Is My Traffic Business a Scam

is my traffic business a scam

If this program has landed in your email or you have seen this program on social media, in this review you are going to find more information about it.

Product: My Traffic Business

Price: $47

Owner: James Wendel


Type: high ticket funnel

Recommended? No

Summary: In my opinion My Traffic Business is a scam


What Is My Traffic Business?

My Traffic Business is a ready-made for you system which will make you money with a turnkey site by just writing and sending some emails. It sounds like BS and it really is.

This program is typically targeted to people who want to make money online fast by doing little work.

My Traffic Business is a program similar to Wake Up to Cash which I have reviews also in this blog. Wake Up to Cash actually funnels you to My Traffic Business. To save you p the trouble of reading this entire review, I’ll decalre it now: I don’t believe that anyone can make money with My Traffic Business.

If you want a real program which can teach you how to make money online check my Wealthy Affiliate review. That’s a legit program and the one I used to learn everything I know about building a successful online business. Seriously through, you need to put in the effort. Those searching to make a quick buck will end up buying more scams.

How Does My Traffic Business Work?

What My Traffic Business claims to be is very different from what it really is. The sales video claims to make you money fast just by sending emails. They also claim that once you set up this system it requires you only 30 minutes of work a day to maintain it and you will continue to make money. But their most outrageous claim is that they guarantee that you are going to make at least $10,000 in 30 days with their system. my traffic business

And after you have check their sales page and read all the information on it, you will still have no idea of how this system is supposed to work, how you are supposed to make money because all the information on their sales page is just hype and lies.

Of course, they don’t tell you how the system really works because there is nothing to tell and you wouldn’t buy. James, the owner and the narrator in the sales video claims that he will handle everything for you and makes you believe that it is an automated system.

is my traffic business a scam

People who have created an account on the site have found a black member’s area with nothing inside.

Is My Traffic Business a Scam?

Yes, I consider My Traffic Business a scam because of their unrealistic income claims and because I don’t believe that anyone can make money with this program.

It is one of those products that will create frustration in you because of not seeing results and wasting your time. I am going to show you what has worked for me instead.

I am sure that the creator of My Traffoc Business and his story shown on the sales page is completely fake.

I’ve reviewed a lot of similar programs. As soon as their reputation gets damaged, they change the name of the program and re-market it.

The Pros

I don’t see any pros to this program. I don’t believe there is any possibility of making money with this program.

The Red Flags

This program doesn’t give you any information on what you are going to do to earn money with this system.

Second, the fake testimonials. The people who appear in the sales video are all actors from Fiverr who have been paid to read the messages they are reading.

It is full of hype and lies. You’re promised to be rich by just working 30 minutes a day. That’s’t just a dream which has nothing to do with reality. From all the read flags mentioned in this review, there is no reason to try My Traffic Business.

If you come across of a website which claims that you can make a lot of money right away, please be suspicious. The chances are that such a site is a scam. There are people who make a living online, but this certainly does’t happen right away and not with a click of a button.

As usual, the testimonials of My Traffic Business are just actors from Fiverr.

The creator of the system is just an imaginary character. So, guys it doesn’t matter of My Traffic Business shows you fictional numbers to get your attention. This kind of systems are just created for the owners to make money. This is just another get-rich-quick scheme that sooner or later with disappear with all the money in their pocket.

is my traffic business a scam

James Wandel himself is a red flag. He doesn’t have a gmail account or social media account.

You can watch the entire sales video and still not know how this program works. Te video is filled with hype and doesn’t really explain how the system works. A lot of scams are built this way. Luring people in with promises in hope that they will buy.

So this online opportunity is not legit, it’s just a fraud.

How I Make Money Online

My Traffic Business is a scam by there are some things you can learn from these programs. This has to do with the way that the owners of this website are making money. You can copy their marketing tactics to promote your products or to promote products as an affiliate, but actually promote legit products and do this in an ethical way.

I have discovered a training to learn how to earn money online with a website (and how to create a website for this). You can try this system for free. Thanks to this training I am earning commissions like this:

What do you think now about My Traffic Business? Are you going to buy it after reading this review?

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and if you found this review helpful please share it with other people using the social buttons below.

Thanks for reading my review of My Traffic Business.

Jamie Lewis Wealth in a Box

Welcome to my review of Jamie Lewis Wealth in a Box!

Wealth in a Box is a program created by Jamie Lewis which intends to teach you how to make money online.

Name: Wealth in a Box


Owner: Jamie Lewis

Recommended? No

After reading this review I hope that you will be able to make a more educated decision on whether to buy this product.

Do you have a great idea for a website? Learn how to make it happen on the biggest internet marketing community.

Check my #1 recommendation

What Is Wealth in a Box by Jamie Lewis?

According to the owner Wealth in a Box is a ready-made for you system which can make you money automatically.

The system also promises that if you follow this program you are going to become your own boss within one month.

So, the system is basically a training which will teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing and flipping websites.

