Miessence MLM Review: Can You Really Make Money with Miessence?

About Miessence

Miessence is basically a beauty company offering a variety of skincare and cosmetic products. The company offers organic products. Miessence has been certified organic since 2001. There aren’t many others that take this approach. Organic products are currently popular. The products also appear to be high quality.

The company was founded in 1999 by Alf Opren and Colin and Narelle Chenery. It is based in Australia.

Miessence products are sold exclusively by their e-commerce store and you can buy them from Miessence distributors. Their products didn’t undergo any animal testing.

miessence mlm

The Industry

Beauty products even tend to be popular when the economy is down. This is why the field is sometimes called evergreen. However, there are some negative aspects in selling beauty products, the most important of them is the competition. Potential distributors should be confident that they can make sales regularly before committing to Miessence.

Is Miessence a Scam

With Miessence the first thing that caught my eye is the company focus. The products are healthy for the environment and for people. People tend to have a pretty strong focus on the environment nowadays. The company also claims to be the first company to promote organic versions of the products that it sells. Companies have been focusing on being organic and green as a selling point. There are two ways to make money with Miessence: product sales and make money from building a team.


Miessence has organic products. Their organic nature is one of the key selling points. There are four types of products: skin and body, super foods, home care and orient. Orient was designed for orient skin types. Across all the categories the company offers a decent number of products. That variety is important as you are going to try to sell the products as more variety will appeal to a larger audience. These ares can appeal to different people. The products are really what you would expect from this kind of company.

miessence mlm

Business opportunity

One issue is that you can’t tell a lot about a health and beauty products without actually using it. Some people might love it and others hate it. Positive review on the Miessence site:

Miessence mlm

But it is hard to know whether a reviewer is connected to the company or it is their honest opinion. In the case of Miessence I did find one site (thesustainablecouple.com) which gives honest reviews about it.

Is Miessence Worth Paying For

Their products are decent but not very appealing. I suspect there are better options out there.


If the prices for these products were reasonable, I would say that they are worth a try. Most of the products are expensive. Products like cleanses are more than $50. Some people will pay high prices to get quality but a lot of people won’t. The price alone would make these products hard to sell. We are not saying that sales are impossible, however. Some distributors may do well. Still, it’s worth thinking how realistic sales are for your audience. The main mechanism for making commissions is that distributors need to buy products for a discount and then sell for a profit. Basically you need 75 in volume points to get a discount. To get a 30% discount you need either 300 points in product purchases or at least 140 points via autoship. You need to consistently buy products to get a discount as these required points are monthly.

miessence mlm

The Pros

1. The possibility to make money building a team, so you can make passive income from their sales. The main requirement is the number of personally sponsored reps, along with the team volume per month.

2. Some products seem decent

3. They are open about their ingredients which shows honesty

4. MLM works for some people and maybe it can work for you

The Cons

1. You hate to buy some products every month in order to start selling. I don’t like the way that your discount is related to the products you purchase. Patterns like this are a reason that a lot of MLM partners spend more money that they earn.

2. Starting at 70% residual commission is nice, but it’s not clear how this is calculated. In general, the bonuses do provide more chances to make money, but reaching the requirement rank is difficult. So, growing an active and large team would be essential for income.

miessence mlm

3. You need 75 in points every month in order to remain active.

4. You have to be able to recruit and your success depends on the success of your team.

5. You are completely dependent on the company. So if Miessence ever falls you could lose your source of income.

6. Miessence is a Multi Level Marketing company. A MLM is a business model which relies on selling products and recruiting, with emphasis in recruiting.

9. Expensive products

Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online after reviewing hundreds of programs.

Final Words

If you are into skincare, making money is possible with Miessence. I have reviewed a lot of MLMs in the past so I am confident I know how they work. The truth is that people who join MLMs hardly make money. They advertise their opportunity as a job but in reality it is just a side hustle. No matter how hard you will try to make this work you will fail. They want you to keep buying products even that you can not sell them. Thinking that you can make this work some day you keep buying products.

Since Miessence members can make money by both selling products and recruiting people, it is not a pyramid scheme. Miessence is not a scam either. However, if you think this is enough to jump into this opportunity, don’t go and sign up for this opportunity right away. Do research about MLMs first.

I have to be honest though, I’m not a big fan of MLM. Affiliate marketing is cheaper and more effective. All the information about affiliate marketing is listed here on my site.

You can start an affiliate site and promote any product you want from any company.

Remotive Review

remotive review

About Remotive

Remotive is a community and job board which helps professionals find remote jobs. It was found in 2014 by Rodolphe Dutel. Rudolph started a blog for productive remote workers on Medium and got a high number of subscribers. Then he decided to start a company around it.

