Is Honeygain App Safe (Honeygain Review 2021)

Are you looking for some online tools that can help you create a passive income stream without doing much? Honeygain is one of them so if you are interested, keep reading.

Honeygain Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?

If you work a regular 9 to 5 job your internet connection remains idle most of the time. Even when you’re home a certain percentage of the bandwidth connection remains unused. I know what you might be thinking! Don’t worry, we have completed all the due diligence in this review for you.

Honeygain is a company which will use your idle internet connection and pay you for your idle internet connection. It is a legitimate company which will pay you for sharing your data. I would not recommend using this app if you are on a limited data plan each month. This can end up costing you money instead of making money. Once you’ve installed the app it starts to use your internet data. Remember, when we say data, we don’t mean that the app is spying on you. Keep reading to find out how this app works. 

How Does Honeygain Work

The app can run in the background while you earn money sharing your internet bandwidth with the company. You can download the app for any device. Once the app has been downloaded and installed on your device you will need to create an account. When you first sign up with the company you receive a $5 bonus for creating a new account. Once the app has been installed it is time to configure the app. The app will never use more than 10% of your available data plan at a given time. This means that the app runs on the background and you will not notice a difference in your Internet connection speed.

You have the option to live your computer open 24/7 and share the idle internet connection with the company. You have all the options available to you to select how much of your data plan the company can use each day. The company says that you can expect 2 GB per day usage depending on your internet connection speed. Each person which participates in this will not be affected in their daily work.

What we love about Honeygain is that they give the details on how the app works on their website.

The companies connected to Honeygain use the information for search engine optimization, Honeygain acts as a mediator which helps users earn money and charge a commission for itself. Honeygain is not concerned about your connection. Wherever you are in the world, if you have a steady internet connection they will work with you. They have excessive eligibility terms: you have to be over 18 and you need to have a PayPal account.

Does Honeygain slow internet connection? If you are downloading the program you don’t have to worry about the slow speed as the app will stop working. Users will be able to enjoy the usual internet speed even when the app is active.

Is Honeygain Safe

Yes, it is totally safe. I have been using the app for six months and I have never experienced any issue with it. It just uses your internet unused data and pays you for that. With all the great functionality there are a few caveats that the Honeygain users needs to know. It doesn’t download or store any harmful data.

Does Honegain really pay? Yes, Honaygain really pays. You get paid with PayPal when you reach the limit of $20. You get paid based on how much internet they use, not how much internet you use. Every 10 credits in your account equals $0.01.

The payment method is simple: Honeygain will pay you hard cash which you can withdraw through your PayPal account.

How to get paid from Honeygain? 4 steps to follow:

1. Make sure you are ready for a payout

2. Get an invitation letter

3. Register to their payout system

4. Receive their payout

It is possible to connect five devices at once to your internet connection. The company recommends that you use one device per IP address for best earnings. The amount of usage each day will depend on your internet plan or line speed.

How Much Can You Earn?

The company pays for every KB of data that you share with them. It is possible to earn up to $50 a month for sharing your data. However, you must share your data for 700 hours a month to earn the $50. The app runs in the background so it is possible to accumulate money every time that your computer is open. The minimum payment threshold is $20. How much you get paid depends on the mega bytes you share on the platform. Depending on your bandwidth and your connection speed the app will use up to 15 mega bytes.

The platform will also charge a percentage of your earnings. The percentage depends on the country you are located in. For example, in the US this is 2%.

What we love about this app is that it’s compatible with all types of devices. Another significant aspect is that you can install Honeygain in about 6 devices. The more devices you sign up the more revenue you can generate.

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. The app is safe to use in your device

2. Easy instalation

3. Efficient customer support

The Cons

1. If you are running this on a mobile device, the app can eat your battery

2. Fast data usage

3. Doesn’t work in an inactive connection or device


Honeygain is a legitimate company and will pay you for sharing your data. You will need to install the app and register to the company. There is a referral program that helps you earn an extra 10% of your referral’s earnings. The app works great on your computer but if you install it on your phone it will eat up your battery.

Serious about making money online? Get started with this course on creating an online business. Some people are making $10,000 a month on this platform.

Is HubPages a Scam or a Good Traffic Source in 2021

Is HubPages a Scam or Legit – 2021 Review

Hubpages used to be Suidoo and then they sold to Hubpages.

What Is HubPages

Hubpages is a website which publishes your content. So instead of publishing your content on your website, you can post it on Hubpages which is supposed to get ranked better on the search engines. And from there you can send visitors to your site. But does Hubpages really rank good on the search engines? This is scope of this article.

