Is Procrastination The Thief of Time? – 3 Issues that Cause Procrastination and How to Overcome Them

Everyone is productive in their own ways. But what holds them back from putting their productiveness to work is their procrastination.


Procrastination is one of the most common symptoms for the people who find it hard to compete with their peers or make a big impression on the society. We are all tied down by deadlines, some are shallow while others are steep. Many people find themselves in a situation where they are worried with the biting deadline knocking up close at their doorstep, but still cannot gather the mental energy to start.


For such people, things will only turn out to be more difficult in the coming days. Being at the experiencing end, procrastination is a moment’s joy but a lifetime of pain. Switching the laptop on and then realizing that this isn’t the right time to do the work will lead you to get the deadline bounce over your head and then regret.

A goal without a deadline is a wish

Procrastination is a big factor which separates successful people from unsuccessful people.


Is procrastination the thief of time?

Time once lost cannot be regained. It is lost forever. This is what procrastination does to us. We keep delaying or postponing things that might have taken us closer to things that we dream of achieving. If we are lucky enough, we might get the opportunity again. But with the second chance coming our way, there are many things that change.

Time is an invaluable treasury, more like an exhaustible resource. We often notice that we are running out of time or failing to meet deadlines. This is a result of the increased rate of procrastination and hence, we tend to lose many things in life. In other words, the more we tend to procrastinate or delay things, we end up compromising on things that should not have been overlooked.


What causes procrastination?

Procrastination is something very obvious. I am sure most of us might have done at some point in our lives. The moment we let the tiniest form of laziness creep in, we fall prey to procrastination. The major causes of procrastination are own perceptions.
There is a plenty of time for it later: What happens in general circumstances is, we get carried away by one big misconception that is our rival for life, i.e., “there is plenty of time for me to complete it”.


Time is friendly, yet cruel at times. In fact, time is one of the most rigid truths of our life and is the harshest pinch when we fail to abide by it. No matter at what stage you are in your life, the silver lining is spread only when we come out of the hardbound shell of delaying every bit of our precious time and start working on it right now.

I don’t feel like doing it: In life, there are many things that are not under our control, yet, we want everything around us to be prosperous. But nothing comes easy, we need to strive hard in order to achieve what we want to.

In this world, which is accelerating at a faster pace than we can imagine, it is the young minds who are expected to work hard and rise up to the demanding situation. The more you keep procrastinating, the more you are letting the opportunity slip away.

There is a more important task to be done: The thing that is always to be remembered is, “if it wasn’t important, it wouldn’t have been with you”. Every little thing that happens in an around our lives has their own specified significance. Some people just turn down great opportunities saying, “This isn’t important” or “This isn’t what I was prepared for”.


How to deal with Procrastination?

Procrastinating isn’t a small thing, but overcoming procrastination isn’t tough provided you have a strong determination. The only thing you need to stop procrastinating is the willpower.


Find out why you are procrastinating: If you have been procrastinating on a regular basis, the problem is much deeper than just delaying or postponing. But one thing is for sure, you cannot treat any illness until you are aware of it. There are different reasons for procrastination for different people, once you find out yours, getting the way of how to not procrastinate becomes easy.

Identify when you are most productive: Humans have one great quality of switching their workload depending on their capacity. Successful businessmen and multi-millionaires do not work 24 hours to earn big. All they do is to find out the best time when they can perform their duties with great dedication. You can switch your focus off when you are off the working field during the entire day, but make sure that you are focused to the full extent when it’s time for you to work.

Some people work late-night, while some prefer working early morning. It’s all about knowing your strengths and enhancing it rather than trying to force yourself to work when you are not comfortable.

Multitasking is a myth: Gone are the days when multi-tasking was linked to intelligence. In reality, only a fraction of the world population can excel while multitasking while an overwhelming majority are better off without it.

When you multitask, you tend to divide your focus into more than one thing, and you end up being a “Jack of all trades, Master of none”. So to get more productive, you are better off taking one task at a time.

Break the tasks: Once you succeed in focusing on a single thing at a time, break that one task into a couple or more action and work on them one-by-one. This will help you analyze things better, besides preventing you from rushing with the task.


The famous 5-minute rule: This is the ultimate way to kick off procrastination and get the work going. Each time you think about delaying or postponing any action, speak out loud to yourself and make a vow, “I will work for five minutes at least”.

Go on, take the task and keep doing it for five minutes. If you think “What mission can I accomplish in just five minutes?” you know it’s the inner procrastinator speaking out loud. At least, working for five minutes is better than not working at all.

And if at the end of the five minutes, you feel like leaving the task undone, you are free to do so. It was not meant to be done by you at that moment. Hard luck! Try again later. But the chances are, if you were tied up by procrastination for all these years and want to get rid of it, you will continue doing it until you are not done with it entirely.



Chase the actions, goals will follow

Whatever it may be, the best time to be active and make the move is the present and nothing much can be done henceforth. Take the steps as they come. You cannot climb the 10th floor of a building without crossing the 5th floor. Here the ultimate goal is getting to the 10th floor but achieving each floor are just the steps to your success. So treat your life-goals with this similar notion and take life as it comes.


Striving towards achieving a predefined goal is the ultimate benchmark for many. But to get better results, focusing on the present is the way to go.


Getting rid of procrastination isn’t very difficult. But yes, it needs more of willpower than anything else. Always remember, “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

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