Sumome Review: Here’s How It Will Change Your Site

sumome review

Sumome (now Sumo) is an all in-one-program which can help affiliate marketers in every aspect of their business. In this Sumome review I am going to cover every feature of Sumome and show what each of them can do for your business.

Let’s take a deep look at what Sumome can do for you.

What is Sumo?

Sumo is a set of tools which are compatible with different platforms (not just WordPress). It is a collection of apps which are aimed at making your website better. These apps fall into four categories: list building, inside analytics, communication, e-commerce, social sharing and traffic boosting.

I could be mentioning all the apps that is includes but I am mentioning just the ones which have most attracted me. The one function that I like more and that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else is:

  • Highlighter – visitors are able to highlight your content to share or tweet it.

Other interesting functions include the contact form where your visitors can email you from your website and the e-commerce-like buy-buttons.


When you look at Sumome multi functionality, you probably think about how much is it going to cost, but I am going to tell you one thing: it costs nothing. There are premium versions of it, but the basic one is for free. And this is forever, its not just a free trial.

That’s true, many of the Sumome apps are available for free with small restrictions.

What about the premium versions? The premium versions start at $20 for up to 5,000 visitors a month and scale up to $119 for a million visitors a month. On this Sumome review I am going to review the premium version of it, even that some functions overlap.

How to Get Started with Sumo

If you are using WordPress, you can get started with Sumo by just adding the Sumo plugin to your website. For this go to Plugin/Add Plugin/search for “Sumo”/install and activate the plugin.

install sumo plugin

Now you need to create a Sumo account, which you will have to connect to your WordPress site.

After you create the Sumo account, go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on the blue button at the right corner of your interface.

set up sumo plugin

Now you can easily start using Sumo, which is so intuitive and easy to use. You will firstly have to activate each plugin one by one, by clicking on each of them and on the “Activate now” button.

activate sumo apps

When you start using the apps you can change their settings, like change colors and some parameters. I just leave them the same because they are OK, as they are.

Just adding this free plugin and activating each of the apps, has made my website better. I am very pleased with this plugin, it has overcome my expectations, considering that it is free.

List Building

You can easily create a pop up subscription for with Sumome. If you tried the option and one saw the pop up but it doesn’t appear anymore to you, check the apps settings, you might have chosen the setting “show the pop up to visitors who haven’t seen it in 1 Day.

sumo review

How to Create Lead Capture Pages

Social Media Buttons

I really like the social share buttons shown in the corner of my site, I always wanted them shown that way but haven’t been able to find the right plugin for that. Moreover, now I need one less plugin, I don’t need anymore the social media plugin which was on my site, I can cover this function a more functions on the same time with the Sumo plugin.

What Else You Can Get with a Free Account

The list building and social media functions you can get for free with Sumome. What you can also get for free is adding a contact form to your site, which basically means that your visitors can email you directly from your website. You can also choose the position you want your contact form to appear like at the end of each post or at the right part of your website.

sumo contact us

I would recommend every internet marketer who don’t want to spend money, to get the free version of Sumome. It really makes your site better.

With the free account you can also create email campaigns once you have subscribers to your site. For this you can click on Messages/Campaigns. And an interface where you can write and schedule your future emails will appear.

Another function which you can get with a free membership is being able share text on social media when the visitor highlights a port of the text. On the below picture it is shown how this will appear on your site:

highlighter sumo

I really like this option because it allows people to quote you and share your words directly from your posts.

The free membership also includes the Image Sharing Social media buttons. This means that when visitors put the cursor on an image on your site, the social media buttons appear on that image which they can use to share the image on your site. This is a great way to encourage your visitors to share images directly from your site.

sumo image sharing

Pinterest (and other image sharing) sites is very popular these days and it has high potentials for an online business, if used right.

Sumo also includes the Analytics app, which I haven’t explored a lot because I already check my data using Google Analytics, but you can connect them together and check the Analytics from the Dashboard of your site.

What Is Not Included On the Free Membership

The Live Chat option on your site is a function which is included only on the premium membership. In fact, Live Chat on a website is a really advanced option and most affiliate sites won’t need it. It is mostly needed for sites which are into e-commerce and which are focused on selling and when customers would need support offten.

Can I Use Sumo Membership on More than One Website?

So, you are decided that the Sumo software is worth it, but you want to know if you can use the premium membership on more than one website with the same price.

Unfortunately, you can install Sumo only on one website, each registration has its own ID, but you can create as many registrations as you want on Sumo.