When trying to get good rankings some people will come across some tips to publish their content on Web 2.0. Web 2.0 are some directories which allow you to publish articles with links back to your site. HubPages is one of these directories.

These kind of tactics used to be effective in the past, but nowadays Google has changed its algorithm and backlinks are not so important as they used to be. So, is it worth publishing articles to Hubpages anymore?

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Wealthy Affiliate

How Does HubPages Work

Here’s how HubPages works in a few steps:

1. Sign up on HubPages and complete your profile.

2. Choose the ads program.

3. Write articles.

4. Earn from the ads and affiliate links you promote in your articles.

HubPages is going to get a percentage of your ads earnings and deposit the other part in your PayPal.

Can You Make Money With HubPages?

One of the ways to make money on HubPages is through ads. Your article are knows with the term “hub”. When you create a hub, ads will appear around it, Adsense ads or Hubpage’s own ads network. You get paid as a percentage of the clicks on those ads from the people reading your hub.

HubPages is partnered with Google Adsense and Amazon’s affiliate program.

The second way you can earn with HubPages is through the affiliate links that you put in your articles. HubPages does not automatically sign you up to Amazon’s affiliate program. You have to sign up directly on these sites and provide them with your HubPages ID.

But the problem is that the earnings of the people who submitted just a few articles on HubPages are next to nothing.

However, someone who has posted thousands of articles through the years on HubPages can see some results.

My Experience with HubPages

I signed up when the site was quite new back then in 2013. I made about $50 with my articles accumulated, most of it was from the HubPages own ads network and from Adsense. The earnings from the Amazon’s affiliate program the earnings were insignificant. I have published 25 articles in three years.

Then I abandoned this method and decided to start my own site, which has worked much better for me.

However, I know that some people have made thousands of dollars on HubPages.

HubPages Success Stories

Back then when HubPages was a new site, a lot of people achieved success, but Google Algorithm changed and a lot of people lost their traffic. They were not earning as much as before the algorithm change, if at all, so all the success stories were vanished, people were not having anymore success with HubPages.

If you search for HubPages success stories on their site you will notice that most of the posts about people who achieved success are from a lot of time ago. The days when most people were drawn to HubPages and when people would earn a lot on HubPages are gone.

Writing for HubPages vs. Writting on Your Blog

As you may have understood from my post till know, I am in favour of wring on your own blog, building a brand and relying on something which is truly yours.

As I mentioned before, after one Google’s algorithm change, people who used to be successful on HubPages are not anymore now. And consider that HubPages is one of the article directories which survived the years. For other similar sites it was so much worse. Google algorithm changes can affect your site too, but you can adapt, while as a writer on HubPages you can do nothing about it. Nothing beats your own content on your own blog.

However, there is also one advantage of writing on HubPages compared to writing on your own blog. When you write on HubPages, you are not constraint to stick to a particular niche, so you can take advantage of any good keyword that you may find. However, while writing on your own blog you have to stick to a niche for brand purposes.

This comes with an opposite argument too: when you write on your own blog you build a brand and you build trust among your visitors as an authority in your niche, someone who knows best about topics on that niche. This is far more important, in my opinion, than being able to write about different niches.


To sum it up, you can achieve much more success with your own blog.

Is HubPages a Scam?

HubPages is marketed as a way for people to make money online and promote their business by giving links to their website from the HubPages articles. Scam is a strong word and I wouldn’t consider HubPages a scam, even thought it has faced a lot of accusations online for  being a scam.

I wouldn’t call it outright a scam, but I don’t choose to participate on it. I also don’t like the way that HubPages is marketed, it seems like they are trying too hard to recruit new writers and there are no stories of people who are making money on HubPages these days (in the past it used to be a good opportunity). I found only one story of someone claiming to have success with HubPages in 2019.

For promoting your site, it can be good. Not that your posts are going to reach a high number of traffic, but it can be considered a good way to lead people from your hubs to your site.

While doing my research about weather Hubpages is a scam, I found some reviews of it from the most successful HubPages users and they were saying that it is not a scam. If it is a scam, why would be the users defending it?

To be fair, only a small fraction of their users are making money on HubPages. I think HubPages fails to give users the full information about them: they say nothing to the users about their “nofollow policy“, encouraging users to publish new content on their site and threatening them to reduce the value of the links in their past articles.

