Affiliate Marketing with a Free Website

Affiliate Marketing with a Free Website

So you are just getting started with affiliate marketing and you don’t know if to go for a free website untill you know if works or pay for a hosting plan.

Well, if you want my opinion I would say go for a paid hosting plan and start your website business. This is what I’ve done since I created my website and when I was just starting with affiliate marketing. Here are three reasons why I believe that it is better to get started with a paid hosting:

1. A paid hosting doesn’t cost too much

2. A website on a paid hosting plan will rank better on the search engines

The more content you post on your website, the more visitors you have and the more you want to consider a premium hosting company.

The cost of building a free website for affiliate marketing is that you have to create it on a subdomain and the limited abolity of a free hosting. A website on a subdomain is still going to rank, but not as good as a website your unique domain.

How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website

If you haven’t created an affiliate marketing website before it can be a little intimidating. A lot of questions might come into your mind while buildong your website.

You might have thought of using one of those drag and drop website builders to build your site. But actually, it can be even easier than that. What I have done when I created my first site, I created it with Wix, but after a while I found a better and easier way to build an even better website.

The solution is called SiteRubix. You can create a free website with SiteRubix here, just type your choose domain name:

With the SiteRubix platform you can build a WordPress site, which looks very nice. Your site will be a siterubix sitedomain and you can build it completely for free, without buying a hosting and a domain.

If you decide later to upgrade it at any time that you want. You’ll be able to create your site in minutes just in a couple of steps like choosing your domain (which is going to be a subdomain of SiteRubix) and choose your website’s theme.

When you start an online business a very important step is to choose a niche. A niche is the topic of your website, like for example this website is on the “make money online” niche.

Your niche, in my opinion, is the most important part of your online business. I have had two websites in two different niches and while one of them flourished fast, with the other it was a lot more difficult. You need to treat your website business as a business, which means that you have to write about the content that your customers want. It is tempting to write about a topic you are passionate about, but you need to aim for what your audience wants because not all niches are going to be the same.

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The second thing to think about is your domain name. Your domain name is very important as it is the name of your brand online. It is always better to go for a domain name, but a subdomain can be good for testing some ideas you might have and a website on a sitedomain like “siterubix” is free.

Why Build a Website?

In my personal opinion, the best way to get started with affiliate marketing is building your own website.

#1: Free Traffic

With your own website you are going to get free traffic from the search engines. You just need to learn and apply SEO. Without your own website, you would have to pay for traffic and even paid traffic is difficult to be as targeted as free traffic.

Relying on SEO is going to give you targeted traffic instead, if someome is searching for a specific keyword on the search engines and you have that keyword on your post’s title, this menas that your article is offering your visitor exactly what he was looking for.

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#2: More Opportunities to Help People

It’s hard to succeed in any kind of business without helping people. The best successful sites online are those which users find helpful.

#3: Creating Your Own Brand

Having your own website allows you to build trust among your users, have returning visitors to your site who come to it for your new content and recommendation. It’s far more easier to sell to people trust you and who have bought from your recommendations before and were happy.

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites for Newbies

Getting started with affiliate marketing takes a lot of time and effort.

>> Start the Affiliate Marketer Training for FREE Here >>

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation because of the step by step training that it offers and also the support you can have 24/7 by their website support team and by the community of old and new affiliates. In addition to that, they also offer all the neccessary tools for an online business: a website bulding tool where you can build a website in minutes and a keyword research tool.

And it’s free to get started which means that you can walk away whenever you want.


Affilorama is a site similar to Wealthy Affiliate (I personally prefer Wealthy Affiliate over the two). It offers all the training and the tools for an online business.

They also have forums in which you can talk with other people.

Amazon Associates

They also offer training on how to be an affiliate marketer, but their training is not that in depth as others previouly mentioned.

Start Creating Content

Now you have a fully functional website in place. Your job now is to create as many content as possible. The more content you write, the more traffic you are going to hava on your site and the more your traffic is likely to convert.

8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing with a Free Website”

  1. What a brilliant read.  Thank you for that.

    Being able to create a free website is massive.  It allows people to start at their own pace without the issue of having to front up any costs when starting out.  

    I do have a question about the content side of things though if you don’t mind answering.  

    I sometimes find it can take me 3 days to just write a 1500 word post, I know it’s because I am trying to perfect each article from the off.  Would you say its better to release a bit more frequently and than go back and alter articles to improve them at a later date?

    Thank You in advance

    • I personally dedicate only 2 hours to writing a post and I;m done. I aim for 1000 words but it doesn’t matter if I write more or less in a post, but I never exceed two hours to write it. I feel like the additional value that you add to the article is very little after two hours of working on it. Do you know about the 20/80 rule?

  2. I totally agree with you that it is can be a good investment to get a paid domain for a website. It creates so much more trust. But great to also know it is possible to get started with a free one to test it out. 

    You mention that if I want to start with a free domain and then later upgrade to a paid one, it is easy to get the paid domain. If I start building a website on the free domain, will it then also be possible to get everything that is created on the free site easily moved to the new?


    • Yes, it is totally possible to get everything that you had created with a free website to a paid one. This can be done with simply one check if your website was built with SiteRubix.

  3. This is an interesting website. And a question came to my head right after I started reading it.

    When is a good time to go from a free website to a ‘paid website’? Because for a lot of people starting out, it would probably be easier just to do free website all the way. Obviously, I see the benefit of being ranked higher in SEO like you mentioned, but is it still really worth paying anything at all since you get the website for free anyways. I also assume that a free website will have traffic and allows you to create your own brand? I’d love you insight on this. 


    • Hello Parmi, in regards to your questions, I personally started out immediately with a paid website. I just saw the potential of the program and I wanted to start out for real as soon as possible. 

      While if you ask for my opinion now, I would say that the best time to get started with a paid website is after you complete the first 10 free lessons of Wealthy Affiliate. Then if you want to go on the other lessons are paid, that’s a good reason to turn your website into your domain (not a siteRubix domain anymore), which is also include on the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

      A paid website is totally worth it in my opinion. Making money online is not easy and it’s difficult even with a paid website, even if you have quite a lot of traffic on it, let alone a free website. I say, why be limited? There is a lot of competition online and I don’t even consider going all the way with a free website. However, that’s just my opinion.

    • Hello,
      There are a lot of influencer markerting blogs that I personally follow. Some that I would mention are:,,, etc.

      Thank you for your comment!


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