The customer experience was so good that Remotive got submitted to product hunt by a fan without the founder knowing it.

Pros: 25+ flexible jobs are listed every week in marketing, sales and 30+ jobs in software developers. It has plenty of good listings if you are looking for remote IT jobs.

Applying for jobs at Remotive is free. While to access the community and some other resources described below there is a $99 fee.


Remotive is no longer just a newsletter. It’s a platform geared to all remote workers. The first thing you’ll see on the home page of Remotive is the job board. You can filter by category or just search for some keywords. As an employer you can place jobs.

Remotive publishes a list of 2.400 companies that work remotely. You can search for specific keywords and filter things like the location of the company. They also have a list of salaries submitted by remote workers all over the world.

Community. Their community includes 1.200 experienced remote workers. The cost of joining is a one time payment of $99. They have different channels discussing topics like where you can find remote jobs, being productive and even parenting.

Remotive community is kind of digital networking platform among remotives. Members of the community get access to content which is not available freely on Remotive. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities that others can’t.

It all started with the newsletter, so of course Remotive can not shut it down.

Other assets. Since remotive is a developed platform now it offers webinars, blogs and more.

Is Remotive a Scam

Remotive is not a scam. If you have experience with Remotive, please share your experience in the comment box below.

Remotive has a very good reputation among remote workers.

Is Remotive Worth Paying For

If you want to make it as a remote worker or freelancer, definitely check the Remotive website out.

The most popular remote job category on Remotive is development jobs. Some jobs include WordPress from-end developer, software developer, angular JS developer, data science course mentor. This is only a small sample of the remote jobs available in this category.

Most of the site traffic comes from US job seekers making it ideal for hiring local talent.


Job posting $299 per post

Standard+ $348 per post

Premium $448 per post

Remotive is a platform that makes it easy for employers to promote their job opportunities and find job candidates fast. It filters job opportunities using categories and keywords.

The Pros

  • reputable job boards to find quality hires
  • access and network of more than 30,000 tech savvy canditates
  • job posts shared through Google jobs career network
  • 60% of job seekers located in North Amerca
  • candidates can search for jobs by remote companies
  • friendly user interface
  • free job listing template

The Cons

  • there are more affordable job boards with more affordable features
  • emloyers are charged the full price each time they renew
  • no local contact number

Visit their site to find if there are job opportunities on the site compatible to your skills. Job posts get features on the job board for 30 days.

Have you tried using Remotive for finding a remote job? Please consider leaving your Remotive review.

Is Remotasks Legit (Remotasks Review 2021)

About Remotasks

Remotasks is a site which anyone who is fluent in English can use to make money online. You will have plenty of opportunities to identify spam content or categorize T-shirts listed as tasks on this site.

There are a lot of tasks which are quick and easy to complete and others are more complicated. To register you have to use Facebook. Then go to the dashboard and click on different tasks which are tests. If you fail the exam the first time you can try two more times.

You have to take the exams to unlock the work on the site. After you have passed the exams the category will be available for you to open. When accepting a task it is vital that you can complete the task without errors. If you make too many errors in one category on the site, the site will kick you out from that category. If you are quick and accurate in completing the tasks on the site, you can earn $1-$1.5 an hour.

The more tests you pass, the higher your earnings can be on the site.

What Types of Tasks Are There?

Categorization. You could be asked to place a site in a category such as investing etc.

Image annotation. Most of the tasks here will ask you to draw a box around a car in order to identify it.

Transcribing. You listen to an audio and write it in text form.

Comparison. You have to compare different sites and images.

Data collection. Browse different websites online and collect different information.

You just need to pass the test to qualify for this site.

Is Remotasks Legit

Remote tasks and it’s legitimate. In some countries they require you to take a seminar for 10 days in order to get accepted.

However, I consider them not worthy. The amount of money you can earn in this site is relatively and I think there are better opportunities to make money online than task jobs. 

How Will You Get Paid

Through PayPal. There is no minimum amount to get paid on the site and the company pays each week.

The Pros and Cons


1. It is possible to make money on the site


1. Does not accept members from the US and UK. They seem to be looking for members from developing countries.

2. If someone does not have a PayPapal account they can not receive the money.

3. Some people spent a whole week training only to be told that the site does not work in their country. They wasted time on it.

4. Some people have tried to sign up using their Facebook account, but they can not connect.


The more tests you take and pass on the site, the more chances you have to earn money. The site is very strict on how you complete each of the tasks. This is a fun site to join and you never have to worry about getting paid.