Does HubPages Receive Traffic

Here is the traffic which this website gets (SimilarWeb statistics):

is hubpages a scam

And only about 40% of the traffic is from Search:

HubPages traffic

This is in fact a bad sign because the reason that someone would write on HubPages is to get traffic from the search engines. If there’s so little traffic from the search engines it means that the articles on HubPage are not ranking so well on the search engines. Meaning that someone would be better publishing on their blog, the articles would rank better compared to HubPages. The percentage of traffic from the search engines on my sites is a lot higher than that, close to 90%.

Search engine traffic is better because it is more targeted and it is free, you practically have nothing to do to get traffic if you posts are ranking good on Google and other search engines as they receive organic traffic.

Want to know what really works now to get rankings? 

Wealthy Affiliate

Is Clickbank Real? A Thorough Review

is clickbank real

When choosing an affiliate network to promote there are many things that you should take into consideration. One of the affiliate networks which has stayed in power through the years has been Clickbank.

I am going to share in this article some insightful stories about Clickbank. I started making online back in 2016. Clickbank was the top digital affiliate network then and I would argue that it is still today. During the past years information products became more and more popular. When people realized that they can pack information and sell it into a digital product the Clickbank popularity grew.

The Good

Someone that owns a digital product could amplify their sales through Clickbank. One of the biggest successes in the make money online space back then was the Rich Jerk. It included some good ideas like arbitrage, I had checked it and not ended up buying it, but I recognize that it was a success because of the high number of sales. Over the years I’ve promoted many products on Clickbank, raging from diet programs to make money guides.

I’ve also launched Clickbank products as a merchant. These were digital products helping people in different categories. They were successful and people still buy these products to this very day. So I come qualified with a great experience with Clickbank. Before I go on about the legitimacy of Clickbank in 2021 I’m going to share a success story with Clickbank.

Back in 2017, there were a high number of people who wanted to watch the Wold Cup online. We set up a bing ad about watching the Wold Cup online. We could make a high amount of money as a result of this promotion. It was definitely short-lived, but it is a case to be replicated in similar situations.

The Bad

But not everything is good for Clickbank. What are the downfalls of Clickbank? Refund rates started to spin out of control on Clickbank a few years before. Also, some products on Clickbank have a lot of upsells.

Clickbank is good about refunds, almost too good. As a result many referrals ended up frustrated, loosing money and leaving Clickbank for other networks.

Clickbank started alienating all the gurus pushing their crap and have moved to other networks with higher product standards. Clickbank has started to improved from this, but there’s still a problem.

A great portion of early Clickbank’s success came from certain programs: the money online niche. Also, people that wrote about affiliate marketing had the tendency to recommend Clickbank as one of the top of the affiliate networks out there. However, Clickbank a few years ago created a Clickbank University which would teach people how to make money with internet marketing by promoting products on Clickbank.

They simply can not afford to give traffic to a company which is their competitive. No sane marketer would drive traffic to Clickbank or recommend them.

The Pros and Cons of Clickbank

I have some good things to say about Clickbank and some bad things.


1. They pay on time

2. Their programs offer higher commissions

3. Auto-aproval on products


1. Try to upsell you on services like the Clickbank university

2. Doesn’t allow certain countries to join

The Clickbank University

What you promote at the end of the day is related to what is a good fit to your audience. Clickbank is a legit affiliate network with come cons. After one of the lessons in Wealthy Affiliate certification courses, I did join Clickbank. I pulled away from them because of the upsell of the University. It can be frustrating when you join an affiliate network and then you are faced by promotions from the network to pay for education. This is a big reason why you don’t see any educational programs on Clickbank, because by driving traffic to Clickbank you are basically giving away your traffic.

In earlier days Clickbank had a lot going on for it. I definitely had a great opinion of them and think they lost a lot of credibility compared to the earlier days.

Clicbank has evolved over the years. Overall, you can rely on Clickbank as a solid network to find high quality affiliate programs to promote. I kept seeing the upsells for the University, so I’m still deciding if I should give it another try and learn as much as I can. I recommend that you choose affiliate programs you choose to promote based on what is relevant to your niche. If you have an article on your site related to a specific product, you can find a good information product on Clickbank and promote it.

So, do your due diligence and research when coming up with affiliate programs to promote. I have a site related to health and Clickbank is a major affiliate network for me. If you are promoting products on Clickbank on your site that is just fine. When it comes to affiliate marketing you want to align the most relevant and specific products to specific audiences.

Over the years Clickbank moved away from the make money online niche to including also physical products. There have been some decisions they made over the years that I obviously don’t agree with, but this goes with any company I guess. At the end of the day, it is up to us marketers to find products that we can promote without hurting our reputation. The upsell component is frustrating as you don’t expect that sort of thing to happen when you join an affiliate network. But yes, they have a lot of good products that you can promote.

