Can You Make Money with It?

Recently I came across a site called and I decided to research if it is worth it. On this post I am going to share with you everything that I found out about this site.

What Is About?

One thing that attracted my attention is that the owner of this site is not revealed, which is not something decent to do for in which you are supposed to work and trust them to pay you. A site of this kind needs to work on building trust among people who want to work with it and not revealing the owner is something which certainly doesn’t contribute to this. is of course a free to join site, like many other sites of micro jobs. claims to offer the easiest way to make money online.

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It claims that all you have to do is a small task which will take only 30 seconds and make $10 for this. This certainly sounds too good to be true, but is it? And what is this small task that could make you $10 in 30 seconds?

They don’t reveal what this task is on their home page before registering, so I had to register to discover what this small task is. After I registered I saw that I had earned a $25 sign up bonus, which sounds cool and I had to share my affiliate link to make money.

When someone signs up through your referral link, you get a $5-$10 commission and they do pay with PayPal among other payment methods. The threshold for getting paid is $300.

They make it sound like it’s very easy to earn money on this site, just by sharing your affiliate link and you don’t need any kind of experience or skills to make money on this site. The fact that the site is free to join makes it even more tempting. But does the site really work?

Can You Make Money With

No. because the site doesn’t work as it is advertised. You might start sharing your affiliate link and wait to achieve your $300 threshold, but the fact is that everything is fake. Your earnings are not real and you are not going to be paid. Wait… So why are they doing this if you are not going to get paid? What are they gaining by this?

Just your sign ups? But they are free so what do they really gain?

According to the information on their site they are getting paid by some advertisers to bring traffic to their sites. But there are no ads on their site and you will never land on another website, so this claim is false.

So How Do They Make Money From You?

The answer is from your email address. They are in the business of collecting email addresses and they sell them. They want you to believe that you are going to make money from their site in order to collects your email address.

If’ you share your email address on their site, you can expect to receive emails from other companies with which you haven’t shared your email address. And I don’t recommend that you open these emails because they might include viruses for your computer or links to websites dealing with not so legit activities.

I do internet marketing and I know that the only legal way to collect people’s addresses is when they share it with it. If you share your email address with my site it is only going to go to my email list and no one else’s because you have shared it with me.

Selling email addresses which people have given for another purpose is not only unethical, but it’s also illegal, if they haven’t given you the permission to do so.

The threshold is $300 and not less like some similar models micro jobs or survey sites, because they know that once you have reached that threshold you are going to claim your earnings. So, once you have bought to their site enough email addresses, not just one or two but more than 30. They not that you are not going to stop your efforts until you reach that threshold.

And that’s not all. There is also another way that they make money from their members. When the member asks to withdraw their money, they have to complete some fake capta codes, allegedly for security reasons. But that’s not the case those capta codes take more time than a simple security one would take and this is for a reason. They are also making money from you here. They get paid when they get completed.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting paid for cost per action, they are taking advantage of you here too.

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PROOF that is a Scam

They are a scam because they take advantage of you and your personal information and share it with companies. They take advantage of your efforts, you collect them new email addresses which are people who are being scammed just like you.

Nothing they are doing is acceptable. Here are the reasons why AlphaJobs is a scam:

1. It’s Illegal

As I previously mentioned, sharing people’s email addresses without their permission is illegal. The site doesn’t even have legal information their site.

People are going to share personal information on this site. Minimally, they would need to post some information on how the information they are sharing is going to be used. But the site doesn’t have an about us page, privacy policy or any disclaimer. They have no rules, no terms of service. Nothing.

2. No Information About the Owners

Another red flag is that they don’t share information about who the owners are. It’s very unusual on sites where people are going to make money on. They need a level of trust and trust can’t be built of they don’t know who is hiding behind the company. The fact that they hide is because they don’t want us to know who they are.

Giving your personal information to people who don’t show who they are is risky. I mean, everyone can create a site these days, and even call it a company. But what do they know about the people on the Internet? They are making money with your personal information and this is a real business on the internet these days.

3. Fake Marketing Manager

But they have shown the marketing manager on their landing page. You know, that woman on their landing page, Lauren Murray.

She’s a stock photo:

If you have any question about the site or anything you need to know, there is no way to contact them. They haven’t provided their email address on the site, not customer support. You are on your own. After you get scammed by them, just go, they’re done with you. They don’t really care about this.

Bad reviews about this site are all over the Internet. Online Income Resources says that it’s “ is 100% a scam” and Scam Witness says that “they want to receive from you as much free traffic as possible and not pay you”.

How I Am Making a Full Time Income Online

I strongly don’t recommend, you can’t make money with them and you will not only waste your time, but also have to receive spam emails because they’ve shared your email address to other companies. I registered to their site just to find out what it was about and reveal the truth to you.

The truth is that there are not fast or easy ways to make money online, that’s why I always say to my readers to stay away from websites which promise you high earnings in a short amount of time and with no work. I am making money online, it’s true that it is possible to make money online and I’m the proof, but I worked hard at the beginning.

It’s definitely not easy like these scammers want you to believe, but it is possible to make a full time income online and even more than that. The online world has a lot of opportunities because internet is not an inseparable part of the lives of a lot of people who use it to search information and to buy online.

My online journey started when I discovered a site which offers all the training and tools to make money online. The site is free to join and to get started, you can check it for yourself. The key here is to follow their training, step by step, they are going to teach you everything you have to do to make a full time income online. Only after you have learned the right internet marketing skills and applied them to your site, you can make money.

So, my advice is just to follow their training, the site also includes all the tools you will need to start a successful online business. You can create two free fully functional sites on their platform in just minutes and all the other tools for an online business will be included. I will not go into detail here, because you can check it for yourself. However, I am going to say one thing: this site is not for you if you want to make money today, but with this training you can make a full time passive income for the simple reason that they teach you the PROPER WAY to build an online business and make money online.

Following their training and taking advantage of their tools have reach my efforts to a point in which I am making passive income every month with my website business, and that’s not only me a lot of other people share the same story.

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I’m so excited to share with you this training so you can stop wasting your time on scams and build an online business with foundation the proper way.

You will not be alone as I will be there to guide you whenever you need it, I am going to share with you a link to my profile on this site, so you can contact me whenever you want and I will help you build your business. I want you to succeed just like I did 🙂

A link to my profile: dreamgirl93

I hope this post has helped you in any way and if you think that it can be helpful to other people, feel free to share it. If you have any question or comment, you can write it in the comments section below. I’ll be back to you soon.



4 thoughts on “ Can You Make Money with It?”

  1. I hadn’t heard about alpha job before I read this article so thank you for the information, I feel very informed on this topic now. I love how many different safe ways there are to make money online, im going to have to get into this, it sounds perfect. Thank you for the tip about emails, I agree its annoying when we receive a influx of emails from random companies. i’m glad to hear my email address wouldn’t be shared on. 

  2. Thank you for letting us know about Alpha.Job and the fact that they are a scam. 

    Sadly, there are so many people out there who believe this sort of hype. They also believe in making money online fast and with no work. 

    For those of us who know there is no such thing, companies like these are immediately obvious in their scamming ways. 

    It’s shameful they sell on people’s email addresses. However, this is a big business so I am not surprised they do do it. And they are not the only ones either!

  3. I have came across AplhaJob online that it’s paying quick without doing much work. I wanted to register but I had a second thought because one can’t earn online  without doing anything. Thank God I didn’t fall for them. 

    I do love and appreciate it when red flags are being raised on a particular online scam platform in order to create awareness and make people not to fall it, You’ve really done a great work here.



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