3 Exeptional SEO Tips and Tricks 2018 (Recommended by Neil Patel)

3 Exeptional SEO Tips and Tricks 2018

Neil Patel is one of the most influential people in the field of internet marketing.

He continually creates exceptional content on his blog, and if you are in the niche of internet marketing you surely need to follow him.

His articles are based on research and originality, he definitely knows internet marketing at its roots. There are a lot of things that you can learn from his blog. In this article I have summarized three of his seo tips that I definitely think that would work. They are not so traditional and not a lot of seo-s use them but they still give great results.

#1 Wikipedia broken link building.

Link building is one of the way that online marketers use to get ranked higher in the search results.

Building broken links is an underrated SEO tactic.

This is a really effective way to get more traffic to your website.

One way that you can use to find broken links on the web is to search for them on Wikipedia.

When a link is broken in Wikipedia it indicates this by itself like shown in the picture below: [deadlink].


Picture by Neil Patel on one of his articles on Forbes

The purpose of this annotation is not to let SEOs flood the site in the hopes of finding link opportunities, but rather to notify other editors of the broken link so that they may fix it.

You can find broken links by just searching on Google: “wikipedia + dead link + some other topic

Then check all the results on by one.

#2 Build connections and use them for link building

An advice from Neil Patel for new marketers:

Do the things that most SEOs won’t do.

He advises new marketers to firstly build relationships and then build links from these relationships.

This means contacting a potential link partner 5 or 6 times before asking for a link. Focus on a small number of people with whom you want to build lasting relationships.

For this reason join some online communities in your industry.

#3 Comment on industry related blogs

Blog commenting doesn’t seem to give results in terms of conversions, at all, I have tried that. But according to Neil Patel, it can also be good for the revenue. Even that this seems a little strange. Maybe I have not done this right, or long enough.

But it could be good for SEO.

You could give sincere quality comments and still help your SEO.

Maybe I will give this another try.

Here is a description of this case study.

Black hat? Don’t think so.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, has confirmed that links in blog comments are ok too. He advises people to use this strategy.

But remember that you comments need to be natural.

They are especially good for promoting new content.

Always make it original, never use copy and paste while commenting.

Firstly, write a list of all the quality blogs in your niche.

Target the ones which are similar to your site.

Filter your list by only qualifying blogs according to their DA (domain authority) and choose only the ones which have the same DA as you or 20 points higher.

According to industry leaders this strategy works so give it a try!


Using this kind of SEO tactics will help you rank higher in the search engines. So, give them a try and watch your results.

Then you can create your own case studies showing that these strategies work.

Is there any other particular SEO tip which which works for you?

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