Remotetasks is a good alternative to make some money on the side, however patience is required to make money on the site. Users on average earn about $30-$40 per month working a few hours. Remotetasks is another alternative to MTurk and other small tasks sites. To learn more about remote tasks check our thet FAQ page

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Is Honeygain App Safe (Honeygain Review 2021)

Are you looking for some online tools that can help you create a passive income stream without doing much? Honeygain is one of them so if you are interested, keep reading.

Honeygain Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?

If you work a regular 9 to 5 job your internet connection remains idle most of the time. Even when you’re home a certain percentage of the bandwidth connection remains unused. I know what you might be thinking! Don’t worry, we have completed all the due diligence in this review for you.

Honeygain is a company which will use your idle internet connection and pay you for your idle internet connection. It is a legitimate company which will pay you for sharing your data. I would not recommend using this app if you are on a limited data plan each month. This can end up costing you money instead of making money. Once you’ve installed the app it starts to use your internet data. Remember, when we say data, we don’t mean that the app is spying on you. Keep reading to find out how this app works. 

How Does Honeygain Work

The app can run in the background while you earn money sharing your internet bandwidth with the company. You can download the app for any device. Once the app has been downloaded and installed on your device you will need to create an account. When you first sign up with the company you receive a $5 bonus for creating a new account. Once the app has been installed it is time to configure the app. The app will never use more than 10% of your available data plan at a given time. This means that the app runs on the background and you will not notice a difference in your Internet connection speed.

You have the option to live your computer open 24/7 and share the idle internet connection with the company. You have all the options available to you to select how much of your data plan the company can use each day. The company says that you can expect 2 GB per day usage depending on your internet connection speed. Each person which participates in this will not be affected in their daily work.

What we love about Honeygain is that they give the details on how the app works on their website.

The companies connected to Honeygain use the information for search engine optimization, Honeygain acts as a mediator which helps users earn money and charge a commission for itself. Honeygain is not concerned about your connection. Wherever you are in the world, if you have a steady internet connection they will work with you. They have excessive eligibility terms: you have to be over 18 and you need to have a PayPal account.

Does Honeygain slow internet connection? If you are downloading the program you don’t have to worry about the slow speed as the app will stop working. Users will be able to enjoy the usual internet speed even when the app is active.

Is Honeygain Safe

Yes, it is totally safe. I have been using the app for six months and I have never experienced any issue with it. It just uses your internet unused data and pays you for that. With all the great functionality there are a few caveats that the Honeygain users needs to know. It doesn’t download or store any harmful data.

Does Honegain really pay? Yes, Honaygain really pays. You get paid with PayPal when you reach the limit of $20. You get paid based on how much internet they use, not how much internet you use. Every 10 credits in your account equals $0.01.

The payment method is simple: Honeygain will pay you hard cash which you can withdraw through your PayPal account.

How to get paid from Honeygain? 4 steps to follow:

1. Make sure you are ready for a payout

2. Get an invitation letter

3. Register to their payout system

4. Receive their payout

It is possible to connect five devices at once to your internet connection. The company recommends that you use one device per IP address for best earnings. The amount of usage each day will depend on your internet plan or line speed.

How Much Can You Earn?

The company pays for every KB of data that you share with them. It is possible to earn up to $50 a month for sharing your data. However, you must share your data for 700 hours a month to earn the $50. The app runs in the background so it is possible to accumulate money every time that your computer is open. The minimum payment threshold is $20. How much you get paid depends on the mega bytes you share on the platform. Depending on your bandwidth and your connection speed the app will use up to 15 mega bytes.

The platform will also charge a percentage of your earnings. The percentage depends on the country you are located in. For example, in the US this is 2%.

What we love about this app is that it’s compatible with all types of devices. Another significant aspect is that you can install Honeygain in about 6 devices. The more devices you sign up the more revenue you can generate.

Serious about making money online? Get started with this course on creating an online business. Some people are making $10,000 a month on this platform.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. The app is safe to use in your device

2. Easy instalation

3. Efficient customer support

The Cons

1. If you are running this on a mobile device, the app can eat your battery

2. Fast data usage

3. Doesn’t work in an inactive connection or device


Honeygain is a legitimate company and will pay you for sharing your data. You will need to install the app and register to the company. There is a referral program that helps you earn an extra 10% of your referral’s earnings. The app works great on your computer but if you install it on your phone it will eat up your battery.

Serious about making money online? Get started with this course on creating an online business. Some people are making $10,000 a month on this platform.

Is HubPages a Scam or a Good Traffic Source in 2021

Is HubPages a Scam or Legit – 2021 Review

Hubpages used to be Suidoo and then they sold to Hubpages.

What Is HubPages

Hubpages is a website which publishes your content. So instead of publishing your content on your website, you can post it on Hubpages which is supposed to get ranked better on the search engines. And from there you can send visitors to your site. But does Hubpages really rank good on the search engines? This is scope of this article.

