AccuTran Global Reviews: Is AccuTran a Scam?

Welcome to my AccuTran Global review!

First of all, I am happy that you found my review as it means that you are willing to do some research before buying a product.

Finding a good opportunity for an online business is not that easy and there are a lot of scams online, which makes the process even more difficult. You can make money with AccuTran Global but there are also some red flags about the site. In this review I am going to go over the red flags that I found about AccuTran Global and then I will review the skills needed to work as a transcriptions and also the application process.

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What Is AccuTran Global?

AccuTran Global is a company based on British Columbian Canada, which provides services on the medical, legal and financial fields. If you are not familiar with Transcribing, it is a process of converting audio to a typed document.

The Owner

The Accutrans owner is Jennifer Millar. She is also the general manager of Accutran Global.

It seems like a company run by just one person.

About the Transcription Job

Transcription is a well-paid job, you can typically earn $15 as a transcriptions, which the more advanced ones will earn more.

While being a transcriptions specialized on one file like legal or medical pays more. The average pay for a medical transcriptions is $15.39 per hour. While the median a medical transcriptions hourly pay is $16.95. (median pay means that half of the workers make less that and the other half makes more than that.

The average annual pay of the transcriptions in 2018 was $34,770.

You don’t need a degree to become a transcriptions, but you might need some coursework. Look for ADHI-approved programs. Other than that, you only have to pass a transcription test that hiring companies provide to get started.

If you want to become a trnascriptionist in a specific field like medical or legal, it’s important you take a course to specialize.

Most online medical transcription courses cost $2,000-$5,000. A&H Training Corp. offers courses $4,000 and Career Step offers an online training for $2.095.

AccuTran Global Reviews

Disclaimer: I am not affiliates with Accutran Global. This review is based on my research of testimonials available on the public domain.

The Pros

1. To complete the tasks requires some software and the company provides the software for free and makes sure you fully understand how to use it before getting started.

2. There are some peak periods where there is much work available so you can earn good during these periods

3. Room for advancement

4. They accept beginners if they have the ability to type fast

The Cons

1. Their start out pay is very low

2. They only pay once a month, on 15th of every month

3. There are off-peak times when work is not guaranteed

4. They have strict deadlines and you have to turn in work within a very limited time frame after getting it

Is AccuTran Global a Scam?

No, AccuTrans Global is not a scam. They have been providing services to their clients since 2012 and also paying their transcriptionists. One reason that some people call them a scam is because of the way transcription jobs pay.

Transcription companies pay per work transcribed or per audio minute. Depending on where you live this could be a minimum wage job, adding to this that some people are not so good at transcribing and they spend more time doing it.

That’s why some people consider it a scam or at least not a good work opportunity. But the appeal of working for a transcription company is not that you are going to make a lot of money, it’s that you are going to work from home in your own schedule.

How Much Can You Make?

That’s the most important question: how much? If you’re new to transcribing, it’s probably going to be a part-time thing as you are going to transcribe slowly and not earn enough per hour. When you gain some experience and begin to work faster it can be a full time job from home. However, there is another problem with transcription jobs too, sometimes is difficult to find work to do and the work is not going to be consistent. There are going to be times when you will not have a job assigned to you.

According to the information on their site about payment rates, I calculated that you could make between $4 and $5 per 1000 words transcribed. This means that someone who can transcribe 3000 words in an hour can earn $15 per hour.

They also give a 20% bonus for calls from non-English speaking countries and also for descriptions which have a very technical jargon.

If you are with them for 6 months and earn $2,000 they will reimburse your initial $50 for when you work through the training.

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Does AccuTran Global Hire Beginners

AccuTran Global doesn’t hire beginners but everyone can take their tests and if you do well enough on them you will get hired.

Here are some tips to pass their test:

  • Practice typing regularly
  • Listen carefully
  • Learn transcription formating
  • Become a good guesser
  • Decide if you want to specialize in a specific field
  • Enroll in a specialized transcribing course of if you want to specialize

A Beginner’s Salary

A beginner’s transcriptions salary is generally $15 per audio hour. If you are a beginner you should know that typically the industry standard is: spending 4 hours or transcription time for one hour of audio so the rate is 4:1. This is the level that you need to achieve.

This also depends on the levels of complexity of the audio, the company you are working with and how much work it is available. It is also helpful if you have knowledge on the topic you are transcribing. For example, if it is legal, you would be more qualified to transcribe it is you know legal terminology.

A subtitle transcriptions can earn between $1 and $4 per minute transcribed.

AccuTrans vs Other Transcription Companies

Some other transcription companies in which you can work as a beginner are SpeakWrite, DailyTranscription, TranscribeMe, Tigerfish, Babbletyle, Rev, Allegis transcription and Castingword.

Tigetfish is the company with the highest pay from them all. On Tigerfish you get paid $0.005 per word or more.

Next in line is SpeakWrite and then TranscribeMe. AccuTran Global is the one which pays the least.

If we can make a comparison TranscribeMe pays 33 cents per audio minute or $20 per hour. And there is a $2 bonus if you transcribe the file correctly and it does’t need additional editing.

While Rev reports that their average workers make $240 a month.


AccuTran Global is a legit company. They have been in the business for years providing transcription services for businesses and most importantly for you, paying their transcriptionists.


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