As you can see, there are a lot of features that you can get for your website for free on Sumo. Don’t miss this opportunity! I’m using their features myself and I am very pleased with them.

Is Internet Income University a Scam?

Is Internet Income University a Scam

First of all even if they claim themselves as a University they are not actually a University, they have not been accredited by US Department of Education.

One thing that attracted my attention, was that when you sign in to this program, there is no sales pitch. While this might seem like a good thing, it also doesn’t give the neccessary information about what the program includes. When you first sign up to the program, some free trails of other programs are presented to you to sign up.

While you have to pay $30 to sign up to this program.

#1 Recommended Training to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Before I continue with the review of Internet Income University, I want to let you know that a lot of scammers take advantage of the fact that newbies do not know anything better and they will follow everything these so-called “Gurus” tell them.

>> The One and Only Program Which Puts Your Interest First <<

Where Education… Meets Opportunity

When you enter the program, there are a lot of upsales to other programs. In fact, inside Internet Income University there were opportunities to learn, but also opportunities to spend more and more.

Internet Income University is just another product which leads you to buy other products. Once you become a member you will be able to access their F.A.S.T. income plan, which consists of four main areas:

1. (F) Fast Website Setup

When you first sign up you have to pay them $20 to set up a website for you on a hosting in the property of IIU, which in fact seems pretty high for a shared hosting. You can find one on Hostagor for just $4.

You must buy a hosting and a domain throught their link in order to get a free website set up.

What puts me off on this secrion is that they ask you some questions like:

  • What is your monthly income?
  • How much would you be willing to invest in your online business?
  • What are your unique circumstances which made you seek to make money online?
  • Where will you live and what’s you dream home?
  • If you are going to exceed your income goals with the knowledge that they are going to give you, how will you pay back?

I don’t like these tactics and I think that these questions are only asked to be used against you by knowing more about you and how much money you have and how much would you be willing to invest, so buy more products from them.

Another thing that I find manipulative is this little note:

Is Internet Income University a Scam

Why can’t you use your own hosting and domain if you have them? And they say “you must get a new domain name and hosting with Secure Online Hosting to quality for your free Income Generating Website”. I don’t know what they mean by “free website” because you paid $20 for the website.

2. (A) Affiliate Income Streams

Affiliate marketing is a pretty good way to make money online. But what they suggest is to promote one of their top 5 products, the first one of them is IIU itself and the other ones are owned by the same person as IIA.

Moreover, you would have to pay a fee to start promoting these products or buy them. Listen to me folks: stay away from programs which ask you for a payment just to start promoting them. They are scams. The products don’t sell. The owner of these products are the only ones who will make money,

Theme products will cost from $15-$177 to start promoting them. This is crazy. You are making them money and you also have to pay to get started?!

Better promote products which are actually free to promote, almost every product has an affiliate program and almost every site is FREE to promote. Now, a lot of newbies maybe don’t know this and it might seem to them that they have to buy something in order to start making money, to gain the right to promote a product. That’s why this program is far from honest.

3. (S) Scalable Advertising

They will ask for up to $450 a month to do the SEO for your site. Terrible!

When you first start your online business, you need to learn how to SEO yourself. If you are not doing SEO, then what are you doing for your business? SEO is the cental part of it in my opinion and you need to learn to do it yourself, after you grow your business, you might even outsourse it.

4. (T) Training & Support

The only thing that this section tought me was to go to their community.

Personal Challenge

Here all you will get is a 13 page pdf filled with numbers you can contact to buy their services and other affiliate links.

After all these sales pages you will finally find some training which consist of 7 hour long videos. The training has some value but is it very basic and outdated, especially part about backlinks, some of the backlinks tacticts do not work anymore these days and they are a big no no.

Is Internet Income University a Scam?

Not necessarly, but it is a program you need to be very careful with because you can end up losing more money that you make.

They have a lot of updates and suggested products you need to buy and the training and all your spendings on these products are not worth the money.

My Final Thoughts

The information that you are going to get does not outweight the sales pitch that expose you to.

There are a lot of other opportunities out there with which you can learn affiliate marketing with a lower cost. At the end of the day, your $30 fee will feel as if you just paid for being told to buy more products. That’s why I would say that you need to AVOID Internet Income University. There is only one program I would recommend for learning affiliate marketing, it’s the program which taught me everything I know about building a website business.

>> Click Here to Know More About The Exact Formula I Am Using <<

How to Build Lead Capture Pages

how to build lead capture pages

In this post I am going to talk about creating brilliant lead capture pages. This is actually where we get to do a little design work.

