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In fact, in January 2020 has been closed. But I am writing this review anyway because is part of a network of similar sites. I want to warn you about the other similar sites to CottonColour. Those sites are very similar and the red flags of CottonColour apply to them too.

The site was closed after Thanksgiving. A lot of new similar sites are popping up, usually advirtising on Facebook.

There are three main unethical elements to this site:

  • They are stealing people’s money
  • They are stealing people’s information (name, address and credit card information)
  • They are presenting photos of product from different sites as their own

There are a lot of complaints online about CottonColour. There are a lot of sites exactly like CottonColour which maybe are owned by the same person because they are very similar. Avoid HobbiLaunch, ShopMyPords, FarmZily, Sleepious, GeemaLand and EmmaCotton09 at all costs.

The Truth About

Is a scam and fake or is it legit, real and genuine?

This review is to warn you against What is CottonColour about? CottoColour is a site which is using the hard work of designers and presenting other people’s work as it is their own work.

They print these designs in cheap materials and ship them to you.

Here is a description of a product on their site:

But unfortunately this is just a scam and it’s not true. You will only receive cheap materials if you order from this site.

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Let’s go back to the CottonColour review.

Red Flags

Here are some red flags about

1. The site is just a little more than a year old. According to statistics scam sites get shut down within their first year. So be careful when a site is new. But the site being just one years old is not real proof of a scam. So let’s review the other red flags of this site.

2. There is no address on their site.

3. There is no evidence of the founder of this site.

4. After you purchase one item you will have to wait for a very long time for that item to arrive.

5. Some people have complained for multiple charges from these sites.

6. If the customers tries to contact support and ask where is the world their item is, they will invest some excuse just to gain time. They will say that there is a problem with logistics and that you need to wait more for the item to arrive. Some customers haven’t received their order after 4 months. After some complaints and excuses sometimes customer support will stop answering to customer’s emails. Some customers have asked for a refund they received nothing.

7. When the item does arrive, you notice that it is not the same item you ordered. You will never get what you really ordered. It will be something badly made or wrong size or design. According to customer reviews what they got was cheaply made.

8. Sometimes nothing will arrive.

9. The site is gone. Some customers have experienced this just after ordering. And in fact, there were not a lot of negative reviews on before the site was shut down. Other similar sites mentioned at the beginning of this post have high chances of ending up the same. The site has been opened with different names several times.

10. Some customers have experienced this: their item was shipped with a fake tracking number.

If you have any evidence of this scam. Please warn other people by sharing your experience in the comments section below.

I home this article helped to warn you about and similar sites.


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