When trying to get good rankings some people will come across some tips to publish their content on Web 2.0. Web 2.0 are some directories which allow you to publish articles with links back to your site. HubPages is one of these directories.

These kind of tactics used to be effective in the past, but nowadays Google has changed its algorithm and backlinks are not so important as they used to be. So, is it worth publishing articles to Hubpages anymore?

Want to know what really works now to get rankings? 

Wealthy Affiliate

How Does HubPages Work

Here’s how HubPages works in a few steps:

1. Sign up on HubPages and complete your profile.

2. Choose the ads program.

3. Write articles.

4. Earn from the ads and affiliate links you promote in your articles.

HubPages is going to get a percentage of your ads earnings and deposit the other part in your PayPal.

Can You Make Money With HubPages?

One of the ways to make money on HubPages is through ads. Your article are knows with the term “hub”. When you create a hub, ads will appear around it, Adsense ads or Hubpage’s own ads network. You get paid as a percentage of the clicks on those ads from the people reading your hub.

HubPages is partnered with Google Adsense and Amazon’s affiliate program.

The second way you can earn with HubPages is through the affiliate links that you put in your articles. HubPages does not automatically sign you up to Amazon’s affiliate program. You have to sign up directly on these sites and provide them with your HubPages ID.

But the problem is that the earnings of the people who submitted just a few articles on HubPages are next to nothing.

However, someone who has posted thousands of articles through the years on HubPages can see some results.

My Experience with HubPages

I signed up when the site was quite new back then in 2013. I made about $50 with my articles accumulated, most of it was from the HubPages own ads network and from Adsense. The earnings from the Amazon’s affiliate program the earnings were insignificant. I have published 25 articles in three years.

Then I abandoned this method and decided to start my own site, which has worked much better for me.

However, I know that some people have made thousands of dollars on HubPages.

HubPages Success Stories

Back then when HubPages was a new site, a lot of people achieved success, but Google Algorithm changed and a lot of people lost their traffic. They were not earning as much as before the algorithm change, if at all, so all the success stories were vanished, people were not having anymore success with HubPages.

If you search for HubPages success stories on their site you will notice that most of the posts about people who achieved success are from a lot of time ago. The days when most people were drawn to HubPages and when people would earn a lot on HubPages are gone.

Writing for HubPages vs. Writting on Your Blog

As you may have understood from my post till know, I am in favour of wring on your own blog, building a brand and relying on something which is truly yours.

As I mentioned before, after one Google’s algorithm change, people who used to be successful on HubPages are not anymore now. And consider that HubPages is one of the article directories which survived the years. For other similar sites it was so much worse. Google algorithm changes can affect your site too, but you can adapt, while as a writer on HubPages you can do nothing about it. Nothing beats your own content on your own blog.

However, there is also one advantage of writing on HubPages compared to writing on your own blog. When you write on HubPages, you are not constraint to stick to a particular niche, so you can take advantage of any good keyword that you may find. However, while writing on your own blog you have to stick to a niche for brand purposes.

This comes with an opposite argument too: when you write on your own blog you build a brand and you build trust among your visitors as an authority in your niche, someone who knows best about topics on that niche. This is far more important, in my opinion, than being able to write about different niches.


To sum it up, you can achieve much more success with your own blog.

Is HubPages a Scam?

HubPages is marketed as a way for people to make money online and promote their business by giving links to their website from the HubPages articles. Scam is a strong word and I wouldn’t consider HubPages a scam, even thought it has faced a lot of accusations online for  being a scam.

I wouldn’t call it outright a scam, but I don’t choose to participate on it. I also don’t like the way that HubPages is marketed, it seems like they are trying too hard to recruit new writers and there are no stories of people who are making money on HubPages these days (in the past it used to be a good opportunity). I found only one story of someone claiming to have success with HubPages in 2019.

For promoting your site, it can be good. Not that your posts are going to reach a high number of traffic, but it can be considered a good way to lead people from your hubs to your site.

While doing my research about weather Hubpages is a scam, I found some reviews of it from the most successful HubPages users and they were saying that it is not a scam. If it is a scam, why would be the users defending it?

To be fair, only a small fraction of their users are making money on HubPages. I think HubPages fails to give users the full information about them: they say nothing to the users about their “nofollow policy“, encouraging users to publish new content on their site and threatening them to reduce the value of the links in their past articles.

Does HubPages Receive Traffic

Here is the traffic which this website gets (SimilarWeb statistics):

is hubpages a scam

And only about 40% of the traffic is from Search:

HubPages traffic

This is in fact a bad sign because the reason that someone would write on HubPages is to get traffic from the search engines. If there’s so little traffic from the search engines it means that the articles on HubPage are not ranking so well on the search engines. Meaning that someone would be better publishing on their blog, the articles would rank better compared to HubPages. The percentage of traffic from the search engines on my sites is a lot higher than that, close to 90%.

