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On September 12, 2018
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FollowLiker is a software which allows you to automate your social media tasks and grow your social media accounts. One thing you should know is that there are a lot of customer complaints about FollowLiker. A lot of customers think it is a scam and they feel manipulated from this company, bad reviews about their customer service and some of them say that it stopped working after some time.

Having a large social media following is important for every business. In this FollowLiker review I am going to share with you everything you need to know about FollowLiker: Is Followliker safe? Does Followliker work?

For business accounts FollowLiker is the best way to grow your Instagram profile.

What is FollowLiker?

FollowLiker is a software which helps you automate the growth of your social media accounts, but don’t misunderstand this, it doesn’t give you a ton of followers all at the same time. It just makes your account appear as if you are liking and commenting and following other people. As a result of this you are going to get a few followers every day.

The more appealing your content is the more followers you are going to get.

Basically, all it does is maintaining your account active while doing some tasks for you which would take a lot of time to do without automation.

The social medias that are currently included on FollowLiker are: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumbrl.

There is a long list of activities that this software can do automatically:

  • Follow Accounts according to certain criteria like accounts who follow you, followers of a certain account, accounts who have used a certain hashtag or keyword.
  • Like Photos
  • Comment
  • Message
  • Share
  • Assign Proxies
  • Automatic Reply. FollowLiker has a wide range of auto reply settings, which I don’t think it’s safe about the organic growth of an account.
  • Pin/Repin
  • Automatic Posts
  • Like Blogs

FollowLiker Pros

1. It saves you time. With some simple tasks done automatically for you, it gives you the time to focus on creating new content.

2. It saves you money. You won’t have to employ people to manage your social media accounts and if you are managing them yourself, remember that time is money.

3. It grow your follower base naturally, which means that it is not just a boot, people who will follow you will actually be interested in your content.

4. Get more traffic on your site from social media.

5. Tracking the stats is easy inside your FollowLiker Dashboard.

FollowLiker Cons

1. You also need to make for the VPS and proxies to make it work properly.

2. Some customers report that their customer service is bad.

3. No refund policy.

4. Frequent bugs which make the software useless every week.

5. There is no trial option to try the software before you buy it.

What the Customers are Saying

There are so many complaints about FollowLiker, for about every aspect of ti. A customer also complained that it started working well, but after two months it stopped working.

Don’t be fooled by the reviews that they put on their website, they are a lot different compared to the ones you can find elsewhere. They are clearly posting only the good reviews (the software works OK for some time, then it stops working, according to most people’s reviews) or they are fabricating them. No worth in reading those fake reviews.

The Small Business Blog has given FollowLikes a ranking of 2 out if 10 and IG Reviews 3 out of 10.

You can find more customer reviews here. As you can see the major part of them are negative.


FollowLiker has several packages:

  • 1 Account –  $57.99
  • 5 Accounts – $77.99
  • Unlimited Accounts – $97.99

Be careful about the pricing !!!

You will pay for a lifetime option and then you will have to pay a monthly fee.

The Risks

Despite the complaints, there are also some risks related to using a bot to grow your social media accounts. You run the risk of getting banned from these social media platforms.

My Final Opinion

Unfortunately I can’t say that FollowLiker is safe.

Considering all the bad reviews about FollowLiker, I would avoid this program. I am currently growing my social media accounts in the old fashioned way, without any automation. White hat strategies are much safer and much slower.

I personally wouldn’t take the risk to try this program but everyone must make their own choices.

A lot of people have bought it, it stopped working and they coldn’t receive a refund. If the software is useless and they don’t give you a refund, what you call this? I call this a scam.

How to Cancel FollowLiker & How to Get a Refund?

A lot of people have been saying that you can’t get a refund from FollowLiker.

I think that it is a very bad thing for a company and it generates so much hate among its customers as to make them to write hateful reviews all over the Internet, exactly like it has happend with FollowLiker. But in case, you are thinking of getting a refund, try contancting their customer support before you admit that you got scammed and there’s nothing to do.

If they don’t respond or their response is unsatisfactory, cancel your Paypal subscription. If you want a refund, open a PayPal dispute and then turn it into a claim.

How to Grow Your Social Media Instead

I like to keep things white hat and follow the regular way of growing my brand. I wouldn’t use any bot to grow my accounts but I did a research to find out the best ones to grow your social media account:

1. SocialSteeze is another good program which can help you organically grow your instagram following.This means that they don’t spam your account with fake followers, all followes are real gained through engagement. SocialSteeze is said to be the software which mostly grows your Instagram following on the shortest period of time.

2. LikeSocial provides you likes every time you create a new type of content. It is going to give you automatic likes.

3. I was reading a customer review and the customer was recommending MassPlanner, instead of FollowLiker. You can also get a 5 day trial for it. They have a nice site with many screen shots and videos, at least you know what you buy.

How I Manage My Social Media Accounts

I am have learned how to do online marketing the white hat way.

And if you would be interested to a program which teaches you all the what hat internet marketing techniques which work, I will recommend you Wealthy Affiliate, here is the course that I have completed from them which helped me learn how to manage my social media accounts:


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  1. Lets be real here, there are so many of these system being released to take advantage of people who want massive amounts of followers so I won’t be surprised if more keep getting created for this exact reason. This seems really expensive and a waste of time since you’re using bots to grow, thus resulting in getting banned anyway. Thanks for your review!


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