My Final Words

We definitely recommend them if you are looking for digital products to promote. It is good place to start as they handle all related to payment management. Some people are making a lot from Clickbank and some not even make a penny. I have been an affiliate on Clickbank as well as a merchant on Clickbank. I can say that their platform is very solid and if you have a digital product, you can easy list it on Clickbank and not worry about payment management and starting your own affiliate program.

I hope this article was informative for you and you now know better the history of Clickbank and how they have evolved over the years.

Is Live Force International Postcards a Scam or a Great Money Maker? A Look Into Their Business Opportunity

life force international postcards

Is Life Force International a Scam? Or you can really make money with their business opportunity? If you know Life Force you would recognize their products since they have been around for a long time.

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wealthy affiliate

What Is Life Force International?

Program name: Life Force International

Owners: Wane & Jerry Hilman

Recommended? No

If you want to earn a full time passive income from home, click here

This program has been around for years. They started in the states but now have offers internationally. They have a large selection of products in the health niche. Their products have a favorable reputation from what I’ve researched.

life force international postcards

Life Force sells products with direct marketing. You can earn commissions from the people you recruit into this program and there are two methods to earn here.

How Life Force International Works?

You can earn money with Life Force Internation with these two methods:

1. You can sell products. You will be able to buy their products at a low manufacturing price and sell them with the retail prices. Most people who start this kind of business don’t have a business already so they rely on selling these to friends and family.

Selling products to family and friends can’t last you long unless they need the products every month.

make money online

2. Recruiting other people to join this business opportunity. You can earn as deep as 5 levels underneath you. There are four levels of bonuses here. As you can see, there is a lot of room to make commission from recruiting people into this business. This is no different from other MLMs. You’ll never get to the high ranks unless you have a lot of people into your team. If you don’t know how to drive leads to your business you will not get the sales needed to move up to the ranks. So, if you can’t recruit so others can sell for you, then you will have to sell yourself. This is no different than National Wealth Center and Atomy.

life force international postcards

If you can’t sell yourself, then you will be stuck with the inventory that you have bought.

Is Life Force International a Scam

If you are good at sells recruiting then this business opportunity can be good for you. However, I’m not a fan of massive recruitment, and certainly not buying a bunch of products you can’t sell. Although not a scam, I still do not recommend this because there are better ways to make money online. If you take a look at this video regarding using affiliate marketing instead of MLM you will have a clear winner.

I personally don’t like sales myself and I don’t know a lot of people to recruit into anything. Affiliate marketing is a business model which won’t make you recruit others. If you’re interested in something yourself, then check my guide here.

make money online

In my guide you’ll learn what this business model is all about. You’ll be able to build an online business in a niche that you like.

Life Force International is not a scam, but it is not the best way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is a better option. This business model will also use the power of the internet to drive success to your business. You can just build this on your own.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

Before we get into the hairy details allow me to highlight the good things about this MLM:

1. 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the products you can ask for a refund. You will receive a 100% refund within 90 days of the purchase date. You just have to provide the proof of purchase such as the invoice and the invoice number. This is an opportunity for you to get a free sample.

2. Earning decent profits is decent. You can earn up to 25% on each product you sell, however, I am sure that it’s not the kind of five or six figure income you are hoping for. If you want a higher income you will have no choice but recruit tons of people into the program.

3. Get free products. If you refer 3 people to this program you can get a free product.

The Cons

This are the things that might become an issue:

1. Expensive products. You can earn money if you can sell products. However, selling these products would be a near impossible task. The products are high priced and the niche is very competitive. Many MLM companies have the same products line. It is not surprising that the majority of the distributors will rely on recruitment.

2. High emphasis on the recruitment. If you take a look at the LFI compensation plan, you will see that the company greatly rewards the people with numerous people recruited. This is also the reason why Life Force International has been flagged as a pyramid scheme by FTC.

3. A pyramid scheme. The company checks all the red flags. Other similar programs are Forever Living etc. Now that’s what the FTC states but I would love to hear your opinion.

4. Costly membership maintenance. This is one of the things that I don’t like about Life Force International. Anyone who understands how sales work would know that there would be times that you will not make any. The company does not care if you have tons of products stored in your garage. You might find yourself in deep financial problems just because of the high cost of membership.

