Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips & Tricks

What Is Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a pay sites which allows companies to outsource part of their work to an online work for who can perform the work virtually.

Technology has advanced to help us do almost everything, but still there are things that computers can’t do, Amazon Mechanical tools was built to help companies do what computers can’t.

Companies post on their site jobs (known as hits) which only humans can do and computers can’t. Amazon Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon and was founded in 2005.

The tasks that you can complete on Amazon Mechanical Turk include:

  • Writing/trascribing
  • Movie reviews
  • blog comments etc

How Long Does It Take For Amazon MTurk to Review Your Account

It can take about one week to 10 days.

How Many Hits Can You Do a Day in MTurk?

For the first 10 days after you sign up, you can do up to 100 hits a day and after that you can do a maximum of 3,800 hits a day, including the returns.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Legitimate

Amazon Mechanical Turks is actually a legit pay site, however, you need to understand that such sites aren’t going to make you much money. It’s usually a low hourly rate. The hourly rage is something between $2-7/hour, With Amazon Mechanical Turk and similar sites you need to understand the opportunity cost of working for them.

Sometimes it is below the minimum wage. A research done in December with MTurk workers discovered that most of the workers were making $2/hour and just 4% of them were making $7.25.

So Amazon Mechanical Turk is a good site for earning some pocket change in your free time.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips & Tricks You Can Use to Make More Money

There are some tips to maximize your earnings on Amazon Mechanical Turk:

1. Arrange hits by “created”. This way you can choose the hits which have just been creates, so you can choose the high paying hits before some else does.

2. Do hits that pay 20 cents or more. By following this strategy I have found that I can achieve a better hourly wage. By following this strategy I can earn $5 to $10 a day.

3. Check the ratings of the requester before you accept a hit. There are scammers who scam workers and you can minimize this by reading the reviews.

mechanical turk tips

4. Eliminate distractions while working. Treat it like a job and completely focus when you are writing. No multitasking. Another reason to focus is that many surveys had attention checks to verify that you are really reading them and focusing on answering them accurately,

5. Work on your reputation. Having your hits rejected will lower your worker rate and fewer jobs will be available to you. So try to complete your hits accurately. The higher your worker rate, the more high paying jobs will be available to you.

I hope you find these tips helpful. I would love to hear your tips if you have any as I am working to help people learn how to make money online.

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Signing Up on Amazon MTurk


1. Sign up for a AWS account

2. Create a requester account

3. Link your AWS account to your MTurk requester account

4. Create an IAM user

5. Set up a developer Sandbox

6. Set up an AWS SDK

7. Prepay for your hits

It takes about 8 hours to get your earnings transferred to your account.

Is Amazon MTurk Worth It?

Due to very low payments Amazon MTurk is not worth. If a task pays less tan 50 cents and takes more than a few mousse clicks to complete, then it’s not worth it. If you can’t complete a 50 cents task in less than 4 minutes, you are being paid less than e minimum wage.

Starting your own website is a better way to earn money online.

According to a survey, most workers on Amazon MTurk would earn $2 per hour, some reported $6-$10 per hour.



Amazon MTurk Cons

1. To transfer your earnings from MTurk to PayPal you need an indirect solution because these companies are in direct competition with each other, so you can’t transfer you earnings from MTurk directly to PayPal.


2. The tasks on MTurk are simple, however, they don’t pay enough and you would have to complete a lot of them to earn.


3. The payment varies. You can make 50 cents in 5 minutes, or you can make $2 in five minutes. This varies because different tasks have different payment rates and your earnings for a day will depend on what you will be able to find. Every day is something different.

4. Requester may reject your hits.

5. There is a lot of competition for jobs. Job offers disappear within seconds.

6. No benefits

7. Sometimes there are not jobs available

8. No tech support

9. The jobs have no career advancement value, you don’t learn anything new

10. Boring work

11. Slow times of the year

Amazon MTurk Pros

1. If you are from a less developed country, it is better to work for Amazon MTurk rather than a survey site because there are not enough surveys on survey sites for people from less developed countries (they are not a target customers of any company). While at least on sites like Amazon MTurk, the country you are from is not important when jobs are exposed to you, as long as you known English.

2. There are a lot of jobs available on the site. People from developed countries complain for an hourly wage of $7, but for people from less developed countries this is actually a lot and the highest concerns is to find available jobs.

3. Amazon payment system allows you to withdraw funds once a day.

4. A variety of tasks to choose from.

5. Flexible hours

6. Work as much or as little as you want

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