An brief welcome to Internet Marketing Skills

Welcome to Internet Marketing Skills!

This site has been created to teach you the skills needed to build a successful online business. I also share my experience in building an online business and some reviews of programs which teach people internet marketing skills.


I am a professor’s assistant from Albania. I have studied Economics and I also did a Master of Science in Marketing. During my marketing studies I took a course on online marketing which taught me the basic skills in online marketing. I became immediately passionate about this subject and I also did my master’s thesis on online marketing activities on a private travel agency.

Soon after that I started to search about ways to earn money online and I rediscovered affiliate marketing. I say rediscovered because I had first learned about affiliate marketing in that first e-marketing course during my studies in marketing.

While searching for ways to make money online, I discovered a very good program which taught me how to start an online business and showed me everything in detail on what to do to make it profitable. That program is Wealthy Affiliate. I have done a formal education and I teach at University, but I can say that no formal education is as good as the Wealthy Affiliate teaching.

What they teach are practical ways which really bring to income. With every new internet marketing skill that you learn on Wealthy Affiliate, you gain the potential to increase the profits from your online business. The site is always updated with new training methods making clear what works and what doesn’t in internet marketing.


I want to help people to earn money online through Internet marketing. I think that skills are the best asset that one can have and that’s why I decided to focus on the skills. Your skills are going to bring you to an online income. As you might already know, there are no magical formulas to make money online. There are only your skills. And while learning new skills you will bring new streams of income to your wallet.

And Internet marketing skills are the most valuable skills to learn at the moment. Because with an online business you are going to get access to a global audience which is very big. A lot of people have started an online business with a very little investment and they have earned so much money that they had never dreamed of.


The goal of this site is to teach you internet marketing skills and refer you to the best programs you can learn them.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Internet marketing skills by Angie Wa

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