Email Marketing 2019: How Build Email List From Scratch

Email marketing is a great way to increase your online brand and build trust. 

How Does Email Marketing Work?

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After you get people’s email, you will periodically send them emails. So, just to break it down: visitor lands to landing page from a Google search, the visitor reads your blog post, visitor sees you call to action at the end of the post, visitor enters the name and email in exchange to something (a free guide or anything else which is relevant to what they’re read), after they opt in they see a thank you page prompting them to check their email for conformation. 

A second email is called an double opt-in email.

The visitor checks email and clicks for a conformation, just to confirm that they are a real person and not a spam. The the visitor sees “Thank you for subscripting” page and download the free guide, course, video etc, whatever you offered for them to subscribe. 

The visitors is not on your email list and will be part of your campaign. The visitor receives a second email the second, fifth day after subscribing and so on. 

All the emails are triggered by events, an event is for example: after two days they subscribe, send an email, on the fifth day, send an email. This whole series is called an autoresponder. So, that’s in essence this is how email marketing works. So, email marketing is the art of creating an offer for your users or readers in exchange for something that you offer, something which is original.

Then it’s all up to you how you build up your campaign. If you have any question up untill now, don’t hesitatate to comment on the comment’s section below. 

Now I want you to take a look at the above diagram one more time. No two email marketing campaigns will be the same. Let’s say you have a 7 day course, you will be sending 1 email each day, but if you have just a free guide you can pread 10 emails over the course of six months. 

So, I mean, it really does depend on the campaign, it’s not something like “if you send an email every two days it wil be fine”. Al the end of the day it’s all about building a relationship with your readers. By them providing you their email address, you need to build a relationship and trust with the readers. In essence, it’s getting a blog reader to read more of your content. I hope that you understand this. 

When Is a Good Time to Start Email Marketing

If you’re brand new and your site is one week old, should you start email marketing or wait? Before you start any email marketing campaign you need to establish a brand, from there you need to build traffic, becasue it doesn’t make any sense to build an email campaign if you don’t have traffic on your site. The third important thing, is that you need to understand your audience, thie behaviour, maybe they’re a type of audience who is less responsive, maybe your niche is about a topic which people are not likely to share their private details. You need to understand the behaviour of your audience, because if you can understand the behaviour of your audience you can build a better email marketing campaign. You can better understand your audience by learning and understanding the Google Search Console and the Google Analytics data. 

If you audience is staying more on one of you pages, maybe you will need to create an opt in page on this page. If you have any question about this, please comment below. Brand, traffic and comprehanding your audience. In essence, you want to have a little bit of traffic and you need to understand you traffic before you get started with email marketing. 

Broadcast vs Drip Campaigns

I am going to compare the two to what exactly each of them is. Broadcast: user subscribes, clicks on the confirmation email and from there no emails get sent out of you don’t send them manually. An email broadcast is every time you send an email manually.

A drip campaign is when you automatically sent emails, the emails are pre-written and you have created events like email 1, three days after, email 2, five days after. Let’s say 10 emails are pre-written and they get sent sequencially. 

A drip campaign is for building trust with your audience, you will have these emails sent out in a series of days and it’s going to be an end to this campaign. A broadcast is when you send e your blogs posts every time you create a few one. There is one exception they are merged into one, every time you create a blog post it gets sent automatically to your audience. But not all autoresponders have this feature. 

Alternatives of Email Providers

Let’s talk about a list of email service providers. Autoresponder service provider, email service provider are the same thing and they do cost money. That’s why you need to have traffic and understand your audience first. Some have free options where you can sign up to that service and not pay anything. There are limitations to this in terms of the number of emails you can send and subscriers you will have. 

  • Awber. Is probably the most popular among internet marketers.
  • Constant contact is more for small businesses or if you have a business and you have to get emails of people who you provide service. 
  • Drip.
  • Mail Chip – has a free feature.
  • Mad Mimy – has a free feature too.Constant Contact. 

The most popular one is Aweber, they have a free trial and after that the price is $19 a month, which is the cheapest plan. The other two poular ones are Mail Chip and Mad Mimy. I never tried Mad Mimy myself but I have heard good things about it.

The one that I am using is Aweber and I have been completely happy with it. When you read reviews of autoresponders be aware that they might be biased because they are promoting them with affiliate marketing. If you want better reviews better check on Youtube. 

How to Set Up Your First Campaign

Before you start your campaign you need to sign up into an auto responder service. 

Now after you do that here are the steps to setting up your first email marketing campaign:

  • Create a campaign name. A campaign is a concept of your email marketing battle plan. If you want to start building a list you need to start which a concept, like for example get free recepies. That would be a campaign and it’s name is the intent of the campaign. The cool thing with an auto responder is that you can have as many camapigns as you want. A list and a campaign are exactly the same thing. Make sure you have a good naming conversion that is going to work for you. 
  • Next thing you need to have is a branded email address. An example would me 
  • You need a series of pre-written emails, a minimum of 10 emails is a good start. For example, 10 email in 14-20 days. 
  • You need to create an opt-in form. When you sign up to auto responders you can design your opt-in for which you will put into your website. 
  • You also need an offer to get people to subscribe, a simple sign up to my newsletter is not enough, it can be something simple as an email course. It can be a video, a video series, a pdf.
  • You need a place to put your opt-in form

Once you have some traffic and know about your traffic, is the best time to build an email campaign.


Here’s a good example of a successful email campaign:

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