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On October 1, 2020
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Atomy is a multi level marketing company based in Philiphines which trades cosmetics and home care products. Is there an Atomy Scam or is it a legit company? On the own blog they have a topic called "Is Atomy a scam?" where they list some reasons why Atomy is not a scam. An unusual tactic.

What Is Atomy About

Atomy is a multi level marketing company based in South Korea which trades cosmetics and home care products. Is there an Atomy Scam or is it a legit company? On the own blog they have a topic called “Is Atomy a scam?” where they list some reasons why Atomy is not a scam. An unusual tactic.

The first impression that I had when I checked their website is that it is so messy and it loads so slowly.

The Products

Their products include almost category from cafe to toothpaste, but it’s mostly focused on skin care products, man’s care, personal care, home care and cosmetics.

Another product is HemoHIM which is a herbal product. The product is a little different in it’s category because instead of similar products which are focused on anti-aging it is more focused on reducing fatigue.

It is important to notice that some of the claims that Atomy makes about its products are not clinically tested and based on data.

The Compensation Plan

Their agents are classified into five categories according to their sales.



Higher levels have better commissions and bonuses. To achieve higher levels you need to sell a lot of products, and that’s why most sales representatives recruit other sales representatives.

Here you can learn more about their compensation plan.

How Atomy Works

Atomy uses a binary organisational structure.

This means that at the top of the company are two sales representatives, which blow them have two sales representatives, which below them have two sales representatives and so on.

In order to rank higher into the Atomy system you need to have two “legs”. One is the “Larger Point Leg” and the other is the “Smaller Point Leg”. The Larger Point Leg is the team which achieves the larger volume of sales. Atomy pays you commissions according the performance of your Smaller Point Leg. With this scheme of compensation, of course, the best scenario for you is to have both legs the same, but this might not be the case.

That’s why it’s important that you choose your sales representatives wisely.

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Most people have failed while promoting Atomy products. This is not just because of Atomy, but simply because of the nature of MLM schemes.

They are based on selling your family and friends and this is not easy. It’s not easy to go around people be sociable and try to sell them something.


1. A real bad user experience on their site

2. Atomy requires a certain amount of sales in order to stay active in their affiliate program. You must buy one product every 12 months in order to stay active.

3. Lack of training. There is some train but it is lacking. And most of the time the training you are going to get is from the sales representative who recruited you and you are going to start working without any training. And you as a sales representative have to train the people that you recruit. This ends up to the situation where “the blind is leading the blind”.

4. Failure to make consistent sales. Multi level marketing is based on selling to your friends and family. They might help you at the beginning and buy your products, but fast enough your network will stop doing this. They already bough all the products they needed.

5. They are not good at selling. Selling to people is not easy, there are same characteristics of a good salesman and unfortunately, not all people can do this job well.

6. Affordable products.

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1. It doesn’t require a fee to sign up and start promoting their products.

2. You don’t need to buy any products yourself to start promoting them.

The Payment

The minimum threshold to request a payment is $15 which is 10,000 PV (Point Value), their currency.

Is Atomy a Scam?

I’ve read the companie’s review of itself and it seemed too good to be true.

Let me first tell that Atomy is not a scam, it is a legitimate multi level marketing company which trades a wide range of products. The prices of its products are comparable to the prices of similar products in the market.

Despite that this company is not a scam, I don’t think it is a sustainable business either. That’s why there are a lot of negative reviews of ex-sales representatives.

They have been promised to make a fortune and disappointed some of the them even declare this company as a scam.

To be honest, I don’t see the potential in this company for a full time income, if you want to make money online, there are a lot of better ways.


Atomy is a multi level marketing company which is free to join. Most people fail making money with Atomy for a lot of reasons. The biggest problem is their lack of training and the nature of multi level marketing schemes.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope that it has helped you to make a good decision.

And if you want to share something about Atomy or making money online, feel free to comment on the comment’s section below. We would love your feedback.

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  1. Atomy is a legit company. They are offering flexible ways of how their member will earn. You can signup through to receive a jump start guide on how you will start earning with Atomy.


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