The training that I used to learn affiliate marketing

The training at Wealth in a Box also includes

  • a module on how to buy and sell domains at a profit and how to start your own blog
  • how to get traffic and backlinks to your blog
  • how to sell your website
  • how to build an email list
  • how to use Adsense and other PPC platforms
  • how to hold and email sequence and how to promote on Facebook and Twitter
  • a question and answer section with Jamie Lewis

The program is called Wealth in a Box because you will get a box of 10 dvd-s with the in information mentioned above.

You can receive it by mail or you can get it digitally. The training is consists of 20 hours.

One of the coolest features is that James Lewis shares his real phone number.

Promoting affiliate products

It uses ClickBank and Amazon affiliate programs and you will also need a PayPal account as Jamie recommends.

The Pros

1. The quality of the training is decent

The Cons

1. There are some other costs in addition to the initial price of $39

2. It is impossible to earn money in a short period

3. The 42 websites that you will receive are never going to rank on the search engines because they are duplicate content.

4. You will have to rely on paid traffic

Is Wealth in a Box Worth It?

The cost of this program is $39 (it used to be $47), but it does also involve some upsells. Wealth in a Box is sols through ClickBank so you can get a 60-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product.

Jamie Lewis seems to be genuine compared to a lot of online so-called gurus. His product doesn’t have signs of a scam, it doesn’t use lies

In fact, to sum it up, I do not recommend this program. There are far better programs which are very well-known and have proven to be effective that you can use to learn affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is really a great business model and I can tell it from my own experience that it works.

Even that the price of Wealth in a Bix is $39, this is not all that you are going to spend. If you follow their program you will need to also spend money on PPC. And PPC is dangerous is a beginner. When I first got started with PPC I lost money. And I have read about other people’s experiences who also lost money as beginners with PPC.

The good thing about Wealth in a Box is that is actually contains effective training, but for sure, you are not going to make money with it in a short time. Also, they will give 42 websites which are ready-made for you, but in fact they are just landing pages which will never rank on Google. For these reasons, I do not recommend Wealth in a Box, but I cannot call it a scam. However, is makes exaggerated income claims and you cannot make so much money in a short period.

Their training is good, but to be really successful in today’s competitive market of affiliate marketing, you need more training than just 10 dvd-s. You would also need support. I recommend that you really learn the skills to build an online business and do not rely on made for you systems as they usually are not successful and you are not going to really learn what it takes to create a successful online business.

How I Learned Affiliate Marketing

I learned how to create this website from a community of affiliate marketers and also learned how to bring traffic and how to monetize my site from this training. You can sign up for free to this training and get two free websites. No credit card is required when you sign up. Click here to learn more about this community

==> 5 success stories in affiliate marketing <==

These days there are so many courses which teach how to make money online, but not all for them are effective. I personally don’t think that James Lewis Wealthy in a Box could be effective either.

Some people recommend it, but I think that the Wealthy Affiliate training program would be more effective.

I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn affiliate marketing. It also has a community of successful internet marketers.

My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online

The only way I was able to make passive income online has been building niches sites. These days building a website is not technically complicated at all.

I build my first website through wealthy affiliate. Here’s how easy it is:

How to Build a Website

You can earn with your niche site in three ways:

  • affiliate marketing
  • Google ads
  • selling your own services

Wealthy Affiliate also has its own affiliate program which you can use to earn money by promoting it. And it has a very good conversion rate.

Is 7k in 7 Days a Scam

is 7K in 7 days a scam

7K in 7 days seems too good to be true.

In this article I am going to review this program.

This program has made a bold claim, but can it really deliver on its promise?

What Is 7k in 7 Days About?

At the sales page you are promised that this program doesn’t have to do with building a website, paid ads, Amazon products or Shopify. But what is this program about instead?

In the sales page it says that it is a secret formula which is proven to be working.

When you buy the program you will discover that the secret formula is not secret at all. It’s what other successful online marketers were doing for years. It’s about affiliate marketing and creating and selling your ebooks.

Just from the name 7k in 7 days seemed like a scam to me.

But I decided to review this program anyway to see if it has a decent concept or a good idea behind it, ea least.

Product name: 7K in 7 Days


Type: affiliate marketing and e-book creation

Owner: Ali Chowdhry

Price: $47

Overall ranking: 50 out of 100

Recommended? No


The course if a PDF sent to you which explains two ways of making money online: affiliate marketing and creating your own products like e-books that other affiliates can sell. These are legit business models which you can apply and earn money. But are you going to earn 7K in the next 7 days? Of course not. It’s just hype.

How Does 7K in 7 Days Work?

When you buy this program you are going to receive a PDF where it is explained how the owner of this program makes money online. Everything is explained in a step by stem manner by the author and you can apply it just after reading the PDF.

The processes explained in this PDF really work. I know that they work because I’ve been involved with them myself. I have been doing affiliate marketing myself for years and I also know about the success of e-book publishing even though I’ve never published myself.

Oh, and you can also get an audio version of the PDF if you prefer to listen instead.