(featured image is a good example of an opt in for in a landing page, credit for it to

Introduction to a Lead Capture

We will define what a squeeze page is and how it differs from an opt in page.

how to build lead capture pages

Credit for image: magistudios

In the diagram above is presented the flow of a lead capture.

In case you didn’t realize this is the beginning stages of email marketing. Visitors provide you their email address in exchange of a free offer like a free guide or course. In this case you will need to have an autoresponder. AWeber is the most common one. But there are a lot of services you can use to have emails automatically sent once your visitors sign in. Does this make sense for you? Let’s move on. Let’s talk about a true squeeze page and it’s difference between it and an opt in form. I am sure you have seen some sort of opt in or squeeze page.

An integrated opt in form is an opt in for that you manually place at the end of your articles. A squeeze page is a page dedicated for opt in. Now, let’s talk about pros and cons of each. The squeeze page only one intention and it is to capture emails.

It is very visually oriented, it can be a log for which has a variety of different offers. Traffic is directed to this page and aim is to capture emails. In the back office you can see some very detailed analytics about the traffic. The opt in is somewhere between the page, the intend of the opt in is to sign in, but if they don’t sign in they can check other things within the website. Usually it has only one image. No intention to drive traffic to an opt in and from there as a result of that you don’t have very detailed analytics.

On a squeeze page you can do A/B testing, you can do it on an opt in but it is limited. So, some sites are going to be better while having integrated opt ins and others work better when they have squeeze pages.

How to Find an Offer to Attract Subscribers

Typically an offer would be an ebook, like for example “inside hack on how to do this”. In my opinion it is so played and in most cased back in the day when everyone was getting started with affiliate marketing, you would buy some sort of PLR articles, turn on of them into a PDF and you would have your ebook.

How many of you have sign up on a PDF ebook but in fact never read the book or read just the first page? Give me a yes of no on the comments below. That’s OK, I’ve done it to.

As a result of that you ended up on someone’s list and in most cases what happens these days a visitor opts in into an email list just to get the ebook and then unsubscribe. The intent is to build your trust and build an audience and the ebook thing doesn’t work anymore, I’m sorry. So, instead of creating a PDF, why don’t you create an e-course? An e-course is a course that you are presenting information on a period, like 7-day course.

It could be a video course, a blog post cost (when you send a blog post every day), the point is to create interactivity and ongoing messages instead of a single PDF. You want people to reply to your emails. Creating an e-course instead of a PDF guide is going to work better.

It can be an integrated form or a dedicated landing page. I think this one would be more effective as a dedicated landing page.

That is just a nice easy example. Make your result easier with free knowledge commerce. Knowledge commerce is the information that is delivered. Give away a course so people are going to click things and buy stuff.

You can create a course in any niche, you just have to be creative and make it interactive. You don’t need to be an expert.

You can try a newsletter, but you need to find a real convincing, better not to use the work “newsletter” on it. But not all niches are going to work well with a newsletter.

How to Create a Thank You Page

What do you want your visitor to do after they sign up? So they put in their name and their email and from there, what do you want them to do? So what you need to do is to tell them what to do in the thank you page. Auto responders, some of them, have ready-made thank you pages, but why not create your own thank you page? Here’s a good example of a thank you page:

thank you page

Guide them to what this is going to be all about, typically users know that they are going to receive some automated emails. But we want to change that. Also, a nice little tip is if you are using All In One SEO, set your thank you page as a no-follow page. Aweber and ClickFunnels have the thank you page available, but I suggest that you create your own thank you page. An OTO (one time offer) is when you buy a product the next page is something like this “wait we have another offer”, I am against it, instead you want to be friendly and inviting.

Get a funny giphy for your thank you page and embed it to your thank you page. Captain Obvious is a good one:


How to Create a Squeeze Page

When you create a landing page your page title doesn’t have to match your URL, instead you want to make sure that your permalink is easy to use, because then you can use it and tell people go to for example: go to Keep in mind that you are not trying to rank for anything. It’s OK if your landing pages are indexed on Google.

In some cases, your theme might have a template specifically for landing pages. Try that and you will see that it will look much better. You don’t have to use a plugin if your theme has a landing page option.

The only thing you do is to embed your opt in form from AWeber. Log into AWeber and go to Sign Up Forms. You change the pixels, change the color of the button to match the style of your website, you can change the color background. Save the form and if you refresh your landing page it will show up there.

What do you want people to do after they sign up? You have a couple of options: custom page, already subscribe page, save my form, I recommend choosing “I will install my form” (you will embed if just like embedding a YouTube video).