5. MLM business model rarely works. I think MLM is simply a strategy by a company to take advantage of people to sell their products so they won’t have to build physical stores. More than 95% of people who join this business model fail. When you think that millions have nothing to show in the end, I would rather look for alternative business opportunities.

wealthy affiliate


Stop joining MLMs and start using a business model that works better in today’s world.


If you have any questions or thoughts please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Life Force International business opportunity review. Feel free to share this if you think it’s worthy.

The James Allen Affiliate Program Review (And Other Top Jewelry Affiliate Programs)

The consumer appetite for jewelry was high before the covid crises. The jewelry industry was valued more than $140 billion dollars. The sector had been growing 5-6% annually. As a blogger or website owner you can have a piece of the $140 billion industry. To get started we have compiled a list to the best jewelry affiliate programs.

About the James Allen Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 30 days


The company is widely known for its finely cut diamonds. The company uses a virtual loop technology that lets you see the actual image of the diamond.

James Allen is an online bridal jewelry retailer with cutting edge technology to provide 3D image of the diamonds. Their average sale is extremely high $6,500.

Although the company has been started in 2016 its founders have a combined experienced of 60 years.

James Allen has over 200,000+ diamonds.

Prices and Commissions

James Allen has created an intuitive affiliate program. With an average sale of $650 and a 5% commission on all sales you can earn good with this program. Another reason for choosing this program is getting access to their team of experienced marketers.

As experts they are available to help you monetize your site.

Make money on diamond and engagement sales. They have one of the highest conversion rates on the industry. No affiliate program brings the same niche experience and offers the same support as they do to monetize your site. Their average sale is $650. Join James Allen’s affiliate program today for the opportunity to monetize your site easy by working with one of the best retailers in the industry.

Affiliates earn a very competitive 5% commission rate with a very high average sale.

Other Top Jewelry Affiliate Programs


With Zuara average sale $2,000 and an 8% commission you can earn $160 per sale.

Blue Nile

It offers bloggers access to their affiliate program. The affiliate program is free to join. It has a 30-day cookie and a 5% commission. Get started with Blue Nile affiliate program.


Angara offers more than 7,000 products including rings and necklaces. It has been in the Harward Business Review among others. Today the company continues to provide stellar service to its customers. To join the affiliate program all you have to do is sign up. Earn up to 10% in commission. Have access to banners, text links and marketing tools. Have to a dedicated affiliate team. Convenient commission payment. Access to monitoring and reporting tools.

The Watchery

As an authorized reseller of luxury brands, it also sells other brands. To promote its products in new markets The Watchery has created its affiliate program. What you need to know is that joining the affiliate program is free.

Benefits: access to marketing tools. Access to performance reports, access to a dedicated team that helps affiliates earn more money.

Rockford Collection

Founded with a mission to help men style a wedding band, it offers prices that represent and express the individual style. In line with their products, Rockford Collection offers its affiliate program. Benefits: earn up to 10% in commission. With an average sale $2,000 you can earn $200 for each product sold. Just fill out the form on their site and your site will be reviews by professionals. Get started with Rockford Collection affiliate program.

The Monica Vinader affiliate program

Popular celebrities like Ema Watson have been spotted wearing jewelry collections from Monica Vinader. As an affiliate you can earn 10% for each sale made via your affiliate link.

  • fresh and original content
  • well designed htlm for email marketing


The companies have each their dedicated team of marketers and marketing tools. What you need to keep in mind is that success won’t come easy. Apart from the tools from these companies you need to apply other marketing techniques. Sticking with a few trusted brands can help you maximize your profits. Try to use modern marketing methods such as social media marketing and email marketing. You can use Google Trends to see what topics are trending in the jewelry industry. Apart from this, you can research what your competitors are doing.

Jewelry affiliate programs are very profitable. You’ll be shocked how favorable the market is for this niche is spite of the kind of money people pay for a single bijou. I feel that any selling technique is good if it follows Google quality guidelines.

By doing this and more you should attract more visitors to your site and more earning. I invite your input. Please feel free to leave a comment below in the space provided.

Strategies for Selling Websites and Domains

An introduction to selling websites and domains

You have to be unique in the angle that you sell your asset. Have creativity when it comes to gathering traffic. When you sell a website or a domain name is no different from everything else you sell, you’re going to write about the amazing things that this website has. It’s like a sales pitch. You need to be creative when it comes to selling a website.

What can you do to make it stand out from the other websites. You can build a brand new website and sell it on a marketplace and sell it from $100.