There are also some upsell which you can buy, They are not high priced.

The problem that I have with this program, however, is that it promises fast results and of course, unrealistic results in terms of the money that you can earn. 7K in 7 days is simply unrealistic. While the methods described in this program are legit and are the method which pretty much every affiliate marketer is using to earn online. So, no special trick to make you money fast.

Is 7K in 7 Days a Scam?

I would consider 7K in 7 Days a scam simply because you will not get exactly what you are promised. You won’t make 7K in 7 days. It is true that the methods described on the PDF are legit, but you can find them for free on the internet.

But the owner of this program already knows that the results that this program suggests are unrealistic. He himself addressed this issue by telling that he can’t promise you results. And it will depend on if you implement the strategy. But even if you implement the strategy, you still aren’t going to earn anything at all the first 7 days.

Affiliate marketing takes time to show the results of your hard work.

The good news is that if you bought this program and you regret it now, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Pros

1. The methods described work

2. 30-day money back guarantee

3. It doesn’t cost too much

4. Newbie friendly

5. The creator of this program, Ali, has a good reputation

6. There is an audio version

7. The methods described are simple

8. It is for newbies and also for experienced affiliate marketers

9. No product, list or ads required

10. The ebook is professionally produced

The Cons

1. You can find the information for free on the internet

2 Unrealistic income claims

Have you tried their product yourself? Please share your comment and experience below.

My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online

The only way that I’ve been able to make passive income online was building niche sites. I’ve built five different niche sites (like this one) and one of them was the most successful.

These days building a site is not technically difficult. I’ve built mine through Wealthy Affiliate. You can make money with niche sites through:

  • affiliate marketing
  • Google Adsense ads
  • selling your own services

Wealthy Affiliate Hack

Wealthy Affiliate also has its affiliate program which you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate to other people and earn money from this.

If you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate, there is a trick which is not available for any other affiliate program. You can share any of the Wealthy Affiliate pages (within the premium membership) with your affiliate link and when other people click on them and decide to sign up through your link after they check the page, you get a commission. This is a unique way to earn from affiliate marketing as you can share the links with people you think have an interest in any of the pages or people who ask you something.

You can share the links on social media, on groups interested in a specific topic. Or even write blog posts yourself within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and then share them.

And if you sign up through my link to Wealthy Affiliate I will give you a bonus. I will send you a bonus as soon as you sign up which is a manual on how to get traffic to your sites and pages.

Even the free Wealthy Affiliate memberships is really useful. You can start as a free member and check the Wealthy Affiliate member’s area for free. And whenever you sign up to premium I am going to send you the bonus training on traffic methods. For more information check my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

What Is Moneycroc About (MoneyCroc Review)

what is moneycroc about

What Is MoneyCroc About?

MoneyCroc is an advertising platform with the help of which you can earn money online. The way it works is that you have to perform certain tasks and earn points, then they are going to be converted into cash.

Another option is to put the crocodile guy (very cute) on your website which advertises your visitors that they can earn free money with it.

Product: MoneyCroc

Type: make money online by completing tasks

Price: free

Overall ranking: 45 out of 100

Recommended? No


MoneyCrock is a website aimed to make some extra income. It claims that you can win up to $50 just by playing a simple game.

Fed up of making pocket change?

How Does MoneyCroc Work?

With MoneyCroc you play a simple game to earn money with a click. If the two images that appear are the same you win money.

And if the images are not the same you can try again. You can click 50 times in a day. And if the images are not the same you lose. You can play for $5, $10 or $15. Of course, the higher the amount you play for, the less are the changes to win. The problem is that they don’t tall you what are the chances to win. You will know if you have any chance to win or if someone has ever won with their game.

The only thing that they say is that the chances of winning $5 are ten times higher than the chances of winning $50. They claim that they give half if their income as prices but there is no evidence of this.

Every time you click the page gets loaded with new ads. Of course their hope might be that people click on the ad. The more people on their site, the clicks on the ads, The chance to win money is already a good way to attract people to their site. Even though visitors have no way of knowing their chances of winning.

So I think you now know my opinion on MoneyCroc. I would never participate on such a scheme where the chances of winning are not even known. Above all, I don’t like lotteries, as I don’t like that my chances of winning will depend on pure luck. But that’s another topic.

The truth is that they don’t tell you what are your chances of winning because they are very small, if there are any chances at all. This would put people off and they know this.

Also, be aware of their ads, Their site is full of ads directing you to scams. They are all about making money online. Of course, because the audience of the site is compound of people aiming to earn some money online by trying their luck.

Is MoneyCroc a Scam?

Actually there are people who claim that they have won money from Moneycroc. They’s why they consider it legit. However, there is no proof that they are not related to the company.

The fact that MoneyCroc doesn’t talk about one’s chances of winning, it already a red flag in my opinion. what is moneycroc about


1. It’s free to try it

2. You can earn money by referring people to play on their site. You can do this also in a more unique way. There is an option that you can put the little cute crocodile to appear on your site and attract the visitors of your site to click and play.