Search engine traffic is better because it is more targeted and it is free, you practically have nothing to do to get traffic if you posts are ranking good on Google and other search engines as they receive organic traffic.

Want to know what really works now to get rankings? 

Wealthy Affiliate

Is Clickbank Real? A Thorough Review

is clickbank real

When choosing an affiliate network to promote there are many things that you should take into consideration. One of the affiliate networks which has stayed in power through the years has been Clickbank.

I am going to share in this article some insightful stories about Clickbank. I started making online back in 2016. Clickbank was the top digital affiliate network then and I would argue that it is still today. During the past years information products became more and more popular. When people realized that they can pack information and sell it into a digital product the Clickbank popularity grew.

The Good

Someone that owns a digital product could amplify their sales through Clickbank. One of the biggest successes in the make money online space back then was the Rich Jerk. It included some good ideas like arbitrage, I had checked it and not ended up buying it, but I recognize that it was a success because of the high number of sales. Over the years I’ve promoted many products on Clickbank, raging from diet programs to make money guides.

I’ve also launched Clickbank products as a merchant. These were digital products helping people in different categories. They were successful and people still buy these products to this very day. So I come qualified with a great experience with Clickbank. Before I go on about the legitimacy of Clickbank in 2021 I’m going to share a success story with Clickbank.

Back in 2017, there were a high number of people who wanted to watch the Wold Cup online. We set up a bing ad about watching the Wold Cup online. We could make a high amount of money as a result of this promotion. It was definitely short-lived, but it is a case to be replicated in similar situations.

The Bad

But not everything is good for Clickbank. What are the downfalls of Clickbank? Refund rates started to spin out of control on Clickbank a few years before. Also, some products on Clickbank have a lot of upsells.

Clickbank is good about refunds, almost too good. As a result many referrals ended up frustrated, loosing money and leaving Clickbank for other networks.

Clickbank started alienating all the gurus pushing their crap and have moved to other networks with higher product standards. Clickbank has started to improved from this, but there’s still a problem.

A great portion of early Clickbank’s success came from certain programs: the money online niche. Also, people that wrote about affiliate marketing had the tendency to recommend Clickbank as one of the top of the affiliate networks out there. However, Clickbank a few years ago created a Clickbank University which would teach people how to make money with internet marketing by promoting products on Clickbank.

They simply can not afford to give traffic to a company which is their competitive. No sane marketer would drive traffic to Clickbank or recommend them.

The Pros and Cons of Clickbank

I have some good things to say about Clickbank and some bad things.


1. They pay on time

2. Their programs offer higher commissions

3. Auto-aproval on products


1. Try to upsell you on services like the Clickbank university

2. Doesn’t allow certain countries to join

The Clickbank University

What you promote at the end of the day is related to what is a good fit to your audience. Clickbank is a legit affiliate network with come cons. After one of the lessons in Wealthy Affiliate certification courses, I did join Clickbank. I pulled away from them because of the upsell of the University. It can be frustrating when you join an affiliate network and then you are faced by promotions from the network to pay for education. This is a big reason why you don’t see any educational programs on Clickbank, because by driving traffic to Clickbank you are basically giving away your traffic.

In earlier days Clickbank had a lot going on for it. I definitely had a great opinion of them and think they lost a lot of credibility compared to the earlier days.

Clicbank has evolved over the years. Overall, you can rely on Clickbank as a solid network to find high quality affiliate programs to promote. I kept seeing the upsells for the University, so I’m still deciding if I should give it another try and learn as much as I can. I recommend that you choose affiliate programs you choose to promote based on what is relevant to your niche. If you have an article on your site related to a specific product, you can find a good information product on Clickbank and promote it.

So, do your due diligence and research when coming up with affiliate programs to promote. I have a site related to health and Clickbank is a major affiliate network for me. If you are promoting products on Clickbank on your site that is just fine. When it comes to affiliate marketing you want to align the most relevant and specific products to specific audiences.

Over the years Clickbank moved away from the make money online niche to including also physical products. There have been some decisions they made over the years that I obviously don’t agree with, but this goes with any company I guess. At the end of the day, it is up to us marketers to find products that we can promote without hurting our reputation. The upsell component is frustrating as you don’t expect that sort of thing to happen when you join an affiliate network. But yes, they have a lot of good products that you can promote.

My Final Words

We definitely recommend them if you are looking for digital products to promote. It is good place to start as they handle all related to payment management. Some people are making a lot from Clickbank and some not even make a penny. I have been an affiliate on Clickbank as well as a merchant on Clickbank. I can say that their platform is very solid and if you have a digital product, you can easy list it on Clickbank and not worry about payment management and starting your own affiliate program.

