Finish Line Network Review: Biggest Scam of 2018??!


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On September 18, 2018
Last modified:March 28, 2019


Finish Line Network is a multilevel marketing scheme. You are going to get paid for promoting their products. This kind of pyramid schemes fail very soon and I recommend you stay away from it.

Welcome to my Finish Line Network Review!

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Finish Line Network Review

You may have noticed that Finish Line Network has gained a lot of hype lately. I am going to share here my research and personal opinion on this program and I am not in any way associated with this program.

I received an email from a well-known internet marketer and he had stated on that email that Finish Line Network is going to be one of the biggest launches of 2018. It has just been launched on September 2018. The fact that it is a new product, makes the information available on it very limited, despite of that, on this review I have gather every important information which is available online about this product, along with my own opinion.

What Is Finish Line Network?

Finish Line Network is a Program which promises to help you how to make a lot of money online. How? They are offering you a ready-make system which you can sell and make money to sell it to other people.

They only talk about how you are going to promote their products to other people but they never talk about what is this system in itself and the value that it has and what is the value of their products.

This is exactly how pyramide schemes works.

The Pre-Sales Page

I saw their pre-sales page and it talked about a man who was struggling to make money until he finally started making money online.

To me, thier pre-sales page left a bad self impression.

To be honest it sounded like a Multi Level Marketing program. I think that the big names of internet marketing have been paid to promote this product, that’s why they are recommending it.

I’m not sure this is happening here, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Another thing that attracted my attention was that they try to recruit you by redirection you to this domain:, which is a privetly registered domain and you have no way of knowing its owner.

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What is The Finish Line Network Cost?

The membership costs $20 a month and there are a lot of products to buy and additional fees.

Their Affiliate Program

Finish Line Network also has an affiliate program. In order to take part you need to be a member. And in order to gain the right to promote each of their products you need to buy it yourself or sell it to six other members of Finish Line Network.

Their affiliate program is what they stress the most. Whenever you hear people talking about their products, you only hear about how much money you are going to make re-selling them, never about the actual products.

While the commissions are relatively high, up to $130 per sale.

Is Finish Line Network a Scam?

I cannot answer 100% here bacause this program has just been launched and hasn’t proven itself yet.

Their launching campaign could be just pure hype.

I don’t think that Finish Line Network is neccessarly a scam, but but there are some things you need to be aware of.

When you enter your email to register, you will receive a confirmation email from and when you click on that email, you are going to be redirected to Traffic Authority, which is a another program which has been around for some time. Traffic Authority is nothing more than e pyramide scheme, which has lost it’s peak since 2017.

Because of this, I think it’s safe to say that Finish Line Network is only a reboot of the failed Traffic Authority. Here’s another fact which supports this:

Their Team

The picture below was taken from the Finish Line Network website and it shows it’s team. Traffic Academy was owned by Greg Chambers, Chad Stalvey, and Doug Wellens. The same people.

And if this wasn’t enough Traffic Authority itself is a reboot of another similar program, Infinite Leverage System.

My Final Opinion

With everything I know about this program until now, I wouldn’t sign up for it. The fact that well-known internet marketers are recommending it, is not enough for me because I think that they are getting paid to promote it.

I think that only if you are an internet marketer with a reputation and you can bring a lot of people to Finish Line Network, you can make money with this program. In my opinion, there is no guarantee that it is going to work.

In my opinion, Finish Line Network is a program which is here today and will not be here tomorrow. It is a pyramide scheme and once the recruiting stops, the owners are going to gather their earnings, and maybe more to a new similar hype launch, the same way that they did with Traffic Authority. What these people know well how to do is creating a sales hype, it has nothing to do with teaching people the proper way to make money online.

And the fact that it works like a pyramid scheme, is a key fact which makes me stay away from it.

There are also people who will tell you to buy this program, like this one review here, just keep in mind that they are promoting the program and trying to make money from it by selling it to you, so be aware of that.

If you are tired of scams and want a real opportunity to make money online, check out my #1 recommendation here.

I hope this review has helped you to make your decision.

6 thoughts on “Finish Line Network Review: Biggest Scam of 2018??!”

  1. This definitely sounds like a re-hashed product of Traffic Authority. If it is a pyramid scheme, then I’m definitely going to stay away from it.

    Pyramid schemes are illegal and you can lose a lot of money by joining them, because only the ones at the top make the most money and who win in the end.

  2. Wow, did you just review it as a scam. Someone the wealthy affiliate community did a review on it last month and I signed up for it. Ever since I have been sharing it on my facebook wall, my gmail and so many other of my social media account trying to increase my point not know that it is a scam. If you were to advise me, what should I do?

    • In my opinion it is a scam, at least it is not a good opportunity. However, as I said in my review I’can’t be 100% sure that it is a scam because the program has just been launched and it hasn’t proven itself yet. 

  3. I’ve seen too many of these types of programs. I am personally skeptical of anything that requires additional purchases once you get inside. My own personal experience tells me that programs of this type have been getting shut down by the FTC left and right.

    After a little bit of additional digging it appears that you would have to upgrade to additional levels to make the big money and the top tier would cost around $1,997.00 a month.

    I wouldn’t join.

    – Glen B 

    • Hello Glen, I also hate upsells. Not necessary they are bad, but I mean, if you bought the first thing and it didn’t work, what would make you think that the upsell is going to work? 


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