5iphon Reloaded Pro Review

What Is 5iphon Reloaded Pro About

5iphon Reloaded Pro is a product by Tom E Mcting, one of the most well-known vendors on WarriourPlus. He has created other products on Warrior Plus like Arbitrage Alchemist and Boomerang Buddy.

5iphon Reloaded Pro is a made-for you system which will drive subscribers and leads to your website. They also provide you with the website, if you don’t have one. Like a lot of similar programs promises to make you money on autopilot. 5iphon reloaded pro review

Product: 5iphone Reloaded Pro

Website: https://www.5iphon.com/

Type: email building software

Owners: Tom E Mcting & Bryan Winters

Price: $20 + upsells

Recommended? No

It promises you a high amount of earnings all with a 1-minute setup. The software is easy to use for newbies and it is adaptable for marketing pros too. I have mentioned a lot of times on this blog that automated systems simply don’t work, but let’s take a close look into this and find out more.

There are, in fact some positive reviews about this product, but they could be from people affiliated to it who are trying to sell it.

5iphon reloaded pro review

The more I read about this software, the more I am convinced that it doesn’t work. One important red flag is that in the sales page, they don’t explain exactly how this software is going to send traffic to your site and it doesn’t talk about the quality of this traffic.

The best kind of traffic a site could get, and the kind of traffic which best converts is the traffic from the search engines. You simply do proper SEO for your site and people easily find it on Google and other search engines. Every software which is designed to bring traffic to your site is against Google’s rules, first of all and Google will know if you are using improper tactics to get traffic to your site and it will penalize you for this.

Here is how 5iphon works: Let’s say Bob purchases 5ihone. He sets up the website and starts getting visitors. On his site visitors are offered a free version of the 5ihone software.

Most people would sign up because it’s free. Now they have to give the software for free to 5 other people in order to get started using it. And this is how this software gets spread out.

What You Get When You Join 5iphon Reloaded Pro

When you join 5ihon Reloaded Pro you get a software which is designed to get you leads after just one minute set up. However, before you are able to set it up you have to share the software with five other people who can download the free version of it.

However, I don’t believe that this software is going to work like many other automatic traffic software which do more damage than good to your site.

What you will get in the end is a list of email subscribers to whom you can send affiliate offers and promote products.

People give their email address for different reason, sometimes when you they buy something and then get bombarded on their inbox with scam offers.

Having someone email address is not a guarantee that they are going to buy from you. Building your own email list, not with the help of a software but directly from your site is the best approach to creating your email list. People who really like the content of your website and who trust you are the best leads. Those are the people who are going to open their emails if they see they are from you or your website.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. If allows you to capture customers emails by giving them a free website in return. The idea of giving something for free is good

2. The creators of this program are experienced internet marketers who have been around creating products for quite some time

The Cons

1. The costs related to the software. The cost is $20 but there are upsells which can bring the cost up to $100. And you will need to buy an auto responder too to make this system work

2. In my opinion, this doesn’t work for newbies. You have to be an experienced internet marketer to know how to find customers who are willing to buy this software


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