Club Cash Fund Review: An Automated Cash Club???

What Is Club Cash Fund About

The name of this automated cash club program is Club Cash Fund. It is a recruitment platform which seems like a pyramid scheme. The owners of this program are not identified.

Club Cash Fund is a pyramid scheme because there are no products to sell and you can just earn by recruiting other people to do the same. This is by definition a pyramid scheme. No value is created and no product is offered.

While there is a chance to earn money from this program by referring people to buy it, it’s unstable and pyramid schemes like this don’t last for a long time. And you would have to buy the program before starting to promote it because it’s not free. It costs $80.

From the first glance, this website seems like a complete scam, but I did my further research and in this review I am going to present my results. When you click on their website, you can only see the terms of service page. To enter their website and get access to the content someone needs to invite you.

On their website their claim that the method they offer is simple and automated for you. That’s just what they call it, they use the word automation to get people in. In reality, nothing is automated, you would have to send the link of the website to other people and manually invite them to buy it.

There are no products you are going to sell, just the platform itself. This fact makes it a pyramid scheme and a very unstable business model. A lot of pyramid schemes with a similar business model have been closed down from the FTC (Digital Altitude, MOBE etc). Even platforms who had products, but put the emphasis on recruiting members instead of selling the products are considered pyramid schemes. Their main reason for existing is making money by recruiting new members. But for what? Only to recruit new members. And the members have to recruit other new members.

No product and no need is fulfilled here. And it comes a moment for a pyramid scheme like this one that it gets shut down and this means that you can’t promote it anymore because it doesn’t exist and you lose the $80 you have paid to buy it.

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The Compensation Plan

You will get a commission for every new member who buys their program. You get $20 every time that someone signs up through your affiliate link.

There are testimonials on YouTube about Club Cash Fund. Some of them are positive, but be careful, they are trying to promote the program in order to earn commissions for them.

So, the concept of this is that you can request a free kit, this kit is free and it gives you knowledge on how it works. If you request the starter kit, and you’re interested in joining it, it’s going to start off with some testimonial videos. In the next video it shows how you can get started. When you start up you’re going to get an ID number which is going to be unique to you. You can read their flyer which shows you how it works. You can also call their number which explains you their commission base. With this program you are going to get an individualized website where you can promote their system.

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What You Get When You Join Club Cash Fund

You get the right to start promoting their program and earn commissions from this. After you sign up you’ll watch a presentation video and then you can claim your free kit.

automated cash club

And the free website that you get from them it’s a duplicate one. I mean, everyone who buys this program gets an identical website. But the problem is that duplicate websites don’t rank good on Google and other search engines. Because the search engines want unique content for the users not just identical websites.

So, it’s way better to start your own unique website or blog where you can promote any product that you like and which ranks well on the search engines. The only way that you are going to get traffic to a duplicate site is through buying traffic.


The Pros

1. You can make money and receive the commissions by selling the same program to other people

The Cons

1. It’s a pyramid scheme and pyramid schemes usually get shut down within a year

2. It costs $100 which is not worth it

3. You get a website which is identical to the websites that all people signing up to this program get. Websites which are not unique don’t rank on the search engines

4. The hype on their sales page

5. The training you receive to promote the program is not so good

6. The owner of this program is unknown. This is usually one of the signs of a scam. If the program gets shut down and you lose your money you wouldn’t have where to complain.

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Is Club Cash Fund a Scam

I think it is. It’s a pyramid scheme which is even illegal. That’s why the owners of this program are not known.

My Final Opinion/Verdict

I wouldn’t recommend Club Cash Fund. Check my top recommended program for making money online instead. I have been making money with affiliate marketing by promoting different products, but I’ve done this the proper way, why my unique websites which rank well on Google and other search engines.

Here’s a screen shot of my earnings:

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