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Daily Transcription Overview

Daily Transcription is a company which hires workers to transcribe tv shows and other post production materials. My Daily Transcription review will include how Daily Transcription works, how much does it pay, some customer’s daily transcription reviews and my opinion if I would recommend it.

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The company works mostly with the entertainment industry, but also the local industry.

Transcription is the act of transforming audio into text and it’s one of the easiest jobs on the Internet.

What Are the Requirements to Get Started?

You don’t need any experience to work with this company. They have not posted the requirements on their website which is a bit odd.

The first important requirement is that you need to be a resident in the US or Canada, so all the people who don’t live on these countries can be excluded. Here are the other requirements:

  • A quality headset
  • A well-functioning computer
  • High Internet speed

How Does Daily Transcription Work?

Unfortunately, the work is not constant, which means that in some weeks you will have a lot to do and in some other not.

So, if you get hired by this company make sure to have a back up plan for those periods of no work.

Most of their jobs have a strict deadline. I recommend that you start working on a job as soon as you get it and never miss a deadline or you are not going to be given high paying works.


1. Very easy sign up process, you only have to take a trascription test

2. Work on your own schedule

3. There is enough work to choose from.

4. The staff is friendly

5. Pays weekly

6. The ability take as much work as you want


1. You need to be a resident in the US or Canada

2. The payout is very low considering the amount of work that it takes to complete the work.

3. No benefits

4. The difficulty to transcript sometimes some low quality audio, accents and professional language.

5. Sometimes the management team answers “read the guide” when you ask them questions

How Much Do They Pay?

The pay will depend on the job: the difficulty of the transcription and its length. Generally speaking, their paying rate is about $1.10 per 1 minute of video or audio transcribed. I have to say that this is fairy owner than the pay of similar companies, but it’s not the lowest in the industry.

The point is that you are going to work a lot of time for an under-paid job.

The good thing is that they pay every two weeks.

After you complete the jobs, you are going to get paid through Paypal.

Is Daily Transcription Overview a Scam?

Daily Transcription was created in 2005, which makes it 13 years old.

This is a sign that the company is legit, usually online scams get closed within a year.

On their website they have a quote:

““We have passed multiple security audits from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies.”

There is no sign that Daily Transcription is a scam. You can also read some customer reviews on this site to know more about how it works.

The average customer rating on Glassdor is 3.4.

Even though this might not be the company you are looking for, it certainly is not a scam.

The Application Process

Applying online can be frustrating for some people because you have to wait for weeks before getting a response from the company. To apply on Daily Transcription you firstly have to fill their online application on their website and also attach your resume. After that you are going to be sent a transcription test to make sure you are competent enough.

You have a time limit to complete the test so make sure you are ready before applying.

Is Transcription Worth It?

I would say no. The wage is a lot below the minimum per hour wage. Considering it is a job from home, I would be ok with that if it had a workflow to keep me busy. But unfortunately this is not the case.

Most of the days you will make nothing because the lack of work.

Another thing to consider is that it’s not your native language it’s might be difficult to transcribe in another language. And for the languages of small countries there is a lot less work to do.

Can Non-native English Speakers Work in Transcription in English?

If you are not an English native speaker, you might have difficulty to transcribe a piece of audio, at least you might need to listen to the audio several times to transcribe it successfully.

You might need to spend one hour to transcribe a 10 minute audio. So this is going to reduce your earnings per hour.

Transcription is not easy, it takes a lot of skill and patience. This job is underpaid. Non-native English speakers can be successful transcriptionist and they will struggle just as native speakers.

Dealing with accents in transcription


It’s the perfect transcription company to work with if you are new. I feel like overall this is a good company to work with. I personally wouldn’t mind this kind of work and in fact it is one which I would prefer because of the flow that it creates while working.

If you are searching for a work at home job, this company might be the solution for you. Unfortunately, this is not a stable job because you might not be contacted for work for weeks on end.

There are better ways to make money online for the long term. Personally, I am focusing on affiliate marketing.

If you don’t think that this job is worth it, you can focus on creating your own business. I know the process seems overwhelming, but there are training programs which can walk you through. Check this review.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great track record on helping people succes online, you can check the Wealthy Affiliate success stories for this.

I hope this review has been helpful for you.


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