I hope this article was informative for you and you now know better the history of Clickbank and how they have evolved over the years.

Magic Video Fx 4.0 Review – A Tool to Make Your Video Conversions Explode

magic video fx 4.0 review

Videos are an important part of an online marketing strategy and a lot of marketers struggle to create good videos for their brands. Magic Video FX is a tool which allows you to create videos in no more than 10 minutes with the help of some video templates. So if you want to make creating videos for your brand easier continue reading my Magic Video Fx 4.0 review.

Owner: Arif Chandra

Launch date: 14th of March 2019

Price: $28

Recommended? Yes

Website: https://magicvideofx.co/discount/

Guarantee: 30 day money-back guarantee

Magic Video Fx Introduction

Magic Video Fx provides you with more than 200 video templates from 40 niche categories including education, internet marketing and vlogging.

With this tool you can create an unlimited number of video with no extra charges. So you could as well as use the tool to create videos for other people and sell them to make money. There are a lot of Fiverr gigs dedicated to creating animated videos.

All their templates are modern and eye-catching. Moreover, the software is very easy to use for newbies. You can create your videos by following three simple steps explained in their tutorial. It’s easy for you to customize the templates. I am not going to go into details here, but according to reviews I read from other people resolution of their videos is great.

Other features of this software include a lot of music tracks for the videos and cool transitions.

==> Learn More About This Product <==

I consider the process of using Magic Video Fx very easy to use for newbies.

The software works well with complete beginners. Mafic Video Fx is for digital entrepreneurs, social media influencers, marketing agencies, online business owners and online video creators.

Here are the bonuses you are going to get with this software: bonuses

How Does Magic Video Fx Work

Here is a very good tutorial on how to use Magic Video Fx:

This software is one of the most powerful for creating video content for your brand. It works like magic.

Building videos with Magic Video Fx requires minimum effort from the user. All it requires is choosing the right video for your project. Then you can choose all your customization that you want to make to your video.

I guarantee you that you will create your first video in no more time than half an hour.

==> Get Access to It Right Now <==

The templates

It includes a lot of template styles from you can choose like retro style, fashion, elegant etc. It also has some YouTube outro templates.

It also includes some templates for vertical videos which are very much used these days for social media posts.

The templates are 100% PowerPoint based, so creating a video would be just like customizing a PowerPoint presentation, as easy as that. You absolutely need this software if you fall in any of the below categories:

  • You want to create beautiful videos with just a few clicks
  • You are tired of paying designers high prices to create videos for you
  • You want to increase your conversion rates

The Pros:

  • More than 200 video templates
  • Cool video transitions
  • Fully customable
  • Music tracks
  • Every theme creates a completely unique look
  • Easy to use
  • No editing or post-production hasssles
  • No need to hire designers
  • Completely works on PowerPoint
  • Create unlimited animated videos

I haven’t found any cons of this software.

Is Magic Video Fx Worth It?

With Magic Video Fx you create just about any kind of videos: YouTube videos, animated brand stories, event videos, live videos etc.

You can also use this software to build corporate videos and promotional product videos.

Let’s take a look at the demo:

==> Visit the Official Site <==

This video bundle combines objects, colors and backgrounds that have nothing to do with each other. Video can be a differentiation point from your competitors and it can make your brand stand out. With Magic Video Fx you can create high quality videos in a short period. It has been built for advanced video creators and beginners. Magic Video Fx is going to help you:

  • Keep your videos simple
  • Deliver interesting brand stories
  • Focus on your audience’s needs

Everyone who knows a little of internet marketing knows that YouTube videos are easier to rank compared to regular sites. That’s another reason why video marketing is worth a try.

The Features

I have broken down for you all the features of Magic Video Fx and I’m going to list them for you below:

1. 50 HD video backgrounds

2. 150 royalty free music tracks

3. Graphic black box

4. WP video optin

5. Video portfolio theme

6. Video thumbnails

7. Done-for-you Video script

8. Done-for-you videos with resell and white label rights

9. 20 background images

10. Video sales copy course

Magic Video Fx

It now comes with an early bird discount and you can buy it for $28. You will not longer need to hire professionals to create videos for your brand as you can create perfect videos yourself with this software.

You will also get some bonuses from the seller. If you think that this product suits your needs. Get it now. The price might raise in a few hours. One thing that I want to stress at this point is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can rest assured while buying this product.

No fuss! No headache and your video will be ready for your in just minutes. Say goodbye to hiring professionals! The software is easy to use even for newbies.

No extra software needed!