Elements that create value when it comes to selling your website

  1. Revenue. Revenue is the thing that will drive the price up high. It’s a guaranteed income. People will value revenue data or profit information. Have they made sales? Why? It’s brand new or more than 7 months old. Revenue and profit (recurring or ongoing): affiliate income, capturing leads and selling them to someone else.
  2. The type of website: what kind of platform is it (WordPress, shoppify, hand coded), a review style or ecommerce
  3. What kind of traffic are you gaining
  4. How old is the domain
  5. Is the website SEO-ed for traffic
  6. Keywords: do you have keywords that are ranking, what is the search volum for those, are they buyer keywords or passive keywords. When you have the word best there is usually intent to buy.
  7. Social accounts, is that part of the package, creates more value. Do you have an existing email list or an existing email funnel, are you selling the list along with the website
  8. Logo, a brand behind the website, if you’re created a brand you’ll have graphic files to sell.

Among all of these things, all combined it’s actually a great package. If you’re thing about selling a website think about the things that you are missing here and increase the value of the website. You can go to these marketplaces and look at other website which may be similar. It doesn’t have to be the same niche, but which have the same assets. There are automated tools which will evaluate your website. These are just algorithmic. Don’t rely on these tools to asses the value of your website.

Have instructions at what to do to continue.

Costs of selling websites

If you sell it on eBay then those costs are going to be different from in an action website. It’s not just a one flat fee.

If you sell privately there’s no costs associated with that. 4 different categories:

  • Established sites – $29
  • Started sites – $19
  • Domain – $9
  • App – $9

The success fee is the part that you are going to get hit the most. No two places are going to be pricing the same.

Places to sell you websites and domains

  1. People you know. Maybe there’s people that you know that are interested in buying your website. A family member. Your social media following. Followers and fans if you’re part of a membership or a forum.
  2. Your list. Before you go and list it in an auction right away, maybe there’s someone you know you would be interested in buying your website. Maybe there’s a local business directory in your community, post an ad on Facebook.

Two places:


They are separate entities. Empireflippers sells higher valued websites. First try to sell it to someone you know, then on eBay, then on these two.

To sell a website you need to do some research to take a look at the marketplace and see what’s available. If your website is similar to a ton of websites, maybe it’s not a good time to sell. Let’s jump over to,

So let’s me give you a quick overview, go to Flippa and use their search terms to see what’s more active right now. When you see something that says confidential, you have to sign a confidentially agreement before you see it, but you can see it’s traffic.

Probably no one wants new websites. Not true.

All my blogs have custom logos. You’re got to cut your emotional ties when it comes to selling an asset.

Is Flippa good for international sites? Not sure, you have to check that.

You can also sell domains in Flippa. Tell us about your domain name (example): great witty golf domain for you. Great witty domain name can be used for the golf niche. Great for blog ecommerce or affiliate sales.

How would you like to sell it auction or classified: auction, buy now price $50.

Select a listing package: a standard listing.

How would you like to pay: PayPal. And this is it.

How would you like to get paid? Flippa escro

Verify ownership or add a text record. Check text record save and preview. Verify the ownership of the domain name.

Flippa Escrow has a larger charge if you’re not in the US.

It would be cheaper to promote your website on your blogs. The shoppify sales and droppshipping sites are being very successful. It’s a lot more work in terms of promoting it, People like something which has recurring revenue,

Is it better to buy a website than start a new one? First you need to have experience building a website before you buy one.

You can sell your website without selling the domain. But on Flippa you can’t sell a website without the domain.

How to transfer domain name to someone else? You find out what their hosting provider is and you transfer it to them.

How to find the price of your website? Find a website similar to yours and see if you can find the average site.

So, your listing will be up.

Do WordPress websites generate the highest revenue? I would say so. It’s easilytransfarable from domain to domain, hosting to hosting.

Do you think purchasing more than one extension to a domain for future. Unless you have specific intent to flipping the website, it would be wise. But in most cases there’s no extra value to it.

You can also use Flippa to see which websites are getting traffic for niche ideas.

How long a listing will stay up in an auction? You set it up. You can set it up for a week.

>> Best Affiliate Marketing Training

How to Make Money with Arbitrage

Arbitrage is an interesting way to make money if you are part of a paid membership where you get a lot of services as a package, which you can sell them one by one, or even the opposite.

In the past, I haven’t been a fan of online arbitrage because I thought that you don’t really bring something to the customer, you just buy here and sell there which wasn’t something which would appeal to me. But seeing it from the perspective of the products which you can easily get somewhere for a lower cost and being able to sell them somewhere else for a bigger price started to attract my attention.