3. People from all around the world can participate. There are no country restrictions.


1. No one knows what are the odds of winning

2. The website is created to show advertisements to people, which the majority of them take you to websites which are scams, if not all of them

3. There is not information on their site on who owns MoneyCroc

4. No information on their site on how to contact them

5. There are not real terms and conditions at MoneyCroc

6. There is not information on the site on how they deliver their non-cash prices

7. There are a lot of complaints on the internet about MoneyCroc. A lot of people claim that they have played for weeks and never won anything.

8. No guarantee that you are going to win anything on their site

My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online

My #1 recommended program for making money online is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a website which teaches you how to make money online blogging.

There are two type of memberships on Wealthy Affiliate:

  • free membership
  • premium membership

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best education programs. It allows you to quickly install and build websites. Also, hosting is included. There is a keyword research tool. And in my opinion, one of the most valuable tools is their community. As a Wealthy Affiliate member everyone is encourages helping other people. You are expected helping the people who you have referred to Wealty Affiliate. Every time someone asks a question, they can ask it on the live chat and others will answer. I’ve seen hundreds of success stories on Wealthy Affiliate,

So how do you make money on Wealthy Affiliate. There are two methods:

  • You follow their training
  • You refer other people

You can use the training Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to get traffic to your site. Or you can make Facebook or Pinterest posts. You can grab your affiliate link and share it with other people. As soon as their join, as long as they upgrade even in six month time, you get a commission. Starter members can also make money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. As a free member you can earn lower commissions compared with the premium members. You can join for free, start making some money and they upgrade down the way.

Wealthy Affiliate Hack

There is actually a bonus I’ll give you if you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through my link. I will send you my bonus traffic methods to get unlimited traffic to your site.

The other thing is, there is actually a cool way to promote Wealthy Affiliate, You can share any page at Wealthy Affiliate with an affiliate link. There are actually some really useful blog posts on WA. If somebody signs up through this becomes your referral. You can also write your blog post on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and share it with your followers.

The free membership is a really good way to get some free training. Anyone can benefit the training, even from just a free member on Wealthy Affiliate. Once again, if you join Wealthy Affiliate through my blog, I’m going to message you whenever you go premium (you don’t have to go premium now), I’ll send you a message and send you the free traffic training which is going helping you get traffic to your site and promote Wealthy Affiliate.

For more information, you can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

Is Life’s True Purpose Legit?

is life's true purpose a scam

What Is Life’s True Purpose About?

Life’s True Purpose is a program which makes you believe you can make money online in an exciting and innovative way. But is Life’s True Purpose legit or will it scam you?

Life’s True Purpose is a self-development program which encourages people to leave their 9 to 5 job and find their true life purpose. They also present people with a business opportunity.

What is this opportunity about?

It has to do with selling the company’s own products.

Wen you join the program you get presented with a lot of self-help materials, which by the way are really good. I really enjoy self-development materials and I think they can do a great deal of good.

However, I feel like their true purpose is to get people to promote the program itself to other people and make sales.

You are right to be suspicious about their income claims as they seem too unrealistic to be true. I have reviewed a lot of programs on this site the past year and I can say when there are signs of a scam. And one of those signs are the unrealistic income claims that a lot of programs make to attract buyers. is life's true purpose legit

Product: True Life’s Purpose

Business model: multi level marketing


Overall ranking: 50 out of 100

Recommended? No


Life’s True Purpose is a program which presents people with some self-development materials and encourages them to leave their 9 to 5 job and focus on selling this program itself to other people. The commissions for selling their products are really high and they go up to 5 figures, but not so easy… chances are this program is probably a scam.

They are better ways to make money online and I recommend you check Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does Life’s True Purpose Work?

Life’s True Purpose aim is to make people sell their product. They first attract people to buy their self development courses, and inspire them to aim for finding their true life purpose, which according to them is starting a business. And voila… you are presented with the opportunity to sell this product itself as your business.

It’s a multi level marketing business model because you have to buy the product yourself first and then you can sell it to other people. Exactly how multi level marketing works. Multi level marketing in itself is not a bad idea. And I have to admit that Life’s True Purpose has done a good job at it. Inspiring people with self-development material and then pushing them to sell that material itself, in my view is more effective than just pushing them to sell whatever other product. Well, maybe that’s just me who likes self development courses.

It’s a good idea for them because they don’t need to create additional product, and the same self development courses are sold over and over again by them. They created the course and you sell it for them over and over again, while they just sit back and relax. (If they sold for example health products they would have to create additional products for selling them).

That’s just the way digital products work.

However, the problem that I have with this product are the unrealistic income claims that are made.

Is Life’s True Purpose a Scam?

I don’t think that Life’s True Purpose is a scam, as you can definitely make money with their program if you convince other people to buy it, even though they paint the picture far better than it really is in their sales page.

They self development program definitely has some good stuff on it. However, I think that there are better ways to make money online. I personally use the Wealthy Affiliate’s training program to learn about affiliate marketing and I wouldn’t change this program for any other.