Magic Video Fx


I hope this review was helpful for you to make a buying decision.

This offer is for the early bird, so if you’re interested you need to get this product ASAP.


Do People Make Money Blogging

Have you been thought about setting your own blog but you are wondering: Do people make money blogging? Is it really possible to make blogging a full time job? How much money can you make blogging?

A lot of people ask these questions even those who already have a blog because they don’t know how to monetize it. In this post I am going to share with you my experience and results in making money from blogging as well as some bloggers experience. Below is a quick overview of what I am going to share on this post:

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Angie.

I have been blogging online since September 2016 and I have made my first income from blogging in 2018.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Let me tell you that people can make money blogging and I am one of them. Some people, however, have been far more successful than me in this. I am member of wealthy affiliate and I see every day success stories of people who have made x and y dollars online this month.

And I am talking about people who show proof on their online earnings.

Here is a list of the latest Wealthy Affiliate success stories (with proof). Putting on the work with Wealthy Affiliate really pays off. It has a wonderful training and if you follow it step by step you are going to be a success story for sure because it is a proven way.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

To start making money with your blog you have to first create a blog and write content on it. While you write your content you need to keep in mind two things:

  1. Who is your customer
  2. What problem you are solving

People search the internet in order to find solutions to their problems so you need to provide a solution to them. The there are two main ways that you are going to make money with your blog:

  1. Promote affiliate products
  2. By putting ads on your site

Learn how to blog and make money blogging with this amazing traing program.

HotLogo.net Review (BigLogo.net review)

Welcome to my HotLogo.net review!

In this review I am going to share with you my experience and thoughts weather HotLogo.net is a scam or not. I am going to show you what this website is about and if you can make money with this website.


What Is HotLogo.net About

Name: Hot Logo

Website: hotlogo.net

Owners: unknown

Price: free

Rank: 0/10

If you are tired of scams, check my #1 recommendation for making money online.

HotLogo.net seems like a legit website at first glance, which helps people earn some extra money by performing some simple tasks like choosing and ranking logos. You earn $5 for joining and $1 for entering their website every day. You also get a buck for every new person you refer on their site and 30% of their earnings.

What You Get When You Join HotLogo.net

On first glace this website seems OK, but the truth is that it’s a scam. Getting started seems easy.

You get $5 after signing up and you can start completing tasks. The tasks have three levels from easy to difficult, but they all seem easy to complete.

All you have to do is choose a logo and tick a few boxes on why did you choose that one. Each task will make you from $0.3-$0.6.

In fact all the money earned on the site are fake because this site is not going to pay you. In reality their goals is just to get as many people to sign up to their site so that they will gather their email addresses and sell them to other companies. So in the end you are not only going to waste your time on their site but also you will receive a lot of scams in your email address.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. The site is free to join

The Cons

1. They will not pay you and all the money earned on the site are just fake

2. They will sell your information to scam artists

3. The owners are unknown. There’s no way to know who is hiding behind this website

4. There is another website which is identical to HotLogo.net (BigLoto.net). HotLogo has been created in 2017 and Hotlogo is a clone of it started later. Scammers usually buy different domains for the same scam so that people will not find honest reviews like this. When their reputation gets ruined online, they just start another website with a different name pretending to be honest.

HotLogo.net reviewhotlogo.net review

5. The reviews are fake. The reviews on both sites look very similar and contain grammatical errorsHotLogo.net review

HotLogo.net review

5. They’re not clear about the minimum threshold, I noticed a contradiction about this on the site (even that you will never get paid). Somewhere on their site they say that you need $20 as minimum to get paid and somewhere else they say that you need $30.

If they were really paying people, they would be clear about the minimum payout amount.

6. They don’t reply to member’s emails.

7. They have never paid anyone. Here’s a member’s review:

hotlogo.net review


HotLogo.net is a complete scam so I don’t recommend you waste your time trying to make money on that site.

If you have joined, stop sharing your affiliate link for getting referrals because either you or them are going to get paid from the site. The only ones who will gain are the site owners.

A Real Way to Make Money Online

I’ve reviewed a lot of sites like HotLogo.net, which claim that making money online is easy. If it were that easy all people would be making money online.

The truth is that if you want to make money online you have to put in the effort.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online and a lot of people are doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has a low starting cost and it has the ability to make you passive income. It doesn’t include

If you want to learn about a company which makes its business transparent, read my Wealthy Affiliate review. Their training has taught me how to earn money online and I’ve succeeded with it. There are a lot of scams online that people find it hard to believe that a program is legit. But the Wealthy Affiliate training really works and it has worked for me.

Affiliate marketing is the surest way to earn online and Wealthy Affiliate has the proper training to teach people how to succeed. It doesn’t teach people how to make money fast, but it teaches them how to build a sustainable online business and how to make passive income over time.

