Bitcoin PTP Sites: Are they Worth It?

What Are Bitcoin PTP Sites About

PTM sites are sites where you can complete small tasks like surveys etc and get paid by bitcoin. You can also send traffic to these sites and get paid in bitcoin. So, if you goals is to earn some bitcoins you can use this kind of sites.

PTP sites is the abbreviation for Paid-to-Promote sites and on these sites you get paid for views. You can send the link of the site to other people and when they view the site you get paid. I mean the affiliate link. And if you have a website you can post the link on your site as an ad. Of course the ration is small, which means for example for 1,000 views you earn about $0,5.

You can also earn when people sign up on the site through your affiliate link, which makes them your referral and you earn a commission. Also, views from different countries might have different values, for example views from the USA and some Western European countries have a higher value.

Are bitcoin PTP sites worth it? In my opinion bitcoins are not worth it. I personally don’t deal with bitcoins. It involves much speculation and maybe having a great knowledge of the topic. I personally only focus on affiliate marketing and getting paid with “real” currencies.

The Red Flags of Bitcoin PTP Sites

Financial scammers are often connected to bitcoin to complete their money laundering schemes. In this section I talk about the red flags of PTP sites that you should take into consideration before dealing with one of them. The risk level is different for each of them, it depends on from the country they are in, business model and customer profile.

Here are some red flags:

1. A high amount of transactions done in a short amount of time

2. Insufficient or suspicious information

3. If they use multiple accounts

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There are better ways to make money online than bitcoin PTP sites. Bitcoins are a risky currency and not many people want to deal with them.

Especially, the topic of bitcoins is unknown for a lot of people. There are not many regulations about them and it’s difficult to track any activity dealing with bitcoins. That’s why a lot of scammers use them as money laundry.

When they first got introduced there was s hype and a lot of people thought that the future of bitcoin would be bright, but after a couple of years, no important results are visible. There are surely some advantages of bitcoin, but there are also problems with implementing them.

It’s a technology which is highly hyped but poorly executed. There are also problems in acquiring and spending bitcoin because it is not a currency which is widely accepted by the public for transactions. And most importantly, a lot of frauds are connected to bitcoin.