For example you can create up to 25 .com websites within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, included in the price of the premium membership, while creating a website for someone else costs a lot more than that on every marketplace you might come across. And not to mention the easiness with which you can create a new website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform as a newbie.

how to make money with arbitrage

Droppship Items

I will explain it in simple terms. So there is this iPhone on the marketing that is selling like crazy and you want to profit from it.

80% of buyers are looking on eBay to buy cases for their iPhone. You go to some cheap gadget website which sells the latest gadgets for a price like $0.99.

You open an account on eBay and list each of them for a price $3-$5. You need to take into consideration also the shipping price, but the product will get shipped directly to the customer.

What happens is that when they order a case on eBay, you order the same on the cheap gadgets store, but you put there their address so it goes directly to them, just that they think they ordered it from eBay. eBay has a lot of traffic so you would get some customers just for being listed there.

I will list you some website where you can find cheap gadgets to droppship.

If it happens that the website is out of stock and their refund you on a product, you can refund your customers.

Some sites also give you points for every review you leave on their site. You will order a lot of products, so leave a lot of reviews and get a lot of points which you can use later on discounts on the site for the things you will buy.

One site you can use to buy stuff to drop ship is Another one is Focalprice.

I started drop shipping back in 2013 and I would list 2-3 products on eBay just for fun. Then one day I listed a Chinese phone for $120 and I bought it for $80 on Everybuy.

You can also pay other people to work for you to list the products on eBay and set the margin prices, if you want to scale this.

But at the beginning I recommend you work yourself until you learn everything you need to learn about eBay and fidn the best sites to get the products to drop ship.

Traffic for Me Review

Welcome to my Traffic for Me review!

Traffic for me review

What Is Traffic for Me About

Name: Traffic For Me


Owner: Harris Fellman


Rating: 50/100

Recommended? No

traffic for me is a service which helps you obtain more customers and followers and potential buyers for your business. But is Traffic for Me a scam or a legitimate way to bring more traffic to your business?

It uses different channels to bring traffic to your website like social media and email. It has different packages from which you can choose from according to your specific needs.

The Packages

1. Email marketing through an email list from New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The price points:

  • $345 for 500 clicks,
  • $675 for 1,000 clicks,
  • $1,290 for 2,000 clicks
  • $5,750 for 10,000

2. This package sends SMS to potential customers instead of emails. It has different price rages which are similar to those of emails. It is a bit tricky because most people would not appreciate receiving ads on their phones as messages.

The starter packaged are for the few amounts of clicks that you can order. You can use them to test this program.

On their website there are some testimonials. What you hear in these testimonials is our experience with this website. The traffic is fantastic. Once you log into your account you go to a page that lists all the packages that I described above.

A way to make passive income every day

The Midas Legacy Review

the midas legacy review

Welcome to my Midas Legacy review!

In this review I am going to show you what Midas Legacy is, how it works and my experience with it.

What Is Midas Legacy?

When I first took a look at the Midas Legacy sales page, I thought it was a scam as the sales page had some red flags that I’ve seen in other scams. However, when I took a closer look at it I concluded that it is not a scam. However, I would not recommend this program.

Most people have come across this program from the email that was sent to them. The email states that you can add $800 to your bank account in the next 8 minutes, which sounds too good to be true and it probably is. How you are going to make this kind of money is very suspicious too, to the point of being ridiculous. They claim that they have discovered some secret codes of the banks which is going to help you earn the money.

How Does It Work

Jim Samson is the creator of this program and the sales page promotes a secret package which has helped Jim makes more than $3,000 online. The price of this package is $37.

He claims that you can make money by just pushing five buttons and that the system does not involve Multi level marketing or mass marketing. He goes on by saying that the rich know this system and the poor don’t try it, or something like this which sounds ridiculous and makes it seem like some magic secret. But is there really such a method?

the midas legacy reviews

I’ve investigated the program and I found out that Jim has no secret, he is just an impressive storyteller and a good marketer of a program which in reality has no real value. In my opinion, all is just hype. He tells people in the sales page that he worked at a bank and there he uncovered “the secret”.

The most ridiculous part is that he claims ha has found a way to “cheat” banks. In fact, I know that some people do believe him, but please don’t fall for this.

Is The Midas Legacy Legitimate?

While the Midas Legacy might not be a total scam, it is not fully legitimate either. The BBB gives them a low B rating.

The Midas Legacy is also known as TML Group. The company does not tell customers the whole story behind their products, but they want you to keep ordering in order to find out.

They have publications divided in 10 parts and they will not send you the whole publication at once.

