28 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories in 2021

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

I have gotten so many requests from my readers asking me to share Wealthy Affiliate success stories. There are so many scams on the internet today that it is difficult for people to believe that programs that can really help people make money online exist.

In this articles I share the stories of the most successful Wealthy Affiliate members. These are real people making real money with the tools and training available on Wealthy Affiliate. 

Each of these people understood the concept and worked their asses off to create a sustainable affiliate business. The only way that this can happen is through being willing to put the work and time that it takes to succeed in business. If you think you are able to put the necessary work, the sign up on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #1: Dom

Dom Wealthy Affiliate

Dom founded humanproofdesigns.com and using what he learned on Wealthy Affiliate he made $680,000 from his business in 2016. Human Proof Designs is one of the best stories of online success online. One of the services that Dom offers is content creation. You provide the keywords and his team provides the articles. His articles are very high quality and can rank very well.

Dom was a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2012. He has created a great business using the training from Wealthy Affiliate. He went from 0 to $10,000 per month in three years. Dom has already the drive and leverages the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Read more of Dom’s story here

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #2: Nathaniel

Nathaniel started an online business when he was living in China trying to make American dollars and live with a lower cost in China. Now he lives in the US. He has some website and he has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2010 and since then he has quit his job in China and make a full time income. The reason he is a success story is his thirst and willingness to learn.

Over the years Nathaniel has built a lot of affiliate marketing sites in different niches. He also teaches people how to create success affiliate marketing website on his blog onemorecupof-coffee.com. In affiliate marketing there are people who earn $1,000 per month, there are folk who do little and make money on YouTube.

In this profile on Wealthy Affiliate, he shares how his one posts makes $300-400 a month. Just one blog post. Not ever post you make will be a winner like this, but when it happens it serves as a motivation boost to write more.

He also shares his success in his 6 year anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate. He describes his experience with Wealthy Affiliate has having a big impact in his life. He bought a house and a track with his affiliate earnings and traveled across the US to visit friends he made in the community. He admits though that some of his ideas were a waste a time and money.

He admits that sometimes that it can be frustrating if plans don’t go as design. He also shares his goals one of them being doubling his net income. And considers posting weekly posts as a lot of fun.

Take a look at Nathaniel’s success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #3: Christene

She found Wealthy Affiliate and learn to sharpen her skills in promoting her site. Although English is not her first language she has been able to achieve success in blogging. 

SHe has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2013. She was already successful before joining Wealthy Affiliate. She found Wealthy Affiliate and as a result Christen’s website got more traffic and generated more sales. You can read more about Christen Wealthy Affiliate success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #4: LouieLuc

Lui loves internet marketing and he is constantly looking to learn more while the business evolves. 

LouieLuc is one of my favourite Wealthy Affiliate success stories to follow online. He shares a great deal of detail regarding creating niche sites. Lui is from Portugal and he has been making money online since the late 1990s. If you would like to learn more about LouieLuc story you can check him here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #5: Alex

Alex works hard and is not satisfied until he gets it right. I was reading one of Alex’s blogs which shows his dedicating to work. 

Alex has been a Wealthy Affiliate marketer since 2007. In 2007 he finally made it. He earned more than $10,000 a month from his online business. He worked hard and never stopped trying until he succeeded and now he is amoung Wealthy Affilaite success stories and inspires others. Click here to know more about Alex’s story.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #6: Steve

His secret to achieving success to Wealthy Affiliate is that it is no secret. It is moving forward every day. Every day that you are not doing something for you business you competition is passing you by. You can read more about Steve’s success by clicking here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #7: Doug

Doug is a teen that’s why he is a special case in this list. And he earns over $6,000 per month.

Doug’s success story is proof that literally anyone can succeed in affiliate marketing with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Doug got started in 2015 with a website about music production. At that time he was still in high school. Doug launched dougbeney.com as a way to offer his skills he has acquired on Wealthy Affiliate.

Doug basically succeeded in life by the time he was 18 years old before finishing High School. You can find more about Doug here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #8: Wendy

Wendy got a bachelor’s degree but never used it. Instead, she got the education at Wealthy Affiliate and is making more money than on a regular job.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #8: Jay

Jay, in addition to being a success also helps other members by offering live training videos.

Jay is known for his site on football snack helmets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a niche that can make you money.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #9: Leo

Leo started trying to make money online back in 2000, but quickly found that it was not easy without the right help. Today Leo is a huge contributor inside Wealthy Affiliate and making a full time living online. Leo is one of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories and he is willing to help others whenever he can.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #10: Garen

Garen had 10 years of SEO experiences before getting started with Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to learn the story on how Garen made more than $50,000 with a single affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #11: Marcus

Marcus was able to leave his job because of Wealthy Affiliate. He built a real sustainable affiliate business. He attributes his success to tacking action on what he has learned.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #12: Kuda

Kuda was able to quit his job and earn a full time income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has helped him create his first website and generate traffic from Facebook. Kuda is a perfect example of the kind of success one can achieve with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #13: Branton

Branton was able to surpass $8,000 per month is December 2016. Click here to learn more about Branton’s success.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #14: Josh

Josh has started his own paining company, but his online income has exceeded his offline income. Josh has multiple websites in different niches. He is proof that you can work an online job while building you online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #15: Eddy

By January 2020 his website has generated over 1 million dollars with his blog.

Eddy’s website should have generated more than 4 million dollars since he started it in 2017. According to Eddy to have success in affiliate marketing you need to work hard and adapt when needed. You have to be patience and put in the work.

