs are compatible with their skills

There Are Two Steps in Becoming an Online Marketing Expert…

(1) Having Your Own Website

If you are going to apply for an online marketing job, a website/blog of your own will be your portfolio.  Even if you don’t have any experience in the field of online marketing, your website represents your past accomplishments.

The good news is that building a website is now very easy. In fact you can start a website just a few moments from now and without spending any $.

(2) Learning Every Day 

Learning a new skill, something useful and putting it on your CV is a big satisfaction. You remember not the things that you study in theory, but the things that you do regularly.  In fact, staying organized and putting the things that you learn into practice right away helps a lot. Then doing them regularly is when you master them.

Practice new online marketing skills until they become one of the things that you do naturally.

Start Learning With $0…

I am very passionate about the topic of personal and career growth by learning every day and I believe that in order to succeed in mastering online marketing, you need training, a website, and mentors. I found all this and more than I had ever dreamed with in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

It is the biggest community of Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs (over 700,000 members) and they discuss and offer each other personal help. If you create a free account you will get personal help from me (username: dreamgirl93) along with other members. You will find personal Live Chat Support and discussions.

The most important thing, with a free account you will find courses and tutorials, including video classes, which are put together in a simple and organised manner, perfect for beginners.

Additionally, you get 1 free fully functional sites in WordPress, for FREE.

And all this are for free, no credit card required. You will not find a training and support like this anywhere else. There is also a Premium option which gives you access to a lot more.

Choose the “Starter” option and you will get access to the community instantly after you will create an account.

To create a free account click here.

This program changed my life and put an end to my confusion about career direction.

If you have any questions, just leave them below! I am happy to help ?


4 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Hi Enxhi,
    First, this is great post about how Wealthy Affiliate can change your life, it changes mine too!
    I love the part when you talk about “Life Direction”…
    Most people are lost and they doesn’t know what to do with their life and future, so this is a great point, the program can help them a lot!
    Thanks a lot for this post and keep the hard work!
    -GC 🙂

    • I started this program just after I finished University and it really has been a life changing event in my life.
      The period after I finished formal education was a period full of confusion, like it is for most people, but fortunately I found my direction which Internet Marketing and with the help of Wealthy Affiliate I learned some great useful skills to become an online marketer.
      WA teaches you some applied skills in a so structured way, that is really motivating and the great thing is that applying them eventually leads to an income

  2. Wealthy affiliate helped me to build my business to earn over 6 figures a year in college at 20. I then dropped out and made it my goal to create more successful ventures with WA. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com on WA, I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a sucessfull affiliate business. Success with affiliate marketing takes time, and people must realize that success isn’t created overnight. WA makes it easier than ever to create a free online business that earns recurring commissions from home on autopilot. Very helpful broken up content written in a way in which everyone can understand. Great review. Cheers!

    • Thank you for bringing your success story. I agree that the training is priceless, as I have never seen something like that before.
      I’ve always wanted to create a business but didn’t know where to get started and also I thought that needed a mentor to guide me. But on Wealthy Affiliate I found everything I needed to learn in a structured daily lessons.


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