CoinBulb Is a Scam or a Legit PTC Site?

CoinBulb Is a Scam or a Legit PTC Site?

Bitcoins are very popular these days but one downside is that a lot of scams related to this industry are emerging.

Is Counbulb a scam or a legit opportunity to make money online?

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Coinbulb review

I have put together a review of CoinBuld so let’s see if it’s worth your time.

The CoinBulb Review

What Is CoinBulb

CoinBulb review

CoinBulb is a PTC site which will pay you to click on their ads. Advertisers pay Coinbulb to display ads on its site. You are going to be paid with bitcoin.

CoinBulb gets paid from advertisers and they pay other people a small percentage of this to click on their ads. The amount you can earn is very low, that’s why I wouldn’t recommend this opportunity.

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CoinBulb is free to join, so you’re going to earn some bitcoins on this site for free just by clicking on ads. This sounds like an attractive opportunity for those who believe in the future value of bitcoins, so if you don’t have any money to invest in bitcoins this is a good way to earn it.

CoinBulb is similar to other PTC sites, just that you are going to get paid in bitcoin by viewing ads which last from a couple of seconds to a minute. You can earn from this site by viewing ads and by referring other people to view ads.

How CoinBulb Works

As I mentioned earlier CoinBulb is a PTC site (pay-to-click) which connects advertisers and people who are willing to watch ads and earn bitcoin.

The sign up process is very easy.  Steps:

  1. Register on their site
  2. Verify your account through email
  3. View ads

You log in to their site and you can click on “View Ads” and you can view up to 10 ads in a day. An interface like the one shown in the picture below will appear and you will have to choose one of the ads to view by clicking on the red button on the right.

CoinBulb review

After you choose the ad, you will have to verify you are not a robot by solving a reCapta and then you will be directed to the ad.

Surf ads CoinBulb

A timer will show and once the time is on zero, you will click on the confirm button and you will be directed back to the list of ads.

CoinBulb confirm

Your account is going to reflect the amount of bitcoins that you earned for viewing that ad.

How Much Can You Earn On CoinBulb

The amount of bitcoins you are going to earn on this site is very very little, it’s not even worth you time. Like for viewing 10 ads in a day you are going to learn less than $0.005.

The minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings is 0.15 mBTC or 0.00015 BTC which is less than $2.

So, according to my calculations you are going to view 10 ads a day for 412 days to achieve the minimum threshold.

In case you’re impatient or you want to earn more money in a day, you would get frustrated on this site.

However, some people believe in bitcoins, they believe that their value will skyrocket some day, so it’s also a personal decision determining if this site is worth it. Even if this could happen it would take years to, I personally think that there are other much better ways to earn than this.

Is CoinBulb a Scam?

First of all, I want to say that CoinBulb is not a scam, it is going to pay you a small amount for clicking on their ads. However, it’s not a great opportunity either. Some people have reviewed the site with an above average rating and some others with a lower one, but I wouldn’t recommend it because I don’t think this site or PTC sites in general are worth your time.

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However, one negative sign about this program is that the owner cannot be found on the site and this usually is a sign of a scam.

One good sign is that the site has been around for two years and there is proof that it has paid its members. You can go here if you want to register to their site and try it for yourself.

CoinBulb review

A Good Opportunity to Advertise Bitcoin-Related Businesses

People who go to CoinBulb to click on the ads and earn bitcoins are interested in bitcoin for sure. So they are a targeted audience interested in bitcoins. This means that if your business is in the bitcoin niche, CoinBuld could be a great way to advertise to a targeted audience.

CoinBulb charges advertisers by the number of clicks they want to receive and the amount of time they want their ad displayed.

In fact, CainBulb’s scope is to help advertisers get traffic to their sites from the bitcoin community.

My Final Verdict

CoinBulb has been around for two years and has proven to be legit but I wouldn’t invest my time on it. As I also explained above, you can’t make significant earnings on this platform.

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Even that you will only need about 10 minutes to watch ads this website is not worth it because of the small amount that you are going to earn on it.

However, there are people who consider it a good opportunity and who believe that the value of bitcoins is going to grow in the future, here’s an example of someone’s account earning on the site:

CoinBulb earnings

CoinBulb earnings

One important aspect to take into consideration is that CoinBulb is not a multi level marketing program. Yes, it has it’s referral program, but you can earn and withdraw your earnings even if you don’t refer other people to the site, by watching ads. This fact excludes CoinBulb from being a multi level marketing program.

For some people it’s just an easy way to earn bitcoins.

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    Thank you for the review on CoinBulb site. To be honest I didn’t have much idea about this money making site. Since we cant earn a significant amount of money so we can consider it as a part-time option.  Thanks for recommending the wealthy affiliate site. I got to know about this site about 1 month ago. Then I have decided to become a premium member. These days I am spending my time on this site. Its a good platform of learning online marketing and making money out of it. 

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      Thank you for your comment Fahim. Wealthy Affiliate really pays off, I’ve been a member since September 2018.

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