The good things is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee after the first lessons, so that the customer can decide if they want to go on with the course or not. Also, the customer can contact the support to assist them with the materials. Their contact email address is

There are many reviews written about this program but many of them are from people trying to promote the program, so good reviews online don’t make this program legit.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

1. The cost is not too high, at least $37. I have seen scams with higher prices.

2. The owner of the website is public, his name is Jim Samsons. Generally scams don’t state their owner, but they hide behind a fake persona.

The Cons

1. The sales page is suspicious. The whole story in their sales page is ridiculous. I don’t trust them at all, especially after doing some research in the Better Business Bureau. People are asking for their money back and unfortunately the company ignored them.

2. After you buy the program it has nothing to do with the story on their sales page, the product that you get when you buy it is a basic affiliate marketing training. The bottom line is that Midas Legacy is a scam.

3. The negative reviews about Midas Legacy online. There are also some positive reviews, but I think they are from people who are determined to sell it to you because they are affiliated with the company.

4. The idea of secrecy which defines this program and its whole sales page. They make it seem like Jim made money with a secret code or something. All the hype is designed to keep visitors interested. As I said, what the program contains in the inside has nothing to do with how it is presented.

the midas legacy review

5. He describes the process like something where you have to just press some buttons and the money with start accumulating in your account. He also describes the process like something which involves tacking from the rich and giving to the poor.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, you can check my story on how I make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training out there to learn affiliate marketing. I never regret buying their premium membership. This is my only and #1 recommendation for making money online. If you think that Midas Legacy has something legitimate you can try it, but I don’t think it has anything to do with reality.


Midas Legacy is not the best opportunity to make money online. I think it can be classified as a scam as the sales page is filled with hype which has nothing to do with what you get when you join the program.

What you really get is a simple basic affiliate marketing training. You can get a lot of information and guides on affiliate marketing for free online, so it’s not worth it.

National Wealth Center Review

Welcome to my National Wealth Center review!

What Is National Wealth Center About

national wealth center reviews

In this review I am going to clear out for you whether this company can make you money.

National Wealth Center is a MLM company. If you read my blog you probably know that I don’t like to get involved with multi level marketing. Not all multi level marketing companies are scams but a majority of them are Ponzi schemes due to the lack of regulations.

You have probably read other reviews of Nationa Wealth Center. You need to keep in mind that most of them are affiliated with the program and they earn money by promoting it to you, You don’t need to worry about this with me.

I have zero affiliating with the companies I review, which means you don’t have to worry about sales pitches and information presented in a way trying to make you buy.

A way to make passive income every day

What You Get When You Join National Wealth Center

National Wealth Center is a bit different from every business opportunity that you can find on the web.

It has revolutionized the home based business industry.

When you become a member you get some training materials. I will go over these products and give you a more in depth review on the products.

A lot of people ask what do they sell? They sell online courses. People are learning online more than ever before. You can learn, earn and live a good lifestyle. You’re going to get access to various audios and videos on self development. You will be able to receive information every month and you’re going to be able to share the information with others. They also include a fitness development course. It involves eating clean and having more energy. That’s $50 per month.

Next, is their $100 per month “digital entrepreneurs”. This course shows you how to make money with Walmart and Amazon, how to make money with affiliate marketing. It also includes a relationship course which teaches how to take your relationships to the next level. Relationship edge costs $250. It’s not always about what to get out of the relationships, but they also teach how to be a giver in relationships. Another course they offer involves real estate. Next up, their network marketing edge course. It teaches how to impact, how to share hands with authorities, how to become a better network marketer, how to make those connections that will change your life forever. How do you brand yourself, how do you post yourself on social media.

Their final course, include a mix of their products. They will sell them all as a package. The company is more than 20 years old, and American Corporation.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. The training material is very good for the cost

2. A low cost to start your online business ($25)

3. A good opportunity for online marketers who want to add another steam of income to their portfolio

4. Step by step training and calls for those who decide to promote National Wealth Center

5. Members get a unique website when they sign in

6. It is possible to earn a full time income with this business model

The Cons

1. Other additional costs not mentioned when you sign up, like buying a domain and buying every day leads.

2. There are no guarantees that every member will succeed, the training is good but every one signing up needs to do the work


People who have experience in internet marketing will definitely profit from National Wealth Center and the risk is low. However, they don’t tell you the whole truth about their compensation plan.

You will constantly need to recruit new members to make money with this program. The question is: is this the best use of your time and investments? Or there are better easy to make money online? I don’t think that this is the best option.