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership options: the free and the premium membership. With the free membership you get 10 free lessons and two free websites. So you can get started with affiliate marketing even as a free Wealthy Affiliate member.

Thanks to their training I am earning commissions like this:

hotlogo.net review

What do you think of HotLogo.net? Would you consider trying it after reading this review?


Cowboy Wealth Review 2020: Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam or a Legit Opportunity?

Is Cowboy Wealth a scam or is it a legit opportunity to make money online? A lot of people are asking this question and I’m going to answer it for you in the Cowboy Wealth review. To begin with I found it difficult to find information about this program as there were not many Cowboy Wealth reviews online.

Website: http://cowboywealth.com/

Owners: Chris and Cathy Sorensen

Price: not known

Recommended? No

A Multivel Marketing Program?

The other day something happened to me that bothered me so much. I got an email from somebody that I considered and I still consider a friend. He calls me up and he tells me about this incredible opportunity that he found. It was a multi level marketing program called Cowboy Wealth. 30 seconds later I was hanging up the phone and I couldn’t stop thinking about.

Multi level marketing is a legalized pyramid scheme. These companies sign you up to sell their products. They’ve been around forever and they just changed. I feel like with social media and the way we look at things and interact it’s going to explode,

To sell the products you have to buy the products. They may be solid products, but it’s not about the products it’s about you singing up and trying to sell their products. I know that scams are everywhere, everyone is trying to separate me, you and everyone from a dollar. Things flashy this and that. It is bullshit, there is not such thing as easy money. I don’t want you to be in the position that you’re got to go and sell to your friends and family. Gentleman, do not fall prey of easy money.

What Is Cowboy Wealth

I did my research and I found that the domain of their website is 5 years old and it was created in Utah, USA. According to Alexa the site does not receive much traffic. While I also found a Facebook page related to the program, it has very little engagement and the Linkedin profiles of the owners which proves that they are real people.

After researching the program I came to the conclusion that Cowboy Wealth is a MLM which promises lifetime freedom of time and money, it has nothing to do with it. If you truly want to find a way to make real money online try the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Honestly, after reading the information on their website, I’m not clear about how this program really works due to the lack of tangible information on their site.

The program is also promoted by some fliers:

If you call the number, a guy from Utah will talk about one business opportunity which he insists that is not a MLM business and not a pyramid scheme, but he will not tell you what it is about.

Some people have informed me that Cowboy Wealth is somehow related to Melaleuca, a multilevel marketing company.

The Cowboy Wealth website has been put together to promote Malaleuca.

What you get when you buy Cowboy Wealth?

1. A free YouTube marketing video.

2. Access to a Facebook group

3. A chat boot who will automatically send your Cowboy Affiliate link to everyone who messages you on Facebook

4. The opportunity to win bitcoin. You can earn several bitcoin prices.

5. A free ad pack

The red Flags

1. You are not shown how the system works before signing up

2. The tell you that it’s not a MLM scheme. But in fact it is. They promise that you will not have to do selling, but that’s exactly what you have to do: sell their products.

3. They are promoting another program called Malaleuca. They are just a funnel to it. So after you buy Cowboy Wealth, you will be led to buy Malaleuca too.


I can’t call Cowboy Wealth a scam but in the same time I don’t recommend it. There’s a total lack of information about what this program really is on their site.

In my opinion if someone has a really good program they want to sell, they have to give information to people on what it is and how it will benefit them. It’s not the first time that I review a program which promises people to make money online with it and it doesn’t explain how this is going to work.

Cowboy Wealth is just a multi level marketing program. Personally, I’m not a fan of multi level marketing programs. They just force you to promote a limited range of overpriced products. And it’s not easy to earn with multi level marketing.

A Better Way to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing, instead, is a far better way to earn money online. In affiliate marketing:

  • There is no recruiting
  • It involves no face to face selling
  • Your website can generate income for you every time of the day or night
  • It’s free to get started or requires a very minimum investment

I have been doing affiliate marketing since four years now and I’ve been earning online passive income from my websites.

If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing from a company which is transparent about their business model, check the banner below and real my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

The Wealthy Affiliate training really works. It doesn’t teach you how to make money online fast, but it teaches you how to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business. There are so many scams online that people find it hard to believe that a program is legit. Wealthy Affiliate offers new members the opportunity to try their training program for free. Wealthy Affiliate has two membership options: the free membership and the premium membership.

With the free membership you get two free websites.

I have discovered this training which teaches you how to do affiliate marketing and thanks to this training I am earning commissions like this:

What do you think of Cowboy Wealth? Would you consider buying its products after reading this review? Share your comments below.

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