My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online

If you have been on my blog often and you read my content, you probably know that I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I attribute to this program all the success that I have had online.

But I don’t consider myself a guru or anything. I’m just a girl who happened to come across a good opportunity and took advantage of it by putting on the necessary work. If you want to know more about me you can read my about me page. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016, just after I have finished college and I invested in it to learn the practical internet marketing skills.

I started to make money online in 2018. I know it took some time but it was because I didn’t know what I was doing. I think that this is the perfect time to start working on something like this.

The number of internet users is increasing year after year and people check products online before buying them. They check product reviews and solutions to their problems online. In this blog I show you how to get started online and how to not go through all the mistakes I did.

==> How to Get Started <==

What I do is affiliate marketing and in a nutshell is when you promote products of companies with your affiliate links and you earn a commission every time you make a sale. The majority of the population doesn’t know about this, but internet savvy people know about it. It’s the way that most internet marketers have made their first money online, and for good reason.

There are two main reasons why it’s the best method to get started:

  • The start up costs are very low, you only have to create a website (which is pretty simple) and learn how to promote online.
  • You don’t have to own any products, you just help companies promote their products online and you recommend the products to people by reviewing them

And, of course, affiliate marketing is very profitable, that’s the reason I’m still doing it today.

How Does It Work

There are hundreds of ways to go about affiliate marketing and some of them work and others don’t. Some of them make some money in the short term and some others create sustainable long term business. Here’s what I do, and I know people who have been doing this since early 2000s.

I create small sites and when people search online, they come across my site. If they like what I’m promotion, they buy it and I make a commission.

==> Try It For FREE Now <==

Is Zeal a Pyramid Scheme? To Join or Not to Join This Program???

zeal pyramid scheme

What Is Zeal About?

I know that there are a lot of people doubting the legitimacy Zeal, so that’s why I decided to write this review.

I am going to review Zeal as a business opportunity here and not the Zeal products, which seem fine time. Here I am going to talk about if working with Zeal by promoting its products is legit or not.

The real business opportunity comes from the company called Zurvita. Zurvita is the name of the company and Zeal or Zeal for Life is its line of products.

zeal pyramid scheme

Company: Zurvita

Product: Zeal (or Zeal for life)

Business model: multi level marketing

Price: $39 + product price (up to $450)

Overall ranking: 40 out if 100

Recommended? No


Zurvita is not a necessarily a scam or a pyramid scheme, but the success rate working with it is very low. There is a better option to make money online, its called Wealty Affiliate.

How Does Zeal Work? Is Zeal a Pyramid Scheme?

Some people mistakenly call Zurvita a pyramid scheme, but that’s not the case. Zurvita is not an outright pyramid scheme but it definitely has elements of it. A company is called a pyramid scheme when the commission structure of it relies on the commissions and not the products. Zurvita has its line of products, so it can’t be called a text-book definition pyramid scheme.

You can actually make money by selling Zurvita’s products, but the real money is in recruiting other members. You get a commission for every new member you recruit. Members who recruit other members are called consultants.

The company works in the model of a multi level marketing company where the so-called consultants are payed if they bring new members to the program.

There are two ways to earn from this program: selling the products yourself and recruiting other consultants to sell products. For the products you sell there is a 20% commission, which isn’t really much, The good thing is that is the customer sticks with the company and continues to buy its products, you continue to get your commissions month after month as they have a reoccurring commission system.

But it seems like the real focus on recruiting affiliates. There are different types of commissions which you can earn from recruiting other consultants or affiliates, but I’m not going into detail about this here as I think that its not worth it.

And when your referrals recruit other people you get a commission over this too, which is called a second tier commission. I think they also got third tier commission, but doesn’t think this is worth either.

I’m sorry for sounding a bit biased here, but I don’t really like the multi level marketing business model and I don’t think its the best way to earn online.

After you sing up, they require consultants to get a certain volume of sales and recruits to stay active and have the possibility to continue working on promoting the program and products. The problem with pyramid schemes is that they are set up in a way that only a few people at the top of the pyramid make good money. And especially if you’re a starter in selling online, its going to be really difficult to get the sales. It’s not so easy to sell online for especially for newbies.

The Price

The costs of Zurvita can be broken into two parts:

Enrollment fee: is the fee you have to pay just to gain the right to promote Zurvita’s products and earn commissions from this. This fee is aimed to separate those who are serious about selling Zurvita’s products from those who are just seeking to by its products themselves with a discount. This costs $39.

Buying the products yourself: And in order to gain the right to promote the products and earn a commission from this you have to buy the products yourself. They vary in price.

These are three different packages that you can buy, the highest of them with a price of $450.

The Compensation Plan

Zurvita has a complicated compensation plan, like many other multi level marketing schemes.

This videos sums up their compensation plan:

The good thing is that is you are of their consultants and want to buy products for yourself, you can get them on discounts. You can also buy them and sell them at a near retail store.