No matter where you are in you affiliate marketing business don’t give up.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #16: Ralf

Ralf launched a website on personal finance. Less then two years later Ralf pocketed about $13,000. In his Wealthy Affiliate profile he has shared his journey. He joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 and made his first sale in March 2017. He earned $1,004 in May 20218. In August 2018 he earned almost $13.000. In November 2018 he earns close to $16,000. He also launched another website in the MMO niche. Not bad at all for 2-3 years of work. Don’t get down, but look at it as a fun challenge. This is what makes building a business so fun. You can read about Ralf’s success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #17: Dylan

He launched a website in the health niche. Later he started a website on another niche. Five month later that second website generated $1,000 in commissions. Then he created another website which he sold. Right now Dylan is running four to five websites mostly with best-off articles. Read Dylan’s full success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #18: Eartha

He has a website which teaches people affiliate marketing. She is making $700 per day in affiliate commissions. If you are new to affiliate marketing, know that you have a great opportunity in from of you. Discover more about Eartha success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #18: Juan

In October 2016 he generated $100 and things started going uphill from there. In August, he earn $1,000+. I haven’t managed to locate the name of Juan’s website or his niche, but according to his profile in Wealthy Affiliate he is making money from Amazon commissions. Building you website is the cheapest way to be you own boss.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #19: Deborah

Instead of creating an affiliate marketing on her own, she started building and managing websites for local clients. She then created a couple of affiliates marketing websites which brought a couple of hundred dollars a month. She is also running superwealthyaffiliates.com where she teaches people how to live a laptop lifestyle just like her.

If you want the riches overnight without putting in the work, forget it and buy a lottery ticket. Take it from me, a non-tech saavy. If I did it so can you. Take a look at Deborah success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #20: Amanda

She started with working with clients. Her success took place in February 2020. Thanks to WA she made her dream of becoming a business owner come true.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #21: Sarah

Sarah launched in the new mum-baby niche. Despite the fact that her success story was more than three years in the making, in her blog she shares that she wasted quite a lot of time not applying the training within Wealthy Affiliate. You need a plan of action according to what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #22: Jerry

Jerry launched a website in the long distance relationships niche. It failed shortly. Then he started a website in the MMO niche which now is a success. However, this specific success story has nothing to do with Jerry’s websites, but with his strategy. He launched a course with everything he learned on Wealthy Affiliate for people speaking mandarin. This is what made him a lot of money. A lot of things can be changed in a year if you really work on it.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story 23: Aleksandr

Aleksandr created a website in the gaming niche. That website started earning commissions in January 2015, just four months after it had been launched. Then commissions started growing. Ten months later his website was generating more than $2,000 a month. He advises to just stick to basics. Just keep writing, he says, one of those days you will hit it. Find more about Alexandr success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #24: Stephanie

Stephanie’s success story is one of the fastest achieved on this website. Just after 13 months on Wealthy Affiliate, she sold her website for $28,000. Her niche was woman’s hair loss. Her website started generated first revenue just after five months she started it. The total revenue that Stephanie pocketed from that website should be $30,000+. Stephanie shares on her profile that even though her website was 13 months old she had only worked on it for 6 months. Read Stephanie’s success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #25: Brandon

Brandon is currently running one successful website in the MMO niche. He advises to just follow the training and be engaged. He got to start traveling the world from the money he made on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #26: Matt

After three years of starting his website, his website brought $300 in just one day. Now he has a $2,000 day under his belt. Success won’t necessary be immediate. In fact, it won’t be. Take a look at Matt’s success story here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #27: Craig

When he started he was a total novice. If you are dedicated you can make it even with little experience. He started a website teaching people to build profitable affiliate marketing website: two-weeks-notice.com.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #28: Stuart

Stuart joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2014 and created a website in the music production niche. He reached the $2,000 per month in September 2017. In January 2018 Stuart quit his 9 to 5 job in order to focus his attention on his online businesses. To become successful there is sacrifice and pain, but it is actually beneficial. The blueprint to get there is simple but the process is by no means easy. Within his success story Stuart shares a lot of setbacks he came across and his website stats. Make sure to read Stuart’s success story here.

Final Words

Wealthy Affiliate is among the most popular make money online opportunities out there. The MMO is full of scams and this article was made to show that Wealthy Affiliate is an opportunity with success stories who are real people. There’s obviously no honesty and no objectivity in a lot of make money online program reviews out there.

At the end of this post I also decided to share my own Wealthy Affiliate experience with you. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. I have worked with Wealthy Affiliate and followed his training while also working on a full time job. And I am making passive income every month, even though it is not a lot, I know that the training works and if you put in the work, you are going to get you share of success (and you share of income).

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. The very first affiliate marketing website I launched is this website. A few months down the road, I started working a full time job. I was finally in depended, however, I didn’t give up to affiliate marketing. Instead, I set a new goal: to generate a full time income from affiliate marketing. One year later, it generated the first affiliate income.

I can’t even describe how ecstatic I was. I wasn’t expecting to make any money as I was putting only a couple of hours of work a day. However, writing article started to become harder and harder for me as I was busy with my full time job. After two years my website was bringing some commissions here and there. Then I launched my second affiliate marketing website. With this website I am now making $200+ a month.

This is just a small sampling of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories. Follow the training and take action on what you have learned and you might become a Wealthy Affiliate success story. Want a website like this one for free? You can also get part of the training for free and you can stay a free member and earn with you websites. There is no credit card required to join and no obligation. Welcome to the scam-free zone!

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