AZ Formula Exposed !!! Will You Really Make $2,000/Day?

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Steven Cook
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On October 3, 2018
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AZ Formula makes the biggest claims about making money online and it's hard to believe. Apparently, you are going to make $2,000 per day with it, possible?

I came across AZ Formula and decided to review it. Apparently Steven Cook is going to teach you how to make $2,000 a day with a $37 membership.

And according to him, you can start making $2,000 a day from today. I have never sees such immediate claim in a similar program. But let’s take a look!

What Is AZ Formula About?

The AZ Formula is a program which claims to make you $2,000 almost immediately. As with other scams, it doesn’t give sufficient information on its sales video about how the program works and how you are going to make so much money.

After listening the sales video, you can only understand that it has to do with e-commerce. And it is about selling your own products on Amazon. This business could work and some people are into this business, but certainly you can’t make money with it with a click of a button.

Saying that it will be automated and you are going to make money within a day or a week, is totally misleading. Honestly, I believe that this program is so fake that it’s even difficult to believe it. It’s just like the other scams have reviewed on my site and it’s so fake and unreal that I honestly say that it is the most difficult to believe from all the scams that I have exposed on this site.

Promising you that you can make $2,000 in a day or $10,000 in your first week is just insulting. I have reviewed and sometimes bought similar products in the past and in most cases what you are buying is only an ebook with information which you can easily find online.

How Does the AZ Formula Work?

You are presented with a sales video and after you but the AZ Formula for $37, they will start to promote you the upsells.

Then you find out that all the information given on their ebooks is just general information available on the Internet for free. One thing which attracted my attention was that one time these guys talk about making money with e-commerce through selling your affiliate products on Amazon, as I explained on the above section, and somewhere in between they also say that you are going to make money with affiliate marketing.

These two things are clearly not the same thing. Affiliate marketing has to do with promoting other people’s products and selling your products on Amazon is another thing. This tells me that these guys don’t know what they are talking about and they have just gathered some information which is available for free on the Internet and they hope to sell it to you. It’s not even one method, because they are talking about two completely different things.

Only this fact makes me stay away from these programs. Maybe a newbie who doesn’t know the meaning of these terms is going to fall for this scam. And I’m telling you, it’s non-sense.

The Red Flags

1. Fake owner. The website ( is owned by Steve Cook. Here’s the photo of Steven Cook:

AZ Formula owner

O wait, it’s a stock photo:

This often happens in scams. Most of the time the owner is a fictional character.

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So, don’t believe in this persona. When he is not upfront for who he really easy, I wouldn’t take seriously everything else he says.

2. Fake testimonials. Something that a lot of online scams do is hiring people from Fiverr and similar sites to do a fake testimonial. This means that they are just actors and not people who have actually tries the product.

AZ Formula

And here’s the actress from Fiverr:

Fiverr actress AZ Formula

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t do better research and believe on this crap. The reality is that none is making $2,000 the first day that they start their business, let alone with this program. If the program was really good they wouldn’t need to hire actors as testimonials.

3. The upsells. If you add up all the upsells of this program, they will end up being $494 in total. Upsells are not always a bad thing and not always indicate that a program is a scam, but when you can make no money with the initial product that you bought and they promise you that you have to buy the upsells in order to make some then it’s a scam.

If the product costs $500 OK, they should be upfront with it and not just say it costs $37 just to get you in the door and then promote the upsells to you.

Given all the information I shared above and my experience with scams online, I would not recommend the AZ Formula. I own an online business myself and I am making money with it every month and I know that money can not be made with a push of the button as this program claims.

4. Make $10,000 in a week. Any system which promises you to make that much money that fast and on autopilot, is going to be a scam. A system like this doesn’t exist. Only this should be a big red flag.

5. An automated system. When a program claims that you can make money with a click of a button, with little to no work, it is another sign that it is going to be a scam.

Is AZ Formula a Scam?

The AZ Formula is a scam. I base this conclusion on the extreme hype their sales materials have, the misleading claims and the fake everything that the site includes on the sales page.

They go even further by including the icons of some news and finance brands on their site as to tell that the program has been featured on them. It’s all a lie.

In my opinion a scam is whatever program which is not going to deliver on what it promises, however, I don’t think that you are actually going to make any money at all with this program.

The good news is that this product sells through ClickBank, this means that even if you have bought it by mistake you can get your money back.

What has surprised me is that there are also people who have written good reviews and the AZ Formula, like this one. However, I don’t in any way believe to this review.


It is possible to make money online, I am personally making money online with affiliate marketing. Even that it is not a full time income yet, I believe that it is going to be soon. But my point is that affiliate marketing works and this is what I would recommend to everyone who wants to make money online.

For this you need a proper training and you need to learn from people who have done this before who are willing to teach you the right way. In my experience the best program out there which can teach you to start an online business and every step until you make money with it is Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member on their site and everything I know about online marketing and every dollar that I have earned online, I attribute it to this program.

I say this because I know how a real training looks like, and it’s not a click of the button, every time you buy a product which promises you to make money with a click of the button you are going to be disappointed. It doesn’t work that way. In the process of building your online business you need to learn new skills and apply them. But owning a business really pays off.

It’s true that a lot of people fail to make money online and this is because of the misinformation that exists and the high number of scams which promise get rich schemes.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for this thorough review of the AZ formula, I am constantly surprised by the sheer number of rubbish products on the Clickbank marketplace. Its like they have no quality control process in place, although I am reluctant to call things outright scams, this does come close. I am very much interested in starting an eCommerce business and I am constantly on the lookout for some decent training, after reading this review, I don’t think I will receive anything worth the money from this program.


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