This is not the main way you can earn money with Zurvita. As I mentioned earlier, this program puts emphasis on recruiting other people and you can make money by recruiting other people who register and start selling the products.

Is Zeal Worth It?

And as the company clearly accepts in their income disclosure, very few people are able to make a full time income from this company.

About 90% of the consultants made less than $500 in the whole 2016 year. This is about $30 per month. And things haven’t changed that much for the company since 2016.

This means that Zurvita definitely is not worth it.

This is true for about all multi level marketing opportunities. Only about 1% of the members in multi level marketing business models succeed.

This is terrible and it should be a red flag for everyone aiming to join Zurvita.

Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I can’t say that Zurvita’s Zeal is a pyramid scheme. However, I know for sure that most people who try to get into this business with this and similar companies are going to fail. They make it seem like its so easy but in fact its not that way.

Only very few people are going to be successful. Multi level marketing is very difficult and that’s why I stay away from it. Affiliate marketing is much more realistic and profitable to work with.

Here is the program which taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing and its my top recommendation if you want to make money online,

What Is 1 Minute Windfalls About (1-Minute Windfalls Review)

what is 1 minute windfalls about

What Is 1-Minute Windfalls About

1-Minute Windfalls introduces one new concept for making money online.

In this review I will cover different aspects of 1-Minute Windfalls which most people fail to notice when they first check the program. First of all, they make a bold income clam that you will earn $4/month with their system. But is 1-Minute Windfalls legit or is it a scam? Have most people actually made the amount of money that they claim?

Continue reading this review to find out the answers of these questions.

Matt Badiali is the creator of 1-Minute Windfalls and he has created a similarly advertised program before, Freedom Cheeks. In the sales video Matt claims that he knows a method to earn money online which works and which only a few people know and have applied.

And that you can turn a simple trade in a successful business in just 1 minute, as the name of the program suggests. And the claims don’t stop there.

He claims that he can offer you a computer and a super fast software to carry on with his method for free. The computer is free but he doesn’t cover the shipping costs.

Who is Matt Badiali?Matt Badiali

According to the 1-Minute Windfalls website, Matt Badiali is the creator of this program and he was a former geologist who after joining Banyan Hill became a financial strategist. Banyan Hill is a website know for creating a series of scams. Its products are all in the make money fast category.

Matt Badiali has also created another program called Real Wealth Strategist.

You can learn more about him and his work on his official website:

His financial advice is focused more on the natural resources’ industry.

Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment company. It’s job is to go through different stock and make predictions on which are the best investment. Banyan Hill Publishing is also a publishing company.

How Does 1-Minute Windfalls Work

There are some different websites which promote 1-Minute Windfalls, but neither of them demonstrates how 1-Minute Windfalls works. From the sales video, it is difficult to understand what the system is really about.

The way that 1-Minute Windfalls works is by placing trades on specific companies in the stock marketing and you can potentially gain from this. They send you a newsletter with advice on which companies to invest. The newsletter is prepared by Banyan Hill Publishing.

The sales video states that it takes 60 minutes to make these investments which can results in big profits. And of course, the more money you invest, the more you are going to gain.

Matt claims that there are thousands of 1-Minute Windfalls every year (a windfall here refers to a big investment opportunity).

The numbers that Matt himself has claimed that he made are very impressive.

The Sales Video

In the sales video they also introduce Chad Shoop, the mastermind behind this whole idea.

He is shown working on a program and with simple clicks making a lot of $.

If this program really existed it would be protected as a secret or it would be a highly popular website. If you subscribe to this program you are going to get some newsletters which predict values of stocks and you are encouraged to invest.

In my opinion they are worthless. Even financial experts would not be able to gain the amount described in the video.

Fake Testinomials

Near the end of the video there are some testimonials of people who have used the program along with some quotes that they are supposed to have said. In fact, after I did my research I discovered that those testimonials are fake and the people shown on the photos are just stock photos. This is not something new for a lot of programs in the make money online niche.

1 minute windfalls

These people claim to have earned within the first days of joining the programs and make more than 600% profits. If you do an image search on Google with these photos you will find that they are just stock photos.

This doesn’t mean that the testimonials themselves are fake. They could be real and they could be hiding their identity.

However, using stock photos instead of real testimonials leaves room for doubt.

They also claim that Warren Buffet uses this system. What? Warren Buffet? Then why isn’t he promoting it, but is letting them promote it? It don’t think it’s true.

How Much Do You Need to Invest with 1-Minute Windfalls

In order to make money with this method you need to invest a lot of money.

I’m not going into details here, but according to the 1-Minute Windfalls PDF, you would need to invest $145,000 in capital to earn a $4,250.

End even if you spend this investment there is no guarantee that you are going to earn $4K.

Is 1-Minute Windfalls a Scam

Taking a closer look at 1-Minute Windfalls, I don’t think that it is a scam.

Their newsletter gives solid business advice.

However, if you have much money to invest, you could earn a lot from following their advice, but if you can’t invest a lot, your returns are going to be much smaller.