Go to the text part, navigate to where you want your code to show up, paste it, update and then take a look to see how it looks like. Your next task is to create a goal in Google Analytics and determine where your traffic is caming from to this page. You can make your thank you page as a funnel in Google Analytics.

I hope this all makes sense for you. Now I want to talk to you about landing page software, people might try to convince you that you need it, but I am of the opinion that you don’t need it. You can do just fine with the way that I showed you. Don’t be tempted to buy landing page softwares and they are expensive from $60 to $200 a month.

The only think that you have to invest is an Auto Responder, I’m using Aweber which is a paid one but there are others which have a free option. I have tried Convert Kit but didn’t enjoy it so much.

Alternatives of Email Providers

How does traffic come to your landing page?

Visitors might come from a Google search and find one of your blog posts, from that you can direct your visitors to the squeeze page. You can put something like “click here to learn more about this”.

And when the landing pages become outdated, you can update them.

Publish your landing page as a page and let it get indexed.

To Do: If you are already doing email marketing, create a landing page or a custom thank you page and a goal for that. I encourage you to take action.

Email Marketing 2019: How Build Email List From Scratch

Email marketing is a great way to increase your online brand and build trust. 

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Credit for Image: Magistudious

After you get people’s email, you will periodically send them emails. So, just to break it down: visitor lands to landing page from a Google search, the visitor reads your blog post, visitor sees you call to action at the end of the post, visitor enters the name and email in exchange to something (a free guide or anything else which is relevant to what they’re read), after they opt in they see a thank you page prompting them to check their email for conformation. 

A second email is called an double opt-in email.

The visitor checks email and clicks for a conformation, just to confirm that they are a real person and not a spam. The the visitor sees “Thank you for subscripting” page and download the free guide, course, video etc, whatever you offered for them to subscribe. 

The visitors is not on your email list and will be part of your campaign. The visitor receives a second email the second, fifth day after subscribing and so on. 

All the emails are triggered by events, an event is for example: after two days they subscribe, send an email, on the fifth day, send an email. This whole series is called an autoresponder. So, that’s in essence this is how email marketing works. So, email marketing is the art of creating an offer for your users or readers in exchange for something that you offer, something which is original.

Then it’s all up to you how you build up your campaign. If you have any question up untill now, don’t hesitatate to comment on the comment’s section below. 

Now I want you to take a look at the above diagram one more time. No two email marketing campaigns will be the same. Let’s say you have a 7 day course, you will be sending 1 email each day, but if you have just a free guide you can pread 10 emails over the course of six months. 

So, I mean, it really does depend on the campaign, it’s not something like “if you send an email every two days it wil be fine”. Al the end of the day it’s all about building a relationship with your readers. By them providing you their email address, you need to build a relationship and trust with the readers. In essence, it’s getting a blog reader to read more of your content. I hope that you understand this. 

When Is a Good Time to Start Email Marketing

If you’re brand new and your site is one week old, should you start email marketing or wait? Before you start any email marketing campaign you need to establish a brand, from there you need to build traffic, becasue it doesn’t make any sense to build an email campaign if you don’t have traffic on your site. The third important thing, is that you need to understand your audience, thie behaviour, maybe they’re a type of audience who is less responsive, maybe your niche is about a topic which people are not likely to share their private details. You need to understand the behaviour of your audience, because if you can understand the behaviour of your audience you can build a better email marketing campaign. You can better understand your audience by learning and understanding the Google Search Console and the Google Analytics data. 

If you audience is staying more on one of you pages, maybe you will need to create an opt in page on this page. If you have any question about this, please comment below. Brand, traffic and comprehanding your audience. In essence, you want to have a little bit of traffic and you need to understand you traffic before you get started with email marketing. 

Broadcast vs Drip Campaigns

I am going to compare the two to what exactly each of them is. Broadcast: user subscribes, clicks on the confirmation email and from there no emails get sent out of you don’t send them manually. An email broadcast is every time you send an email manually.

A drip campaign is when you automatically sent emails, the emails are pre-written and you have created events like email 1, three days after, email 2, five days after. Let’s say 10 emails are pre-written and they get sent sequencially. 

A drip campaign is for building trust with your audience, you will have these emails sent out in a series of days and it’s going to be an end to this campaign. A broadcast is when you send e your blogs posts every time you create a few one. There is one exception they are merged into one, every time you create a blog post it gets sent automatically to your audience. But not all autoresponders have this feature. 

Alternatives of Email Providers

Let’s talk about a list of email service providers. Autoresponder service provider, email service provider are the same thing and they do cost money. That’s why you need to have traffic and understand your audience first. Some have free options where you can sign up to that service and not pay anything. There are limitations to this in terms of the number of emails you can send and subscriers you will have. 

