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Amazon has become one of the biggest sellers online, however, if you want to sell stuff on Amazon you will run into many rivals. Therefore, you will need something more to stand out. What do you think of a widget to help you build Amazon stores instantly?

What Is Azon Station

Azon Station is an e-commerce website builder which is designer for Amazon, but it also works with eBay and AliExpress.

Azon Station is a software which guarantees you automatic website which you can build with one click in 60 seconds and automatic traffic to it. The software was created by Radu Round a very successful digital marketer and software creator.

He has a lot of experience in digital marketing.

You can Google his name to know more about him. Now let’s focus on the product.

What’s this with automatic created site? Do they really work?

Azon Station Features

1. Build sites with one-click.

2. You can access all your sites under one simple dashboard.

3. A stunning design.

4. SEO optimized sites.

5. 100% cloud-based. There is no need for you to download and install anything, perfect for newbies.

6. Drag and drop site builder.

7. Build-in social sharing buttons to get more followers.

8. Fast loading sites.

9. Mobile-friendly sites.

Azon Station dashboard

Pros & Cons


1. One-click site creation

2. Stunning design

3. Adding products on autopilot according to your keywords

4. 100% cloud-based

5. The theme is highly customizable

6. Fast loading website

7. Built-in social sharing buttons

8. The details of the product automatically update so they are always updated on your site

9. No technical skills required to use it

10. 60-days money back guarantee

11. No monthly fees

12. The price is reasonable

Check a store sample:


1. You need to register for the Amazon affiliate program

2. Can only import products from keywords

3. The full benefits are only for the Pro Version

4. For the moment Azon Station can’t add products from other platforms like Shopify and Alibaba

5. Getting traffic to your site is not as simple as it is made to look like

6. You will have to get paid traffic, search engines don’t rank duplicate content

7. You will have to re-write the descriptions of each product, which is a lot of work

8. Commissions from Amazon and Aliexpress are low

Azon Station Upsells

You can buy Azon Station for $16.93, besides it you can get:

1. OTO 1 Azon Station Pro. Features:

  • Allows you to use your own domain and connect it to Azon Station
  • Automatically curate content
  • Unlimited sites licence
  • Sell sites in just 2 minutes
  • Affiliate site option
  • Better rankings and brand creation
  • Dominate your niche

2. OTO 2 Azon Station Enterprise. The cost is $47. Features:

  • Traffic from Instagram and Facebook
  • Advanced tracking`

3. OTO 3 Azon Station Reseller. It costs $67 and it gives you access to all marketing materials and videos and also to the member’s area.

Azon Station Bonuses

1. Amazon Affiliate Blueprint. This gives you the blueprints to be successful on Amazon.

2. Amazon Affiliate Expert. This is a guide to show you how to get traffic to your site.

3. Amazon Sales Secrets. This is a guide to assuring consistent commissions from Amazon.

4. Azon FBA 101 is a guide to making money using the Amazon FBA system.

5. Dropshipping secrets. This is a video guide on dropshipping.

6. FBA Profit Mastery

7. Six Figure e-commerce Formula

8. Amazon Bully. This is a program to get you ranked on the first page of Google within 48 hours and sell a lot of products.

9. Amazon Bestseller Blueprint

10. Shopify Secrets.

My Experience Using Azon Station

I am a real member so let me show you.

Creating a site with Azon Station was definitely a time saver. It also saved me money on hosting and designing templates. The process of setting up your site is really easy and it does not require any additional technical skill. I built my site very easily using drag and drop.

After I started using it, Azon Station boosted my rankings and traffic. The traffic that I received was from search engines and also from social media.

I also got more followers and more sales.

How Does Azon Station Really Work?

Azon Station utilizes cloud technology, which means that they take care of the hosting of your website. After you build your site, you have to do only three things to get started: login, choose affiliate products and publish them on your site.

Azon Station sounds pretty good so far but does it really work? Lets take a closer look at Azon Station.

Does the Azon Station Really Work?

The owner claims that with this site builder you can build affiliate sites within 60 seconds. But is it possible to bring traffic to these sites?

There are other ways to build affiliate sites which are not just based on Amazon and can bring a lot of traffic from search engines. Check here my full Wealthy Affiliate review. The problem with this business model is traffic. It is difficult to get traffic to these websites.

On Getting Traffic to Your Site…

The best way to get traffic to your website is through search engines which is free traffic and very targeted. In case you don’t know search engine traffic is the visitors that come to your site when they search keywords on Google. Lets someone searches on Google “how to start an online business” and they find your site within the first search results. These people who come to your site this way have a stronger intention to build an online business now compared let’s say to someone who is randomly exposed to an ad on how to start an online business.

To have this kind of traffic you need to constantly publish fresh content on your site.

Search engines like Google are not going to rank sites which have duplicate content. It’s true that you can get some traffic to Azon Station sites from search engines, but it isn’t going to be a lot. You would have to alter product’s descriptions to make your content considered as original.

Automation Doesn’t Work

Another way to get traffic is from Adsense ads or Facebook ads, but ads are costly and you would need some times and trial and error until you make your campaigns profitable, especially as a newbie. Considering that commissions from Amazon and Aliexpress are low, it would be difficult to set up profitable campaigns.

Click here to learn how to get lots of free traffic from the search engines.

Another red flag about Azon Station is that they claim that your site is going to work on automation. Unfortunately things don’t work that way. The idea of automation is made to appeal to newbies who want to earn profits without doing everything from the ground up.

Is Azon Station a Scam?

Azon Station is not a scam and it doesn’t seem so bad for what it is. However, getting traffic is not going to be as easy as they make it seem and without a lot of traffic it is not going to be possible to make a decent income from your site.

Just keep that in mind if you decide to buy Azon Station.

To make money online I prefer affiliate marketing. It is not that difficult if you get the proper training to make your affiliate business work. Affiliate marketing requires minimum cost to get started and you don’t need to have any technical skills to get started just the willingness to learn.

You can make it part-time or full time and enjoy the benefits of lifestyle freedom.

make money online

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It’s the same training that I have used to build this site and it is free. Can’t get any better than that.

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