So the income claims made in their sales video will depend on a lot from the amount that you can invest.

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My #1 recommendation is free to join.


Making money online is not easy, but it is possible and this program gives the average person the best chance creating a successful online business.

After taking a closer look at 1-Minute Windfalls I am happy to say that it is not a scam. If you have a lot of money to invest, 1 Minute Windfalls can be profitable for you, but if you don’t have funds to invest, you can take a look at my top recommended program which is free to join. Reviews (and Other Similar Sites)

In fact, in January 2020 has been closed. But I am writing this review anyway because is part of a network of similar sites. I want to warn you about the other similar sites to CottonColour. Those sites are very similar and the red flags of CottonColour apply to them too.

The site was closed after Thanksgiving. A lot of new similar sites are popping up, usually advirtising on Facebook.

There are three main unethical elements to this site:

  • They are stealing people’s money
  • They are stealing people’s information (name, address and credit card information)
  • They are presenting photos of product from different sites as their own

There are a lot of complaints online about CottonColour. There are a lot of sites exactly like CottonColour which maybe are owned by the same person because they are very similar. Avoid HobbiLaunch, ShopMyPords, FarmZily, Sleepious, GeemaLand and EmmaCotton09 at all costs.

The Truth About

Is a scam and fake or is it legit, real and genuine?

This review is to warn you against What is CottonColour about? CottoColour is a site which is using the hard work of designers and presenting other people’s work as it is their own work.

They print these designs in cheap materials and ship them to you.

Here is a description of a product on their site:

But unfortunately this is just a scam and it’s not true. You will only receive cheap materials if you order from this site.

For those are interested in earning online, here is my #1 recommendation. With this program you can learn how to build a website and how to earn online with it. It is also organized in the form of a community where you can interact with other members and ask questions.

Let’s go back to the CottonColour review.

Red Flags

Here are some red flags about

1. The site is just a little more than a year old. According to statistics scam sites get shut down within their first year. So be careful when a site is new. But the site being just one years old is not real proof of a scam. So let’s review the other red flags of this site.

2. There is no address on their site.

3. There is no evidence of the founder of this site.

4. After you purchase one item you will have to wait for a very long time for that item to arrive.

5. Some people have complained for multiple charges from these sites.

6. If the customers tries to contact support and ask where is the world their item is, they will invest some excuse just to gain time. They will say that there is a problem with logistics and that you need to wait more for the item to arrive. Some customers haven’t received their order after 4 months. After some complaints and excuses sometimes customer support will stop answering to customer’s emails. Some customers have asked for a refund they received nothing.

7. When the item does arrive, you notice that it is not the same item you ordered. You will never get what you really ordered. It will be something badly made or wrong size or design. According to customer reviews what they got was cheaply made.

8. Sometimes nothing will arrive.

9. The site is gone. Some customers have experienced this just after ordering. And in fact, there were not a lot of negative reviews on before the site was shut down. Other similar sites mentioned at the beginning of this post have high chances of ending up the same. The site has been opened with different names several times.

10. Some customers have experienced this: their item was shipped with a fake tracking number.

If you have any evidence of this scam. Please warn other people by sharing your experience in the comments section below.

I home this article helped to warn you about and similar sites.


What Is (

what is

What Is is an online store which offers different kind of products like beauty products, phone accessories, car accessories and kitchen accessories.

The store has recently changed its name to aymnz and has redirected the domain to This tells me that they are owned by the same person, or why would someone redirect their domain to another website?

I know this also because I read their about us page and I also googled it. What appeared on the search?! A lot of other sites with the exact same about us page. This proves that aymnz is a scam too and part of this network of scam sites.

Babeysy has a bad reputation, even though there is not much information about it online, the information available is very limited.

This review is actually a scam alert dedicated to warn you about this site. If they have scammed you, please report them in the comments below.

At the time this review is written the website is very limited and it seems like it is under construction. Below I will list some red flags about this site you will understand that this site is not legit:

Red Flags

1. The website owner is hiding his identity. Legit sites don’t hide their owners.

2. We were unable to find reviews of this site on WebOfTrust and TrustPilot, but it has a negative review on ScamAdvicer:

The customer says that she bought a phone protector and hasn’t received it. The contact numbers that they offered were fake.

Some other customers say that they have received low quality products from this company, products that were not related what they had really ordered.

Sometimes you will receive empty envelopes and sometimes a cheap pair of headphones, but never exactly what you ordered. They will send you damaged or even stolen goods.

3. There are multiple sites hosted on the same server. For small websites this is quite normal.

4. The set up of the site includes three countries. This is not common for small sites, they usually involve just one country where the site is hosted and the domain is bought and activated.

5. The website is only 1 year and 32 days old. Scam sites usually don’t last for more than one year, so the fact that this site is still new means that it is still under some suspicion under it proves itself.

6. The photos on the products on their site are stolen and their lure customers in with too-good-to-be-true-prices.

7. Their address (96 Mowat Ave. Toronto, ON, CA) is used for other scam sites. In fact, from my research I concluded that these websites (this is part of a network of scam sites) are all from China.