  • Awber. Is probably the most popular among internet marketers.
  • Constant contact is more for small businesses or if you have a business and you have to get emails of people who you provide service. 
  • Drip.
  • Mail Chip – has a free feature.
  • Mad Mimy – has a free feature too.Constant Contact. 

The most popular one is Aweber, they have a free trial and after that the price is $19 a month, which is the cheapest plan. The other two poular ones are Mail Chip and Mad Mimy. I never tried Mad Mimy myself but I have heard good things about it.

The one that I am using is Aweber and I have been completely happy with it. When you read reviews of autoresponders be aware that they might be biased because they are promoting them with affiliate marketing. If you want better reviews better check on Youtube. 

How to Set Up Your First Campaign

Before you start your campaign you need to sign up into an auto responder service. 

Now after you do that here are the steps to setting up your first email marketing campaign:

  • Create a campaign name. A campaign is a concept of your email marketing battle plan. If you want to start building a list you need to start which a concept, like for example get free recepies. That would be a campaign and it’s name is the intent of the campaign. The cool thing with an auto responder is that you can have as many camapigns as you want. A list and a campaign are exactly the same thing. Make sure you have a good naming conversion that is going to work for you. 
  • Next thing you need to have is a branded email address. An example would me 
  • You need a series of pre-written emails, a minimum of 10 emails is a good start. For example, 10 email in 14-20 days. 
  • You need to create an opt-in form. When you sign up to auto responders you can design your opt-in for which you will put into your website. 
  • You also need an offer to get people to subscribe, a simple sign up to my newsletter is not enough, it can be something simple as an email course. It can be a video, a video series, a pdf.
  • You need a place to put your opt-in form

Once you have some traffic and know about your traffic, is the best time to build an email campaign.


Here’s a good example of a successful email campaign:

3 Exeptional SEO Tips and Tricks 2018 (Recommended by Neil Patel)

3 Exeptional SEO Tips and Tricks 2018

Neil Patel is one of the most influential people in the field of internet marketing.

He continually creates exceptional content on his blog, and if you are in the niche of internet marketing you surely need to follow him.

His articles are based on research and originality, he definitely knows internet marketing at its roots. There are a lot of things that you can learn from his blog. In this article I have summarized three of his seo tips that I definitely think that would work. They are not so traditional and not a lot of seo-s use them but they still give great results.

#1 Wikipedia broken link building.

Link building is one of the way that online marketers use to get ranked higher in the search results.

Building broken links is an underrated SEO tactic.

This is a really effective way to get more traffic to your website.

One way that you can use to find broken links on the web is to search for them on Wikipedia.

When a link is broken in Wikipedia it indicates this by itself like shown in the picture below: [deadlink].


Picture by Neil Patel on one of his articles on Forbes

The purpose of this annotation is not to let SEOs flood the site in the hopes of finding link opportunities, but rather to notify other editors of the broken link so that they may fix it.

You can find broken links by just searching on Google: “wikipedia + dead link + some other topic

Then check all the results on by one.

#2 Build connections and use them for link building

An advice from Neil Patel for new marketers:

Do the things that most SEOs won’t do.

He advises new marketers to firstly build relationships and then build links from these relationships.

This means contacting a potential link partner 5 or 6 times before asking for a link. Focus on a small number of people with whom you want to build lasting relationships.

For this reason join some online communities in your industry.

#3 Comment on industry related blogs

Blog commenting doesn’t seem to give results in terms of conversions, at all, I have tried that. But according to Neil Patel, it can also be good for the revenue. Even that this seems a little strange. Maybe I have not done this right, or long enough.

But it could be good for SEO.

You could give sincere quality comments and still help your SEO.

Maybe I will give this another try.

Here is a description of this case study.

Black hat? Don’t think so.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, has confirmed that links in blog comments are ok too. He advises people to use this strategy.

But remember that you comments need to be natural.

They are especially good for promoting new content.

Always make it original, never use copy and paste while commenting.

Firstly, write a list of all the quality blogs in your niche.

Target the ones which are similar to your site.

Filter your list by only qualifying blogs according to their DA (domain authority) and choose only the ones which have the same DA as you or 20 points higher.

According to industry leaders this strategy works so give it a try!


Using this kind of SEO tactics will help you rank higher in the search engines. So, give them a try and watch your results.

Then you can create your own case studies showing that these strategies work.

Is there any other particular SEO tip which which works for you?