DollarTracks Review – Legit or a Scam?

DollarTracks Review

DollarTracks is a site which pays its members to complete mirco jobs, however, it has one feature that I haven’t seen in any other micro jobs site: making money by putting your browser on automated search.

What is DollarTracks

The tasks which you would have to complete on this site include:

Auto Surfing
Watching videos
Completing a survey 
Listening to online radio
Visiting Sites
Downloading Apps
Completing offers

You can get paid with Paypal, gift cards or Bitcoin.

Is DollarTracks Legit

DollarTracks is a legit program and you can make money with this program even that just a few.

How Does DollarTracks AutoSurf Work?

What you have to do to make money from AutoSurf is just start the web browser in your computed, start DollarTracks and it will search the web on your computer automatically. However, the pay for this type of thing is very low.

DollarTracks AutoSurf Point System

The way to increase your levels in the site is to get as many point systems as you can. You can earn points by completig surveys, watching videos and completing other types of micro jobs on the site, then you can convert them into AS (AutoSurf) credits. Every point is equal to an AS credit and there are 4 levels in this site.

DollarTracks auto surf gears

1) Level 1: Low Gear. This is the starter level when you have no credits. You will earn only $0.003 for 24 hours of auto surfing.

2) Level 2: Mid Gear. This level will cost 100 AS Credits and you can make $0.05 for 24 hours of auto surfing, which is still not worth it.

3) Level 3: High Gear. It cost 500 AS Credits and when you are at this level you can make $0.5 in 24 hours of autosurfing.

4) Level 4: Insane Gear. Costs 1000 AS Credits and it can make you $1.5 in 24 hours of auto surfing. This is the best level to do auto surfing.

However, once you purchase a gear you won’t have it for life. The level upgrade will last for only 24 hours and then you will be back to level one

DollarTracks Affiliate Program

You can also make money by refering people to this program. For every referral you will make 10% of their earnings and you can also make a small percetage from your tied two referrals

DollarTracks Payment 

DollarTracks Points

One DolalarTrack point is $0.01 and the threshhold for getting paied with Paypal is $0.5.

Before you can request your payments you can convert points into a cash balance.

DollarTracks Payment

DollarTracks pays really quickly compared to other paysites, it’s usually less than 24 hours.


DollarTracks Offers

If you want to use paysites DollarTracks is one of the good ones. You can contact them at any time thought the live chat and they are always available to answer your questions in real time.

I recommend that you only play AutoSurf when you are on level 4 or at least level 3, in the lower levels is totally unworthy.

I would love to hear your experience with DollarTracks, so please comment in the comments section below when you try the site!

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