9. Fake support email.

10. Their phone number also shows on a website: This site also has the same phone number in their contact information.

11. Their about us page is the exact same with a lot of other similar sites (probably scams like this one), here is it: fake about us page

12. Prices are too good to be true. They are not going to send you what you offered.

13. They use fake tracking codes. Then, when you file a complaint they give you a real one. Unfortunately, this works sometimes for them.

14. The Facebook sharing button on their website takes you to the Facebook page of another brand.

15. Some reviews from customers online say that the products they ordered from the site have been delayed.

Moreover, this site is part of a scam network which includes other sites with the same characteristics.

Is Babeysy a Scam?

All the research I presented above clearly indicated that is a scam. No founder name, no real address and phone number.

So, to sum it up, I recommend you stay away from this company. If you have given them you information, cancel you credit card to avoid unauthorized transactions. Unfortunately these scammers may try to steal from your card or sell your information to other scammers trying to do the same.

Do not trust!

How to Know If a Website Is Shady?


Sometimes you come across a site that there is not much information or reviews of it online. The best way to go about this is to do a background check of the website on WHOIS. When there is no information about the owner, address or their contact information this means that the site is not legit, or at least suspicious.

Another thing to check is the registration of their domain, if their domain has been registered only for one year, it is a strong indication of suspicion. Scams are most often closed by authorities within a year and a legit e-commerce sites takes for more than a year to show profits.

Check Out How You Can Earn By Promoting Affiliate Products Online



Thank you for reading this review and just be aware! If you have any comments or if you ever came across a similar site, please share your comment below.








Money Finder USA Scam Exposed !!!

Money Finder USA

What Is Money Finder USA About

Money Finder USA is about claiming your unclaimed money. Government agencies or whatever might hold you money which you can claim before you go from this world.

But to sign up to their website you need to be a US resident and of course over 18, while service is not available on all 50 states. The site has contacts with some government sites and they can help you claim your unclaimed money.

Unclaimed money include money from your past employment, stocks or heredity.

Money Finder USA is not affiliated with the US government. It is run privately and it sometimes sends you to other sites for which it doesn’t hold accountable and suggests you read their terms of services.

After you sign up to the Money Finder USA website you will see some advertisements from other companies which you are not required to sign up to their offers in order to claim your unclaimed money.

If you are in the US again, you can claim your unclaimed assets also by searching your name on websites like and, they contain a database of all government agencies with data on unclaimed property in the US.

Is Money Finder US Legit?

Money Finder US claims that it can help you claim your lost assets before its too late.

Sounds good? I mean who doesn’t want free money, right? But is Money Finder USA really a legit site? In fact, it’s like how you might have suspected: Money Sites USA is just a scam which aims to get your information. It’s purpose is to get your information and sell it to third parties. How do I know this? I know this because a site which asks you to fill a form with your personal information should at least contain a line or two on their page which guarantees you that your information will not be shared with third parties.

In fact, Money Finder USA does the opposite, it makes you agree that your information is going to be shared with other parties.

Be careful from such websites, collecting and selling people’s personal information is a real business. People have gotten creative these days in finding ways to get people to share their personal information. Personal information of people living in developed countries such as the US is even more expensive to buy or sell. When you look at the Money Finder USA privacy policy page, it becomes even more clear what their intentions are:

They even justify selling your information as it is part of their job to get your unclaimed money.

The Money Finder USA Business Model

They have clearly stated that they are going to share your information with third parties to avoid legal issues because sharing people’s information with third parties is not allowed. The question remains if at the end they are really going to find your lost assets.

Let me tell you one thing. You don’t need this company to claim your lost assets. Just make a quick Google search on how to claim your lost assets and you will find the answer. Here’s how the process of find your lost assets with the Money Finder USA website works, according to their page:

See second step? Why would you need to be advertised to just to find your lost assets? Basically they are saying that in order for them to help you find your lost assets you need to watch a bunch of advertising offers. And third step: gain access to websites which anyone can access for free and without assistance because they are websites of government agencies and are available to any citizen.

Before I leave I want to clear one thing. There is nothing wrong in getting people to sign yup to your email list of opt in. But done in this way is misleading because anyone can access the sites I mentioned before and claim their lost assets without the help of any third party. These sites are and


Money Finder US is not a scam because they clearly state that they collect and share your information but it is misleading and it offers no real value because you can access the needed websites to claim your lost assets for free and without their help.

In this sense they are tacking advantage of people who want to claim their lost assets. So, even that this kind of websites are free to use they might sell your personal information and spam you.

Be aware of such website, especially if they ask you for a fee to help you find your unclaimed money. So Money Finder USA is not what I would personally consider a legit website. It’s true that there are a lot of unclaimed money that Americans can claim every day, but sites like this one exist to take advantage of this people. They profit by selling your personal information with people who want to sell you stuff.

Then it’s up to you if you want to get involved with this website but I hope that this review has helped you get a better understanding on how with website works.