An brief welcome to Internet Marketing Skills

Welcome to Internet Marketing Skills!

This site has been created to teach you the skills needed to build a successful online business. I also share my experience in building an online business and some reviews of programs which teach people internet marketing skills.


I am a professor’s assistant from Albania. I have studied Economics and I also did a Master of Science in Marketing. During my marketing studies I took a course on online marketing which taught me the basic skills in online marketing. I became immediately passionate about this subject and I also did my master’s thesis on online marketing activities on a private travel agency.

Soon after that I started to search about ways to earn money online and I rediscovered affiliate marketing. I say rediscovered because I had first learned about affiliate marketing in that first e-marketing course during my studies in marketing.

While searching for ways to make money online, I discovered a very good program which taught me how to start an online business and showed me everything in detail on what to do to make it profitable. That program is Wealthy Affiliate. I have done a formal education and I teach at University, but I can say that no formal education is as good as the Wealthy Affiliate teaching.

What they teach are practical ways which really bring to income. With every new internet marketing skill that you learn on Wealthy Affiliate, you gain the potential to increase the profits from your online business. The site is always updated with new training methods making clear what works and what doesn’t in internet marketing.


I want to help people to earn money online through Internet marketing. I think that skills are the best asset that one can have and that’s why I decided to focus on the skills. Your skills are going to bring you to an online income. As you might already know, there are no magical formulas to make money online. There are only your skills. And while learning new skills you will bring new streams of income to your wallet.

And Internet marketing skills are the most valuable skills to learn at the moment. Because with an online business you are going to get access to a global audience which is very big. A lot of people have started an online business with a very little investment and they have earned so much money that they had never dreamed of.


The goal of this site is to teach you internet marketing skills and refer you to the best programs you can learn them.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Internet marketing skills by Angie Wa

23 thoughts on “An brief welcome to Internet Marketing Skills”

  1. I think you being a professor is a great pro for your business. I will be expecting some easy to follow and understand articles to help us understand better how to make money online. I have been a great victim of scammers and lost a lot of money. Now I would like to take time and learn precisely how it is done. I have bookmarked your website, I will be checking it regularly for updates.

    Thanks professor

  2. You are so right that there is nothing quite to useful to learn than how to generate your own income. This is such a valuable skill for anyone to learn, and now anyone with an internet connection can learn just how to do this.

    I would just like to know if there is a way to generate an income relatively quickly, as there are so many people stuck at home now with no incomes that I am sure that they would like to be earning as soon as possible?

    • Hello Michel. 

      The quickest way that I have been able to generate income online was through Fiverr. I made my first money online in the platform.

      I found a very interesting way to make money online on a blog and I turned that method into an ebook. Then I started to sell it on Fiverr. I got my first order two weeks after listing the gig (or maybe sooner I don’t remember quite well). I got a 5 star review and after that I would get a new order every other day. 

      I also have made money quite soon with a new blog too. I would send visitors from my old blog to my new blog. Someone bought a product and I made money with affiliate marketing after one week. It’s difficult with a new blog but it was because I was sending visitors from my old blog to my new blog. 

  3. Thank you for your post, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 9 months and when I started I knew nothing about online marketing. Wealthy affiliate has really helped me to grow a following and start to succeed in the online world. What would you recommend for gaining fast traffic quickly to my site?

    • Hello Anglewolf, I think the best way to get traffic to your site is search engine optimization. You need to find good keywords for your posts and write a lot of content based on them. I have found a great tool which displays for you the keywords that a specific website is gaining most of the organic traffic. This tool is It’s free and you can just type the url of any website and get the keywords which are giving them the most organic traffic. You can search on this tool the sites which are comparatible to yours or sites which you have outranked before. This tool work’s like magic. You’re welcome!

  4. No one really needs to tell you that internet marketing is by far one of the easiest way you can start making money online from the comfort of your home or office even you seems a bit busy..all you need do is take little of of your time at the beginning to learn and know how it works.

    Through internet making you can also promote and become an affiliate marketer to other companies there by earning a percent of what ever people buy from them through you….it takes great people to share such vital information to help other succeed too….thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Angie, thanks for stepping on to the stage of internet marketing and be so honest and transparent in your approach. There’s a lot of online business hoax out there and I tell that you’re not amongst them.  Thanks again for your into and I look forward to what comes next.

    • Hi Derek, 

      I only share on my website my true experience without any hype. I’m happy to help people step by step to achieve their goals. 

  6. As the world continues to evolve, the need to have internet marketing skills and build an online business that will enable you to work from anywhere in the world without limitations can never be underestimated.

    The recent Corona virus issue in the world is a  major pointer to this fact as most countries are on lock down and sit at home prevention measures. Those who have online businesses are only those that are not directly affected by the situation and can continue working on their businesses and continue earning money even in the midst of the situation from the very comfort of their homes. Its really encouraging to read your story as an academician who has built a successful online business and now helping other do the same.  Your recommendations are indeed very helpful and i am gonna implement immediately. Thanks for creating this unique website. 

    • Hello Creators Hub, 

      It’s true that working from home is the future. I have sensed this since about 3-4 years ago when I first search about this topic online and I have continue working on it since then and achieved some results. I’m happy that my website was of help to you.

  7. Hi, thanks for sharing this article on a brief welcome to internet marketing skills. I will love to learn from you about marketing skills so that I can use for my online business. So I hope you are going to teach me so that I can learn from you and become successful in my business. Thanks for sharing once again.

    • Hello Sophia, 

      I can learn you from my experience on what I did to create successful online businesses and what worked for me. You can ask me anything you want in the comments of any article. 

  8. Online Marketing Skills are definitely key to understanding affiliate marketing and getting the most for your products. The way you put this information across is done with simplicity especially for someone such as myself who is no expert in the field. It is lovely that you have let us into your story which gives a great insight to your strengths and your passion. I like yourself rediscovered Wealthy Affiliate and believe that this is such a great platform to learn, educate whilst also making money through your hard work. The information you then wish to provide is to help others like me to gain more from internet marketing skills to help me make more money and become more efficient.

    Can I ask what you have learnt that has been valuable for you in the three years with Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Thank you for your comment Imelda! 

      I have learned a lot in my 3 years with Wealthy Affiliate, almost 4. I have learned how to create and promote an online business and how to make referrals. I would say that the niche where you are in is one of the most important, if not the most important thing about weather you are going to earn money online. 

  9. Hello there, it’s nice to be here and i live the goal of your site which is to teach people and make them good in dealing with their businesses. That’s just what lot of us need today because there are so many skills that need to be learned and you can never know it all. Your story is really nice and i will bookmark this post so I’ll never lose sight of this site. Cheers

  10. Hey nice article you have there. The importance of online marketing to the general growth of a business cannot be over emphasized, I used to suffer drawbacks in my business sometime back, I was encouraged to start an online marketing strategy which I did by signing up with the wealthy affiliate. In a matter of time I started experiencing progress in my business as a result of advert and affiliating it with other marketers.


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